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Title: Real Sex in Public  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: C+


Title: Real Sex in Public
Reviewer: Kid Cocky
Overall rating: B+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: B+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A+
A/V Quality: A

MOVIE TYPE: Amateur Sex
Mirage Media
THEMES: Amateur sex
STARS: Oasis, Veronica, Porsche and Haley.
Well if the opening title scene is any indication of the type of creativity that is going to occur in this movie, then this is going to be one hell of an amateur sex romp. We start with the titles flashing across the screen. The camera follows a long dusty road. Slowly but surely we see an image in the background. As the camera gets closer, we see that there is a car on the road. The car is parked, and there is a woman spread across its hood. The woman is Oasis, and she is completely naked. She doesn't even look at the camera, she's just on her back fingering her clit. With a vibrator in her pussy, she's obviously enjoying her own sweet bliss.
For an amateur movie, the quality is outstanding. Oasis of cum2oasis.com has always been amazing with her creative editing and outstanding production quality. This movie is no exception.
Scene one stars Oasis and Haley. They are on a lake, likely Lake Havasu, sucking the cocks of two amateur spring breakers. It doesn't take long before Oasis is doing reverse cowgirl on the dudes moderately sized pecker. Haley starts off with a thinner dude with a smaller cock. I guess when it comes to amateur porn, you aren't going to see 10 and 12 inch cocks in every scene. Haley is a thin young girl with pretty much no tits. At first, she seems to be acting in the fluffer role for Oasis, who seems to be doing a good portion of the work. Oasis is obviously the porn general in this scene, she directs cock like a military general directs soldiers.
The beaches are somewhat rocky and there are a lot of logs and twigs around. This is obviously not the ideal location when it comes to beauty to shoot a porno. However, I am sure it is somewhat secluded, and that is why the place was selected. Rarely do you see outdoor reality porn, so it is fun to see. If I were to be hypercritical, I would suggest raking the beaches shooting the scene. A little work on the scenery makes the scene look a lot prettier. However, it is obvious that this movie is all about fucking in real America, so doing so might dilute the point. Anyway, the scene ends with the girls sucking one of the dudes off. He cums on Oasis, and she takes it like a champ.
The next scene was filmed on Labor day 2005. It starts off with some teeny girls gone wild style footage taped on a boat in Havasu. From there we fade to Oasis sucking a man's cock. It is nice to know that there is a place in America where a girl can suck a cock on a boat in front of 50 people. It makes me want to go boating. Oasis really sucks this guys cock. It is like she is on a mission to make him cum. Near the end of the BJ, he starts to lose his erection. Fortunately, he regains his wood as he starts to fuck her. I guess I can't talk because I rarely fuck in front of an audience. You wouldn't think that would cause you to lose an erection though. Oasis has a shaved pussy, which is a nice addition to any girl's bag of tricks. She seems very happy about the entire event. You have to give her extra credit for the fact that she seems to really love cock. I am not sure if a cumshot ever occurs, but she is caught on at least 3 or 4 cameras, so you may see this footage elsewhere as well. Considering the amount of sex, professional cameras, and exploits going on, I am sure that there were some production companies making some money off of this.
Next up is a scene with Porsche. According to the behind the scenes, Oasis heard about Porsche from some friends earlier in the day. They worked out a deal, shot a solo scene, and then Porsche met up with Oasis on the lake and fucked some random stranger. Porsche is probably the best looking girl in the movie. She has gorgeous hair, a nice ass, and she just has a cute look to her. In fact, watching this scene made me cum a couple times. She gets fucked on the boat. Good scene.
There are other scenes, and there are a ton of extras. There are two things missing from this DVD that you would expect from most professional movies. One is a distinct lack of anal sex. That's the norm now-a-days. However, Oasis just doesn't dig on letting strangers bang her brown hole. I can respect that. I mean, this is amateur sex... and a lot of amateur guys wouldn't even know how to do it right. Also missing is the over the top energy that you get in some DVDs. You can tell that the guys and girls are amateur, and they are just kicking back having fun sex. The energy just doesn't compare to the likes of Arianna Jollee or Ava Devine.
What do you get from this movie that you don't get from cookie cutter porn? Well first of all Oasis signs each disc. That's pretty cool. Next, you get a ton of DVD extras. I mean way more than most DVDs. You also get to see real people having swinger style sex. Nope, these aren't Barbie dolls getting fucked by bodybuilders... it is average people having fun fucking each other.
If you are looking for an entertaining swinger sex movie, this is for you. If you want a high budget porno full of porn superstars, then visit Vivid. One of the best things about this video is that it delivers what it promises... and that means a lot to me.
Kid Cocky


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