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Title: Euro Domination 4  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Euro Domination 4


225 Mins.

Evil Angel/Euro Angel

DIRECTOR: Christoph Clark

THEMES: Anal, domination, fetish lingerie, crawling



STARS: Katsumi, Jayna Oso, Marie Luv, Tyla Wynn, Jennifer Stone, Sandra Kay, Nancy, Manuel Ferrara, Mark Wood, Joel Lawrence, Mr. Pete, Nick Lang, Leslie Taylor, Christoph Clark, Choky Ice, Diether Von Stein

Reviewed by: Mars

It all starts with Katsumi, a very well formed Asian with a French accent (nice combo), an excellent ass and good natural tits. She's got on a collar, corset, leash, fishnets, and what might be called a skirt but really is more like a butt-ruff. Cute outfit. Katsumi crawls around for Christoph and talks dirty, begging for action. She gets a dildo and her own fingers, both of which she uses well, getting to the anal quickly. The views are a bit too close but Katsumi really gets into the spirit of the disc with her dirty talk and eager anticipation of rough sex and dominance. Which she gets when her cock-jock appears. They have good intensity together, he with the jackhammer pounding and she with the writhing, wiggling moves to entice him to more. It's also great to hear her talk dirty in French as they screw. They get a bit of slapping in there and she is pistoned in the ass by his big cock. The fucking lasts a good while and it doesn't stay in one position overly long. And they stick with the intensity throughout which is a good sign that they're into the action. Good times, good noises, good fucking.
Hayna Oso is in a hot vinyl lingerie outfit to wrap up her sweet taut body. She's a good looking, tawny, raven haired girl with a Bettie Paige hair cut. She shows off her bod while asking for cock as Christoph leads her around by her leash. Which, as you might have guessed, leads soon thereafter to her fucking her own ass with a dildo. She crawls downstairs (which is not, oddly enough, as sexy as a woman crawling upstairs) and works a freakin' huge dildo into her ass. Impressive work for Hayna. Two guys show up, the incomparable Joel Lawrence is one of them and he orders Hayna around very well. Down on her knees, ass up, and they take advantage of that vulnerable position with skill. Hayna takes them both in her ass and mouth. She's not the most vibrant performer but she's a trooper and good fun to watch.
Marie Luv is the next girl on a leash. She's a black woman with nice medium tits and a pretty face, slender, and a decent ass. Mr. Pete makes her beg to blow him and she does a really good job. Excellent tongue, slaps with the leash handle, and face fucking. Deep throat to make the tears run and her mascara streaks. It's a good dirty-naughty sex hummer and they play it for all it's worth. A long and drooly cock-sucking. It's her turn next and he fingers her cunt until she squirts before she climbs up for a cowgirl ride. The two of them click in terms of attitude and enthusiasm and it helps the action boil. They bring in a dildo for D.P., which is notable, and finish with a pop shot in the mouth and disgusting gargling.
To finish the first disc we get the pleasure of seeing Tyla Wynn. Extremely hot body on this girl squeezed into netting shirt and tights. Taut in all the right places and beautifully curved. A woman with hips is a dream and Tyla has killer breasts and ass to fill it all out. Nice slow moves as she rubs herself and crawls a bit. In keeping with the disc's theme she tells Christoph she's a slut and he can do what he wants with her. God knows I'd like to hear her talk to me like that. The dildo is next and she fingers her ass as she pumps herself with the rubber dong. Then the guy shows up (Joel again), making her suck things and crawl as he gropes her. It's not within my ability to explain how hot they make it. Just the rubbing and crawling is worth the price. It's pure manhandling and completely sexy. They get to the mish fucking and it's rough and tumble action from then on out. Salad tossing, ass fucking, ATM, dildo D.P., and all of it with good moaning and electricity between them. Near the end Tyla kneels on a barstool as Joel fucks her ass from behind. She is begging for it loudly and riding like a champ. They get it on so well Christoph leaves them alone after the cum shot so they can, as he says, "make the love." Awesome. Definitely my favorite scene on the disc
Jennifer Stone is the next Euro babe up for grabs. Very nice ass and legs wrapped in sexy lingerie. You know, I'm not sure if porn lingerie has gotten better or my standards have lowered. I remember 80's porn lingerie and it was awful. Craptastic lace monstrosities for the most part. Today's porn outfits push my buttons so much more, with that quasi-fetish feel. Anyway, back to Jennifer who is busy getting groped by two cock-jocks before the blow jobs commence. The hummers are vigorous and well done, though not the most artful. Her accented dirty talk is a nice touch, too. Overall Jennifer's eagerness and fervor as she's getting fucked makes her a treat to watch. The guys swap around and soon get to the anal action. She's into it all the way, from reverse cowgirl anal, lots of ATM, and some dildo play. Oddly, though, if my notes are accurate, no D.P. Oh well.
Christoph starts the next scene, leisurely smoking a cigar and asking an off-screen woman if she wants him to fuck her. She moans for it and we soon get to see Christoph jamming his fingers in Sandra Kay's mouth. This is the single-camera section, just him setting up static shots or hand-helds as he plays and fucks Sandra. She's a brunette with a fine ass and nice natural breasts. Fingers, big dildos, and many holes later, it cuts to two guys talking in a living room and Christoph calls out Sandra. She appears in a sweet little get up and gets spanked and dommed. The dominant guy does a good job of it, makes her crawl, spanks her, and she responds with overdramatic moans and tosses of her head, but it's effective porn. They pound her mouth and quickly get to the anal in several positions. The action is all frantic, high-energy stuff. Not bad. There's a D.P. in this one (trusting to my notes). Sandra takes it well but I would have liked to have seen the dom commands go on for longer as they sexed it up.
Nancy is next up and she's in a prison cell set, cuffed to the bars in a corset as two guys in full hoods leer at her. She's a taut dancer-type, muscular and thin with a pretty face and good legs. The hoods grope her and then...give her an ice-cream bar to eat. Odd, but...sure, whatever. It's too big to be particularly sensual, just looks like a slab of vanilla on a stick. They step into the cell for blow-jobs while Nancy, sitting on a toilet, pees. I never need to see that but it keeps cropping up in my porn. Aside from that this has some decent moments. Specifically because Nancy gets lifted and moved around a lot. Her petite form is held, legs spread, by one guy as the other does her. They have her squat on a dildo on the table top. Her ass is fair game and gets plugged as well mid-air, including an aerial D.P. Nancy's a one-note moaner, not very credible, but her dancer-form is pretty cool. Massive load on her tits and face to end it.
Overall: The movie is two discs long mainly due to extra long scenes (as opposed to more scenes of average length). This could've become dull but Christoph keeps the action pretty interesting throughout each segment. And on the whole, the talent manages to keep the energy up. Tyla Wynn and Joel Lawrence win the award. If all the scenes were that smoking this would be an award winner. As it stands it's worth a rental, for sure. It may not be worth the extra price bump for the two-disc-ness of it all.
Extras include chapters, Behind the scenes, cast list, filmographies, bio of Christoph, six trailers, and URLs.


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