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Title: Blowjob Fantasies #1  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


OK, so as much as I hate these blow job compilations-this one took me by surprise. I'm even more surprised that I actually liked Sindee Steele for a change. She usually bugs the hell out of me and she looks like a man. But I have to admit, this small blow-job scene may be the best thing I've seen her in. The cock in her mouth is very nice, but like other blow-job films we usually never see the guy's face, let alone hear him enjoy the face attached to his dick. I know, the guy's supposed to be you, and that's supposed to be your cock she's got her tonsils around-you wish. Anyway, it's a nice scene and Sindee slurps and sucks the entire length of his long shlong until he shoots his soup all over her face. The next scene plays on the little-girl fantasy thing with the adorable Candy Apples and Katie Gold talking and giggling into the camera. The girls call you over to the couch and want you to sit down. They want to suck on your hard cock-an of course you oblige and you banter over to the girls and they quickly disrobe and take turns sucking your cock and balls. The camera focusing in on the girls looking up at you. This is a raunchy mix of great porn and great phone sex. Katie and Candy suck the faceless dick while they rub their pink pussy lips. The girls go wild on the guy's dick, Katie jacking it off while Candy gets her mouth fucked. Katie breaks for a moment and plays with herself, looking straight into the camera she moans, "do you like it when I play with my pussy"? This is the best scene on the disk, but again I ask "who belongs to that dick"? That thing is enormous and looks so huge against Katie's small mouth. The guy cums on their faces and they kiss and lick the man-sauce from each others lips. The very sexy Melanie Stone gives good head to some lucky bastard on the stairs in scene three. Again Melanie interacts with the camera and the guys body is scene only from the waist down, giving the allusion that she's suckingyour dick. She has her mouth fucked really hard, his gyrating ass forcing the length of his cock down her throat. He shoots his load in her face and then rubs his cock all over her mouth. Scene four is a step-daughter fantasy blow-job scene where you can have your cock sucked by a cute brunette (Sabrina Johnson) in a catholic school uniform. Newcomer Tangerine looks like she's going to bust up every time she opens her mouth to speak. Her oral abilities aren't all that impressive but if you really love the little-girl look, this one makes Katie Gold look middle-aged. I swear this kid looks barely old enough to baby-sit, which is why watching her spit and swallow buckets of her own spit and this guys cum is really unsexy. The camera angle from beneath his legs, up under his dick makes her look like a drooling dog with rabies. Timber dominates scene ten, clad in leather spikes and rubber stiletto boots. This girl reminds me of some of the porn starlets of the late eighties with her spiky, bleached blonde hair and heavy makeup. The dominatrix thing is played out only in the clothes on her body because despite her domineering entrance into the scene, she obediently sucks this guys cock and then lets him cum all over her face. The quality of scene eleven is really terrible. The timing is off and the resolution is that of a CD ROM. This is not as painful to watch however than scene twelve. I really hate to criticize these girls on the sole basis of their appearance but this girl is scary looking. Her heavy-metal makeup and gaudy jewelry fail to soften her bleached and burnt blonde hair. She looks like a heavy metal groupie, and not a cute one. Scene thirteen is not to be missed. Zina Fox is a very hot young girl with a beautiful face. She deepthroats the cock staring up at the camera with wanting eyes. Last but not least Inari Vachs sucks a guy clean in a tub full of bubbles. She shoves the large cock all the way down to the back of her throat until not only is she gagging but she's crying. The sound of gagging ruined it for me but she's so pretty that it's hard not to like this scene. It may be better if you put this one on mute, I'd hate for you to miss the last scene because the sound of a cock in her throat has ruined your appetite. This is the first BJ compilation that I think is actually well made. Unlike most films of this genre, Blow Job Fantasies is not made up of foreplay scenes cut just before the intercourse. This compilation is comprised of actual BJ scenes created specially for the purpose of viewer participation fantasy. The girls are all very sexy and the subject cock in most of the scenes (I believe it's the same one in most if not all of the scenes) is so big and beautiful. I have never been overly excited about BJ compilations and I usually find myself longing for the insertion and intercourse scenes but this film can definitely stand on it's own. I'm looking forward to Blow Job Fantasies #2.  

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