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Title: Sport Fucking 3  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Sport Fucking #3
140 Mins.
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: Erik Everhard
STARS: Vanessa, Tera Joy, Katarina, Nikki Loren, Sammie Rhodes

Reviewed by: Arnon (arnonreviews@hotmail.com)

REVIEW- This is a fairly standard Red Light District movie, with lots of super slutty Euro girls willing to take it in every hole. That said, it doesn't necessarily follow all those rules, as not all girls do anal and only one does the gagging style blowjobs I've become accustomed to in Euro movies. Still, it was a decent flick.

The movie starts out with Nikki Loren showing up at a dude's house in a maid outfit, presumably to clean. The up-angle shot as she walks up the stairs reveals that she forgot her panties, so maybe cleaning won't be all she'll do. She's a decently hot girl, though just slightly overweight. In the end she goes the cleaning route, but opts to polish his knob rather than doing any actual work. She drops to her knees in front of him, letting his decent sized cock out of his underwear and sucking it. She does a good job, then he lies Nikki on her back on the kitchen floor to lick her pussy. That doesn't last too long before he creeps up on his side and slips his cock inside her. She then uses her mouth to clean his cock off for him before mounting him cowgirl and giving him a ride. They move into the living room and fuck doggy style on the couch and finish up with missionary and rcg, with her randomly sucking him off, until he unloads into her mouth. A nice, well shot scene. Then, as a little bonus, we get to watch Nikki suck off and fuck the camera man in a POV shot.

Tera Joy, being the adventurous Euro girl she is, doesn't even mess around. She walks into a bedroom where a guy is lying on a bed, gives him a few sucks, then reverse mounts him straight into her ass. That's my kind of girl. Then the scene got ruined for me as another dude walked in and started fucking her pussy at the same time. For those of you who've read my reviews before, I can't stand 2 guy 1 girl scenes, as they tend to be the exact same thing over and over. Of course, this scene jumps a bit off the path as they start the whole thing with d.p., which doesn't always show up. She ends up flipping around at some point so the guy on top is now in her ass and vice versa. Then, what's this? A third guy shows up, so while she's fucking these other two she's sucking another guy's cock. She even does double anal at one point, a semi-rare porn act (at least that I've seen.) She seems to take it well, even if I find it a bit gay since two dudes are literally rubbing their dicks together. I don't really need to describe the rest to you. Just picture this dark haired girl lying on a bed with a cock constantly in every hole in her body. There. You've just watched it. At the end the guys take turns splooging on her face.

Katarina starts off almost the same as Tera, kneeling with three dicks in her face. Picture the last scene but on a couch and you get the gist of this one. No double anal though. It was actually a mistake of them to put these two girls side by side, since their segments are so much alike.

Erik Everhard and the camerman are walking down the streets of Amsterdam where they supposedly pick up a hooker named Vanessa for $500. She's a cute girl with small tits and a slightly hairy bush. She starts with a pov of the cameraman and Erik, but then a third guy shows up and the cameraman leaves the action. The rest is the same old 2g-1g as usual. One guy's always fucking her while the other one gets his dick sucked. There's some dp in this one too. Both guys cover her face in cream to finish up.

Last up is Sammie, the only blonde chick in the movie. She starts in the bathroom getting her ass eaten by a guy who looks like the blonde guy from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show. She quickly drops to her knees and gives him a decent though not spectacular blowjob. The interesting part is this is the only blowjob in the movie where the girl's regularly choking on it and spitting everywhere. Usually you see every girl in Euro movies doing that. They start the sex with cowgirl, unfortunately facing the wrong direction so the good stuff is kind of shadowed. He flips her over for some mish for about five minutes, then they finally move on to rcg, with plenty of close-ups of her shaved pussy. After a brief tit-fuck at the end he finishes unloading on her face. Overall a decent movie but nothing too unusual.

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