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Title: Fresh New Faces 5  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Fresh New Faces #5


121 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: Michael Stefano

THEMES: Tease, anal



STARS: Ashley Haze, Jordan Fleiss, Vanessa Lane, Jazmin, Avy Lee Roth, Pamela Princess, John Strong, Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano

Reviewed by: Mars

I've gained respect for Michael Stefano as a gonzo porn director/actor. I admit it, I thought he was a mook at first, just in it to leer and get off. However, as a director and performer he's always intensely focused on the women he has on screen. The distinction is a little hard to describe, but put it this way: he's interested in the individual girl and not just the fucking. And that creates much hotter sex for our viewing pleasure, with good dirty talk, concentrated action, and very few performers who just close their eyes and think of England. Most everyone is very much involved.
And to typify that we start with Vanessa Lane. In this flick she's new to the biz and very excited to be there. She's a skinny petite girl with a nice little ass and decent fake tits. She shows off her stripper dance skills in a nice tease and then gets some mouth work from Mr. Stefano. Vanessa is totally enthusiastic. She's willing, excited, and energetic. With a tight, lithe body she rides well and sucks a mean cock. She's a performer and keeps the talk going with Stefano as they bump, giving a good show. It's Vanessa's first anal scene and they play it right, with him prepping her a bit before sliding in. The results are good and she takes it in the rear various ways. The only downside is that it takes a long time for her to get her top off. Like her, hope to see her again (considering a filmography currently over a hundred she's bound to turn up).
The next scene starts with Jazmin, a Bangladeshi girl with fine Indian features, a taut ass, and pretty face. She's another eager beaver (so to speak) and gives us a great show of moans and writhing as her cock-jock sucks her pussy. She's a decent hummer-artist, more speed than technique but enjoyable. The rapid fire fucking follows and Avy Lee Roth sneaks in. She's a pale Spanish hottie with a substantial rack and retro-punky-style. Avy watches and plays with a huge dildo before getting pulled into the action. The three of them combine and recombine in various ways. Dildo, mouths, cocks, cunts, and fingers are stirred around on the couch as they moan and coo at each other in Bangladeshi, French, and Spanish. Very cosmopolitan and not bad action. No anal in this one and while the performers are obviously into it the scene doesn't burn the house down. It's a good fire, but the extra footage and behind the scenes tape actually made me re-watch it with a different eye. I think it should have been edited a bit differently to really make it pop.
The weakest scene is next. Pamela Princes, who's a good looking girl-next-door-ish kind of way, is right in the action with a blow-job. It's the best part of the scene, which has uninspired performance and camera work. I got the impression this was a b-unit scene (if such a thing exists in gonzo porn) and that Stefano was not on set. Or if he was, he was sick or distracted. The whole thing can be summarized by one moment. Pamela, done giving a good hummer, spreads her legs on the couch, looks up at her cock-jock and ask him nicely to eat her pussy. He declines. Which immediately made him not my friend. C'mon, man, don't be a dick. Well, that takes the air out of Pam's balloon and she's just kind of uncomfortable and bored throughout the rest of the scene.
Luckily we get back to the good stuff with Jordan Fleiss. She's a skinny young thing with pretty eyes under all the make-up. She has a youthful insouciance (had to look that up to make sure I was using it right) that makes her debauchery that much more fun. Jordan's in all the way and gets busy with some excellent cock-sucking before Stefano eats her ass with gusto. A gourmand of ass (the vocabulary is flying in this paragraph). She begs for the fucking and gets it with grunts and pants from Stefano. This is a prime example of his interest in his actresses. Mr. S makes it look (and sound) like he's unaware of the camera or the audience while at the same time giving a hell of a performance. Jordan responds very well. She even moans his name several times, something I don't think I've ever heard in porn before. The camera works very well and they run through so much good sex I'm not going to list it all. She's talky and sexy and they click well. Good stuff.
Ashley Haze is a petite redhead with a great look. She shakes her well rounded ass and teases for a while before getting two cock-jocks to play with. Ashley dives in to tag suck. It's a great set of blow-jobs but she manages to make sounds like rubbing a wet balloon while she's bobbing on their rods. But she doesn't seem to notice how funny this is, just keeps up the intensity and ends up getting plugged at both ends. Ashley is nicely aggressive. She's matching the guys for motion and eagerness as they fuck. Even with the anal action (which soon leads to some D.P. situations) she's writhing and bucking back on them. Good energy. Then she's unintentionally funny again at the end. After taking two huge loads on her face she sucks back and forth on their cocks, humming as she does so like a harmonica. Decent scene.
Overall: The best part of this flick is the enthusiasm that the girls have. I believe it's Stefano's attention and direction that gets their energetic reactions. He knows how to pick the right talent and/or inspire them to really get into the action. Add to the facts that the women are fine and the camera angles are satisfying. Only one scene was boring and one about half as good as it could have been. Very close to top marks.
Extras include chapter search, director's bio, video footage of the photo shoots, photo gallery, behind the scenes (with some good interviews), cum shot reel, three previews, web urls, and bonus footage from various scenes in the movie.


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