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Title: Hard 18 1/2  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


The first scene starts right out with J.J. Michaels and another guy ramming their hard cocks into both her holes. This scene has very hard-core anal action and this continues throughout the next thirty scenes. The first scene ends and the guys pull out and each takes a turn spitting up their love soup all over her mouth. The third scene is very hot although the cheesy porn music is annoying. A guy pounds his cock into a cute brunette's pussy, gyrating deep and hard. Their vocal accompaniment is so rich and sexy. This is one of the better scenes on the disk, the girl is very hot and their action is very naughty. Upon pulling out he shoots a beautiful load all over her back. I swear this guy could hit a target fifteen feet away with that shot, their was so much cum I thought he was going to drown the poor girl. Very hot scene. Unlike the girl in the last scene, the bleached blonde slut in scene four is a camera whore and stares blankly into the camera as her lover pounds the shit out of her pussy. Speaking of shit. Mila graces our presence in scene five as she takes two dicks in her pussy and some DP action. The thing that bugged me most about this scene (aside from the baby you can hear crying in the room), were the sexist and degrading comments from the camera crew-don't get me wrong-I'm not a Nazi Feminist, I'm definitely a bigger fan of Vince Voyeur's gonzo flicks than Candida Royale's "I am woman" pornos, and I don't even like Mila, but the things they were yelling at her during her scene are just downright mean and unsexy! Scene six features a beautiful black woman with nipples bigger than sand dollars. The guy in the scene is a dope and at the end of a mediocre sex scene they proceed to act. HINT: Stop it as soon as he cums on her face, the dialogue that follows will spoil your mood. The next scene is a lame slow motion scene with really bad techno crap drowning out their cries of sheer pleasure. Did I say sheer pleasure? She doesn't look like she's all that thrilled. The next scene is a gang-bang scene with a young European blonde in the middle of large circle-jerk while some guy fucks her in the ass. She attempts to swallow a very large cock but can barely get her mouth around it. No matter, he cums in her face and then she moves on to the next guy. This is a quiet andintimate gang-bang scene, she seems generally and equally involved with each man. Anna Malle and Steven St. Croix are joined by another couple in the next scene. The two couples position themselves on either side of a bedroom and go at it. It's a shame this scene was so short because I love to watch Steven fuck and Anna is such a hot piece of ass. The next scene is a boring all-girl threesome in a swimming pool. Soap Opera music, mood lighting, waterfall in the pool, etc., etc., etc.. Scene 17 is a real dirty all-girl bang with a dildo and a small vibrator. Two of the women violate orifice after orifice of this cute blonde slut. It's a sexy scene. Scene is also an all-girl scene though not as sexy. These girls look really young though and seem to take the large dildos with much stride. Hot little Dee gets fucked on the edge of a Jacuzzi in scene 21. This is a nice couples scene and their both so pleasant to look at. He fucks her long and slow and then pulls his very thick cock out of her cunt and cums on her dark belly. In scene 24 we watch a hot blonde (though she doesn't look 18 ) with watermelon boobs get fucked from behind and then has cum shot all over her chest. We come full circle with scene25 as it is a repeat of scene 1, I guess the people at Sunshine really like this particular DP, or THEY NEED TO HIRE COMPELATION EDITORS WHO KNOW WHAT THEIR DOING AND OBVIOUSLY DON'T PRE-SCREEN THE FILMS BEFORE DISTRIBUTION. In scene 27 a young-looking blonde fucks herself with the biggest dildo I have ever seen. This thing is as thick as your fist and about three feet long. The scene disappoints though because the girth of the thing is so fat she can't even get it started, let alone actually violate her pussy with it. She puts the thing down and rubs her clit, masturbating until she cums. Yawn. Scene 30 has a bonus scene hidden in the multi-angle option, neither scene is worth a damn and I'm curious as to why they don't just add it to the scene selection-it isn't much of a bonus anyway! This however is not my biggest complaint. This is the second Sunshine compilation that has stated on the DVD box that it features Shay Sweet and the first one I've seen where it says it features Katie Gold. I've been through each scene very carefully-KATIE GOLD AND SHAY SWEET ARE NOT IN THIS FILM! STOP DISAPPOINTING US SUNSHINE! This really pisses me off because those two ladies are the only reason to watch this flick and I'm getting sick of Sunshine's false advertising...As for my review of this piece of crap-it's thrown together, un-sexy, second-rate, poorly-edited porn. Bottom line-it sucked!  

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