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Title: T-Girls 2  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


T-Girls 2


164 Mins.



THEMES: Transsexuals topping men, ATM, T-girl on girl, T-girl on boy, bit of boy on boy



STARS: Yasmin Lee, Gia Naughty, Kayla Coxx, Destiny, Wendy Williams, Joanna Jett, Alissandra Dovan, Christian XXX, Beau Meadows, Jagger, Dex, Orion Cross, Lazo Cross

Reviewed by: Mars

It can be good to find something that does an end run around your expectations. The bulk of the t-girl porn I've seen includes she-males who are taking the "female" role. Generally they're the ones spreading their legs and laying back for the cock-jock who pounds them, or they play at being a real-dick strap-on lesbian with a genetic girl. T-girls 2 takes a different focus, with the trannies in charge in a very "male" way. They are the dominant partner in all of the encounters, topping their fuck buddies. This sets the tone and it's not an unwelcome change. The talent are into it for the most part and the t-girls really strut. However, there are too many close-up camera angles throughout and a couple of very blah scenes. So while the tone is an ass-grabbing good time, the execution leaves something to be desired.
But not in every instance. Putting a good foot forward, we start the festivities with Yasmin Lee. (I'll be using "s/he" and "hir" as the she-male pronouns). S/he's a long and thin Asian tranny with a long and hard cock, a good face and legs that go on for some time. Yasmin is into the scene from the word go. S/he gets a pair of cock-jocks who give and get blow jobs. It's also clear that hir boys are not just getting paid for the hummers, they are enjoying them too. Keep that in mind if you've got qualms about guys who like guys. The big dick puts Yasmin in charge and s/he uses it to face fuck and slap hir comrades with vigor. Taut and fierce as s/he fucks, Ms. Lee is a hottie. The guys take rides on that long schlong but the tight camera angles bleed away the intensity. Yasmin takes some action from behind and again we lose some of it with bad views. Still, the energy is good and s/he carries the two guys well.
The second scene brings things back down. We get Kayla Coxx, a blonde and leggy t-girl who is brash and appropriately slutty, potential for a good time. S/he's paired with Gia, a genetic girl who is pretty and slender, but really needs to tone up. Her butt looks fine when she's perfectly still, but in motion it's so soft and flabby I want to buy her a stairmaster. And they're linked up with a guy as well. Each of them bring a problem to the scene. Gia just phones in the entire thing, the guy is trying to be manly and rough when he shouldn't be, and Kayla is like a cranked up puppy, hir movements frantic and nervous. The three of them do not gel at all. Which is too bad, Kayla has some cock-sucking skills I'd like to see more of and looks great with hir legs spread, toes pointed. Hir cock isn't the hardest but with all the other problems that's secondary. The guy isn't playing along with the t-girls-on-top theme. They eventually get into some interesting sex, with Kayla taking a double-anal with the guy's cock and Gia's strap-on, but the groove is never really there. Poor Kayla, we'll have to check elsewhere to see hir talents in a more enjoyable scene.
Destiny is a long and leggy black t-girl with smooth skin, an ok face, and a nice dick. S/he's hooked up with a pretty-boy who's got a nicer bubble butt than s/he does. He's also a cock-whore who is totally into getting topped and fucked. So much so that he practically steals the scene. Destiny gets him doggy style and keeps him there for a long time. S/he's good at it, no lie. Watching hir buck into him it's obvious that they're having a good time. However, while Destiny is a good fucker, the scene isn't a great showcase of t-girl action. It's just that they have the guy moaning and carrying on and Destiny, the supposed focus of the disc's theme, just becomes the dick on which the jock rides.
Wendy Williams is a true mix of masculine/feminine. Great legs and ass, smooth and tan, pudgy stomach, big tits (though not the best of boob jobs), huge lips, puffy face, and deep male voice with an Australian accent. The voice really messes with the man-as-woman illusion, so be ready. While most t-girls seem to make the effort to be overtly feminine Wendy just lets the tits, lips, and legs do the woman work and the mannerisms and voice stay male. And this masculinity plays out in hir scene as well. S/he is eager to top hir boy-toy and after he sucks hir tool a bit, Wendy mounts him doggy style and gets to it. Long time in the doggy with breaks for him to give some ATM hummers. Predictably the angles are too close. They switch to mish on the couch arm, and we do get to see hir nice ass, but the crotch-sniffer camera doesn't give us much else to admire. Same with the reverse cowboy ride he takes. Yawn. Wendy's interesting, but this isn't an interesting piece of action.
Next on the block is a pair of the best looking (even passable) t-girls on this disc. Joanna Jet is a blonde with a set of legs that leave me panting. Good face, excellent cock, decent breasts, and a sexy attitude that makes hir a good time. Alissandra has a terrifically hot body. Great tits, good ass, and a fine tool. However, s/he takes a long time to warm up. When s/he does, it's great, but for the first half of the scene Joanna is carrying it all. They take their pleasure with a cock-jock who spends most of the scene on his back with a cock stuffed in either end. I wrote a lot of notes about this scene, most of it says "TOO CLOSE GODDAMNIT!" The director Su has gorgeous she-males who are obviously enjoying themselves and she concentrates on the hips down. It drove me mad when Alissandra climbed up for a cowgirl ride and we only see hir from behind. The way s/he's grinding those hips make it clear how much s/he likes it, but we never see hir face. The same thing happens with Joanna. FINALLY, they go to reverse cowgirl and we get to see the joy. And it's hot. Joanna grinds that cock into hir ass, hir stiff one swinging as s/he rides. Good stuff, good views. Finally. Then he fucks Alissandra mish and we go back to shitty camera work. Joanna takes it on hir back too, and we get a bit more of a look. It's a good fuck and Ms. Jet has those beautiful legs spread wide. I believe them all, they're all having a good time. If only the director was a little more conscious of showing us the action.
Danielle Foxx is the last t-girl on the disc, and s/he's a pretty one. A ton of surgery on that apple-cheeked face, but it's not scary. And those tits are fantastic along with a perfectly built body. Good cock, too. S/he gets two guys to play with and they go down on hir quickly. Then we run into another problem (in my opinion). Just as with the Destiny scene the focus becomes the boys. Here we have a gorgeous she-male, one of the best and most aggressive fuckers in the t-girl business, and s/he's relegated to the fuck-pole that the (hairy) guys ride. S/he even sits off to one side, off camera for a time, while the guys hump each other over the couch. Not my cup of meat, might be yours.
Overall: So we're left with a couple of good scenes, way too many close up shots and too much affinity for she-male as cock-prop in a she-male video. This would be a D grade movie except it takes a good tone. The aggressive, dominant t-girl attitude is cool. It pumps up the heat even in crappy scenes. I'd like to see the same attitude with a different camera operator.
Extras include chapters, audio set-up, photo gallery, and website URLs. It also has an extra scene with Kayla Coxx and a slender, big-breasted redhead t-girl. That scene is MUCH better than the one in the actual movie.


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