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Title: Big Cock Seductions 19  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Big Big Cock Seductions #19


135 Mins.

New Sensations

DIRECTOR: Tyrone Shuz

THEMES: Big cocks (duh)



STARS: Monique, Amber Wild, Jordan Styles, Michelle Banks, Angeline Marie, Mark Ashley, Shane Disel, Jerry, Chris Charming

Reviewed by: Mars

Pretty girls are good to have in your porn flick. Big Cock Seductions #19 has that. When the title has "Big Cock" in it you need to have big cocks in your porn. BCS #19 has that too. But to rise above the sea of pornographic vids that are lapping at the shores of our lust there needs to be more. Specifically the sex has to be hot. If the action is hot enough then your movie can be a success with more homely girls and smaller cocks. Let's see what happens.
With tan skin, exotic features, and dark hair to complement her taut, hot body and fine, big ass Monique is arguably the prettiest of the starlets in the movie. She's also one of the most comfortable girls with the big cock she's faced with. The girl can suck dick, with good mouth work and nice hands. And when she hops on for a cowgirl ride she buries the rod immediately. So technique is fine but Monique's not the most emotive performer. Plus we get the close angle camera syndrome. Too many tight close ups of the groins. The doggy style is boring but the reverse cowgirl is pretty good, with some nice views of her smooth and toned body. Plus the piledriving ain't bad. Good looking girl, not a lot of spark.
The director goes from strength to strength. After Monique, the prettiest, he goes to Amber Wild, the most able big-cock girl. She's a very bleached blonde with nice natural tits (shiny pierced nipples) and a good body. She does a nice tease for her cock-jock before taking his enormous tool in her mouth. Make no mistake, this is a huge dick. Amber can't even get her hand wrapped all the way around it. But she does what she can with lips and tongue, which is pretty good considering the monster she's faced with. And he goes down on her bald pussy a bit too, which he should since it's about to take a hell of a beating. Amber takes his tool well, slides in and she's not uncomfortable. She does seem distracted but it becomes clear that both actors are watching themselves in the full length closet mirror. And that helps crank up the heat in the action. They're into it and it shows but it takes a long time to make it there.
Jordan is only second to Monique in beauty, though her looks are of a different style. She's a red head with creamy white skin, smooth and lithe. Good breasts and a pretty face. And they start with some nice nipple sucking on her chest before she gets to the blow-job. She does well with mouth tongue and hand. Well done, Jordan, and some decent views. After a bit of fingering he plows her doggy style and Jordan makes some fun noises as he pumps. There's some good cowgirl action but the reverse would be better if the angle was higher, allowing us to see that sweet body as Jordan rides. Throughout the sex is pretty good. The views aren't great but Jordan's easy on the eyes.
Michelle looks like Halle Berry. Coffee skin, a very cute face with sexy lips and eyes. Her body lags a bit behind, but only because her face is a beauty. Her cock-jock takes some coaxing to get hard, but once he does he lives up to the title of the flick. The doggy style churns butter out of her juices and we don't get many views. It lasts far too long, getting boring until they finally switch to reverse cowgirl. But it's that low angle that lets us see a lot of crotch and not much of the pretty girl. What the hell are the director's thinking? They're always so genital-centric. It's a waste to avoid looking at Michelle's face. They take a long time with piledriving anal which gives us the best views so far. They end with a couple cowgirls and more blah camera work before hitting it mish. A scene that really could've been better. Michelle may be good looking but she wasn't very engaged.
Angeline is a smooth blonde with natural tits and good legs and body. They have some good tease time with appropriate music and she shows off her good hair and bald pussy. And then a man with a huge dick and hanging balls like two lemons stuffed into the leg of a pair of pantyhose shows up and ruins Angeline's day. This woman is very obviously unhappy about the whole situation. First of all she won't go further than the tip of that cock when sucking. Not that she could get more in her mouth, but she barely moves her hand or uses her tongue. Nothing worth noting. They get to the sex and Aneline braces and takes it. Oh, she makes a feeble attempt to look and sound like she's enjoying it, but the discomfort is written all over her face and in her body language. I looked her up and only found two titles with her in it. I'm guessing that means she took a stab at porn and found out pretty quickly that it wasn't her bag. I just can't understand why the director would still keep the terrible footage. Actually, no, I can understand that, I can't understand why he'd leave in the cum shot. Angeline takes a load on her left cheek and looks utterly appalled. We are seeing one of the worst moments in her life and then the director's voice cuts in and says "Try not to make a disgusting face!" So that she forces a blank smile that does nothing to hide the fact that she can't wait to scrub her skin with sandpaper to get the ick off and then forget this ever happened. Not what I want in porn.
Overall: Good looking girls, some decent action, one awful scene, and mediocre heat. Big Cock Seductions #19 fails to distinguish itself from other all-sex vids with the exception of having really massive cocks in it.
Extras are good, with a behind the scenes, a bonus scene, a photo gallery, fetish menu, four trailers (with another bonus scene at the end, and web ads.


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