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Title: Young And Anal Issue #4  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Jim Powers puts together a nice little collection of new cummers. Too bad he can't afford to spend more on production. Oh well, some people are actually watching these flicks for the sex I guess. Well, he takes care of that end with no problem. These girls are raw and deliciously amateurish. Cleo-Patra is the girl next door who spreads her legs wide for the soft-cocked man who is lucky enough to get close to her. Cleo has dark hair and a medium build with small, real tits. This scene has some sweet foreplay action as the guy takes the time to caress every inch of her body. He takes her juicy cunt to his mouth and sucks her like a vacuum. I swear I haven't seen such determination in a man''s eyes-this is a very sexy pussy lapping scene!! Cleo takes it in the pussy for a while before he rams his soft piece of meat into her tight little asshole. Although he had such a hard time keeping it stiff, this is actually a very hot scene with an explosive end as he shoots a gallon of steamy semen all over her high schoolgirl face. After swearing to her sweetheart on the playground that she has never loved another boy, Raquel Lace shows him just how in-experienced she really is when he walks in a finds her mouth around another boy's cock. Raquel promises to share her talents equally and takes both boys in her wild mouth. The cocks are a little small but she seems to enjoy herself just the same. Raquel over does the little girl thing just a bit, bobbing her head up and down and giggling like a two year old. This is quite effective though if you like them young. Raquel is another brunette with a sweet body. Dressed in a plaid skirt and little white lace socks, she looks like the dirty little school girl when one guy takes her from behind and shoves his cock into her asshole while at the same time she shoves the other guy's dick in her mouth. She is a dirty little whore who loves to fuck and I'm sure you guys will not be disappointed. Each guy takes a turn from behind while she's standing and then she drops to the floor on all fours and takes it doggie style right near a prop fire hydrant. Raquel takes it in both holes for some hardcore DP action. Later one guy stands over her and strokes the dolphin until he shoots up on her face while the other guy fucks her pussy and then pulls out and gives her an encore spray. Jamey Jewels, who looks like a throwback from eighties porn, shows her teacher a thing or two about cock sucking. This girl big doe eyes and looks up innocently as she sucks some guy's rock-hard cock. She removes her clothes to reveal a fantastic young body. She bends over and takes it in the cunt from behind, her real tits bouncing all around. The guy sits down and Jamey plants herself on his big prick. The guy grabs her by the neck from behind and bounces her up and down on his dick like a big beach ball. He puts all he's got into his this performance, it's too bad she seems too high to contribute. This is definitely the guy''s show as he fucks the shit out of her shitter, talking super dirty and pumping his cock with energy and determination. This is a great scene if you love to see a new cummer get it in the ass for the first time. Jamey takes it in stride though and swallows a small load of cum. They should have coupled this guy with Raquel - that would have been wild. Last but not least is the sexy little blonde cheerleader, Bobbie Hunter. This girl has a sweet young body and a pretty face. After cheer practice one day Bobbie finds herself in the throws of passion with her own finger. Her neighbor, Ron Jeremy, is watching through the window though and invites himself in. Ron lifts her little plaid skirt and sticks his tongue into her pussy lips. Ron Jeremy has always known how to treat a girl with his tongue and this is no exception. He teases and flicks her clit like a seasoned pro and Bobbie loves it. Bobbie has the best body I've seen in a long while and Jim Powers has obviously saved the best for last. Ron Jeremy, fully naked now (Why? Why? Why?) jams his thick piece of love steak in her tiny little shaven pussy while she rubs her clit with her fingers. Ron unbuttons her blouse with one hand and her gorgeous tits spill out. You know putting Bobbie with Ron is such a shame. I'd like to see this girl take it from behind from Mr. Marcus or Vince. But anyway-she takes it in stride, as Ron pumps his fat cock in and out of her pussy with heaving thrusts. Bobbie also knows how to suck cock, taking Ron's entire length all the way to the back of her throat, lubing it generously before inserting it into her wet cunt. Ron pulls out and fingers her asshole a bit, first one finger then two. He then pushes his huge cock into her tight back door and thrusts slowly as she rubs her clit. Ron spoons her ass and then rolls her over on his cock for an anal, backward cowgirl. This is a nice shot because you get to see her go crazy on her clit, playing with herself until she cums, all while Ron pumps his man meat into her dark hole. This obviously gets Ron all crazy because he pushes her off and shoots his gargantuan load all over her sexy faces. This was a good DVD, the quality could have been better but overall and with the exception of Jamey Jewels, all the young girls in Young and Anal are very sexy and really know how to fuck. The anal is very tame in this flick, no gaping hole shots where you can see the girl's lunch, good for couples that enjoy the harder, amateurish flicks.  

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