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Title: Facial Frenzy  
Reviewer: Quinn Stratford  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Facial Frenzy
Reviewer: Quinn Stratford
Overall Rating: A-
Female Looks: B
Male Looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: N/A
Extras: B-
A/V Quality: B
Company: Anabolic
Director: Su
Starring: Laura, Karina, Maryna, Beckinger, Sylvia, Lilit, Simony, Alberto Rey, Frank Gun, Scott Nails, Mike Foster, Euro-Mopes

Facial movies are really sticky endeavors, not just in the obvious ways. In most of these movies good action usually takes a back seat into ridiculous amounts of sperm covering up some third rate talent's face. Anabolic, knows better than this though, and breaks the stereotypical facial movie to bring some truly grade A (minus) porn.

Laura is a thin blonde haired girl with a small rack. She walks down a flight of stairs and that's about it for the tease as Laura jumps on Alberto Rey's cock. This movie definitely isn't about bullshit and the sex shows it. This is high energy right off the bat. Laura takes every inch of Alberto's rod and loves it. The action moves into anal (although not too quickly which is the case all too much these days.) The action is very well shot throughout this scene, all the way to when Alberto Shoots his hot load over Laura's waiting face.
And the Scene is over.................WRONG!!!!!
Laura then mounts Alberto again and in an amazing display that should belong in the phallic Olympics he shoots again ten seconds. After this behemoth task, Laura still isn't satisfied and has a line of guys come out and try to hide any hint of a tan on her face with a bukake styled finish. All that in 26 minutes..... This hits fast and hard, it's the shock and awe of porn.

Karina is sitting at a desk shuffling papers (probably on theology) when Marina comes in to love thy neighbor. The action starts right off when Frank Gun jumps in and starts getting sucked off by the two young workers. This movie goes in the entirely different direction than in the first scene, when they skip the vag at first and go right towards the brown star. The biggest problem with this next part is that the heat is stopped about every 5 seconds when they take it out of her pooper for some A2M for Maryna, it really is overdone at parts, other than that though, this scene is fantastically shot. The girls then switch positions and it's the same song second verse, fantastic action, just a little too much A2M. The scene ends off with the two girls getting so many babies on their faces they could open up a day care. The action was hot, but A2M was cheap and abundant.

The 3rd scene opens up with something that seems foreign to this movie (not Beckenger...) TEASE! Its short (only a minute) but it is kind of nice, even if out of place. Alberto Rey and Scott Nails quickly break up this party and go straight to some action. The action is well shot once again, except for a couple times when Scott Nails' face gets in the scene and he makes faces like he's the one with a giant cock up the ass, even that is pretty tame as far as breaking the action. The two men then DP, at times it seems like the action is a little too much, but she handles it well and even throws in some much appreciated eye contact. After such a hard workout Beckinger decides she needs a shower, so right on cue a mini bukake shower takes place to cool her down.

Sylvia is next, and before she can even say, "I'd like a dick in my mouth" she gets a dick in the mouth, Mike Foster and Frank Guns dicks to be exact. It's apparent that Sylvia is extremely cute and that fact becomes even more apparent when Mike and Frank lay her out to take turns in her snatch. As this novelty wears off to them, the boys decide its time to take a ride on the double penetration station. Sylvia takes every ounce of tube steak in both her holes in full stride. The action is well shot, but the lighting seems a little too dim at parts of this scene, and the dark shadows can really block some of the action, which there is plenty of. This really takes it out of the girl though, and by the end of the scene she's sweating more than a lesbian at a fish market. She cleans off all the sweat with salty cum from what I would guess is a couple of fisherman at that market.

Outside a nice country villa Lilit is showing off her tight ass and solid six pack to a camera, Alberto Rey happens to stumble upon this (conveniently naked) and so Lilit decides to also show off her expert cock sucking skills. Noticeable right away once again is the lighting, its all naturally lit and at a few times, there is some glare. This isn't really a huge problem, just noticeable at times. Lilit still squats over Alberto's cock and gives one hell of a performance. The action starts to get a little too high, so the couple takes it down to the ground with some nice anal action. After this nice fuck on the green its time to water the grass, with a couple young verile men's help this should be no problem. Unfortunately they all miss the ground and hit Lilit's face, but then again, it doesn't seem like she minds.

Simony is climbing some stair, and on the way there is some nice tease. All that stair climbing really worked up an appetite though, so Simony decides to eat some of Alberto Rey's dick. As she bends over Euro Mopes sees a nice opportunity and she also gets a dick in her. As the two men take turns bonning her, Simony plays the camera better than a QVC model. The camera is also at the top of its game - constantly whipping around to show all the action. Together, these two completely sell the action and make for the hottest scene of the movie. Just to seal the deal at the end, they get in another gaggle of men to goo all over her.

I'm not gonna lie; when I first saw the package of this movie I wasn't excited. It seemed like a movie where all the blow jobs would be obscured by quacking and the only hot action in the entirety of the film would be when I paused it to go take a dump. I was wrong, I found myself only going to the bathroom for some extra tissues. Facial fan or not, this film is a great effort from Anabolic and should be in any porn fans collection.


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