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Title: I'm Your Slut 3  
Reviewer: Quinn Stratford  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


I'm Your Slut 3
Movie Type: All sex
Reviewer: Quinn Stratford
Overall Rating: B-
Female Looks: A
Male Looks: A
Picture Quality: A
Sex: B
Company: Red Light District
Director: Manuel Ferrara
Themes: Rough Sex
Condoms: None
Release Date: October 6th, 2004
STARS: Tyla Winn, Taylor Rain, Janya Oso, Alex Divine, Jada Fire, John Strong, Manuel Ferrara, Micheal Steffano
Rough sex always is a sensitive genre. If done well it can really add a lot of steam to an otherwise boring movie (See: Jules Jordan's Take No Prisoners), but if done poorly it can really make the movie seem awkward and overdone (See: The opening scene In 007 GoldenEye). Luckily, Manuel Ferrara is a great director and handles the rough element fantastically in many of these scenes (See Taylor Rain). Unluckily, Manuel tends to get carried away sometimes and the rough sex takes a dip into pseudo-mysogony at times (See Tyla Winn).

Tyla Winn is decked out in some blue fishnets and hot pink top. She's looking quite hot until Manuel starts slapping her around a bit. This slapping quickly goes into a disturbingly rough blow job. I really think she must've given her throat an enema or the annoying chokes would soon give way to chunks. Manuel thanks Tyla for the horrid blowjob by taking her from behind. This is probably the best shot in the whole scene and lasts for about 2 minutes, so stroke it while you got it. Manuel then pulls out for some rough bowel busting anal. Just incase anyone thought this scene was for pussies, Manuel toughens it up even more by sticking his foot on Tyla's head while he impales her. After this the scene hits its crescendo when Manuel anally violates Tyla while her head is in the toilet. Its probably good she gets acquainted with the toilet, because after all this anal I don't think she'll have bowel control for a week. Manuel finishes this scene with a loogie and some nut butter in Tyla's mouth......thank god.
Taylor Rain is dressed up in a cute pink non-outfit. The scene starts out right away as Taylor burries John Strong's trouser snake tonsil deep. The head looks pretty good save the fact that there is more saliva than when a frat house buys a box of roophies. Taylor then rides John Strong in a few well shot positions until she decides she needs something more. Micheal Steffano fits the bill of 'a little more' and gets some nice head from Taylor who is getting it from behind by John Strong. They flip around and fuck from many well shot angles and it really seems that Taylor is enjoying herself. The fucking gets harder and harder and really puts Taylor to the limit. The scene ends off with two giant loads on her face. This was a great scene, but probably a little too long.
Janya Oso is up next as a fiery dominatrix. After the horrible beating he gave Tyla Winn, it seems that Janya Oso is here to give Manuel some discipline. Janya starts out by demanding her new man slave eats her out. The action is well shot, but leaves the vag out of the scene a little too much. The scene then quickly transitions into some nice pussy pounding except it starts seeming like the power is quickly slipping from Janya to Manuel. I doubt this is a social commentary about how women cant keep a position of power but by the time the scene goes to face fucking it seems as if Manuel is on top again. It really is a moot point though because the action is high energy and fantastic. By the time Janya is riding reverse cowgirl anal she's thoroughly worked and sweating more than Trent Lott at a free speech convention. The scene goes on until Manuel spits his victory fluid on Janya's face.
Alex Divine is a real estate agent looking to sell John Strong and Michael Steffano's house to Manuel Ferrara. While two grown men living together may seem like a pink flag waving in the window. This is anything but true, as Alex Divine dresses up in a hot red corset and starts sucking off the clients. The blowjobs are a little noisy but not too over the top. The 2 men bend Alex over and start taking turns. This scene feels a little tame for the movie as the energy never really gets turned up. It follows all the ropes as it finishes off in her mouth.
Manuel Ferrara next goes to his bed to find Snow Black - Jada Fire lying there. She begins with some of the nicest tease in the movie (none of the others were even notable). Manuel soon begins face fucking Jada. If I wasn't such a bastard I may think it was offensive to see a Disney character getting face fucked, but If I wasn't such a bastard I wouldn't be writing this review. It soon goes into an all to brief pussy fucking and goes right to the ass. The fucking escalates pretty fast with Manuel slapping Jada's dinner plate nipples and even has a toe in an ass (what the hell?). The scene ends at a brief 20 minutes and Manuel makes Snow Black into Snow White.

This movie really was a roller coaster ride. It had some nice highs with Janya and Taylor, Some terrible lows with Alex and Tyla, and a Disney mascot. If you're a big fan of rough sex then this movie is probably an A+ , but if not its still worth checking out for the Taylor and Janya scenes.


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