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Title: Bodyslammin' 2 - Down & Dirty  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Down and dirty, yes, and also hot and horny and nasty and nastier. Alex Sanders has hit upon something truly awesome in this part-gonzo, part-extreme sports and all full-force fucking series, and Episode 2 is even better than the first -- and that''s no mean feat. Why is it so great? Because Alex insists on a high level of fuckability from his sluts. They must be cute, sometimes even exceedingly attractive. They must be wild and unabandoned. They must be willing to get it on just about anywhere with anyone. And they damn sure better be willing to take it up the ass. His first tramp, and she''s a fine one, is Missy, All-American beauty and newcomer to the daredevil lifestyle (dig the panic-stricken look on her face as she bungee jumps). She asks Alex if he would jump off a bridge to have her -- so of course he does. He''s rewarded with a sexy blowjob atop the bridge as the sunlight bathes both of their bodies in golden light. Those shots are interspersed with the pair on a helicopter, with Alex working over Missy''s twat with his fingers and that golden girl sucking him some more. The only drawback is the cheesy slow jam music that doesn''t fit with the otherwise hot action, but hey, the photography is great. There''s not much to complain about here. Back at the house, Missy shows off her bruise from white water rafting or hang gliding or gang-banging or whatever it is she''s been doing, which turns Alex on so much he dives directly into her muff for some prime eating. This scene is absolutely great, with Alex weaving in some ass- and cunt-slapping and some deep tongue action on Missy''s gorgeous ass, then some top-notch boffing with plenty of insertion shots and deep penetration. At one point, he''s pounding Missy so roughly all she can do to stifle her moans is to chew on a blanket! But you know she''s loving every minute of it as she reaches back to spread her cheeks wide. Of course, that''s just the biggest tease to that tight pooper she''s got, so Alex obligingly slides right in (but not until he''s greased it up good with his fingers). The anal shots here are fantastic, with Alex up on his haunches to give us a clear view of Missy''s round ass and tasty legs, clad in fishnet stockings, naturally. It''s the sort of scene that Max Hardcore would be jealous of, only he''d never be able to pull it off because he''s too busy degrading everyone in sight. (Love the slamming and graping holes, Max, but man, show some respect to your sluts every once in a while.) Alex, on the other hand, is a rough tumbler but not without his soft side. Does he show it in his cumshots? Hardly. This one explodes all over Missy''s chin and cheeks. Next we''re taken to a Hollywood sex shop, where Alex has arranged a meeting and lingerie presentation by five horny Hungarian hotties. Hello! Every damn one of these hussies is plenty cute and revved up for action, and Alex and Mark Davis are eager to sample them. This is the first of two wall-to-wall slammin'' scenes, and Alex handles them greatly, with Sylvia, Reka, Tyger, and the hot blondes Judith Grant and Nikki Anderson getting unbelievably hard poundings in every gaping hole. The action is nonstop and has a touch of everything: lezzie licking, cock in pussy then stuffed in another chick''s mouth, ramming cowgirl, nasty buttfucking (the best of which goes into the goddess-like Nikki) and some mammoth cumshots that bathe our Euro beauties in sticky stuff. Not one of them is hard on the eyes, though I''m partial to Nikki''s amazingly real mams and silky twat, Judith''s equally stunning body and the redhead with the ultra-tan. A couple of these babes are just my type, and the fact that they''ll take a rod ramming up their rumps make them even more appealing. I was plenty wet by the time this scene wrapped up. I kept my juices flowing as Alex diverted my attention to some cheesy "Heavy Metal" ripoff animation, which finally wraps as Alex escorts (enslaves seems more like it) the tattooed love doll Christgen Wolf to the Pomona Car Swap Meet. Or at least, that''s where one cameraman is. The other is waiting in Alex''s Humvee as he begins to lick, fuck and suck Christgen''s pierced pussy. The cuts to the car show are cool, though, and Alex doesn''t let it distract too much, taking us to a bedroom after we''ve OD''d on one too many hot rods. Instead, Alex whips out his hot rod for Christgen to swallow whole, while he starts tweaking her bunghole with his fingers. In no time he''s four fingers splitting her wide and preparing her for his full length -- though not before her pussy gets a quick pounding. Curiously, though there is some anal, there''s no cumshot, which slightly tarnishes this bit, but that finger-banging more than compensates. Shifting focus to Spring Break, Alex is found touring the night clubs and dancing it up with several young ladies, before settling on absolute doll Wendi Knight, whose tits may be fake but they''re still pretty perfect and whose ass and thighs are a sight to behold. Alex quickly undresses her and goes to work on those jugs and ass, which is enough to get Wendi to squat right over his face for some trim-tasting. (Definitely one of my favorite things to do and see, and Alex gets some great close-ups here of his tongue splitting apart her silky snatch.) There''s a bit of 69 action, as Wendi does her best to take in every inch of the Alex atomizer, while the cowgirl shots superbly show off Wendi''s hot bod and the wet, wet, WET shots of Alex''s cock sliding in and out of her quim (mmmmmmmm) are worth the price of admission alone. Best of all, Wendi reaches back while on all fours to spread those butt cheeks as wide as they''ll go so that Alex can jam his log deep into her chute! And you know damn well he''s getting a full load ready as he cums a whipping string of cum out across her shoulder and down her back. The rest lands gently into her mouth. Finally, Alex and Vince Voyeur finish off with some group action involving dark-haired cumqueen Temptress and two blonde bombshells, Dru Berrymore and Malitia. All of it is shot in some club or soundstage and the lighting is just right -- moody, smoky and slightly dark, but no so''s you can''t see any of the hot action. Temptress spends most of her time working over Vince''s fine pecker, sucking that hose like she was siphoning gasoline and teasing his balls lightly. Malitia plays middleman for a while, but the gorgeous Dru wastes no time in getting Alex hard as a rock and down her throat. From there on out, nothing is left undone, with some of the nastiest (and thus most intensely erotic) moments coming from Dru, either as she''s tonguing Alex''s butthole or taking his fuckstick deep in her ass while bent over a couch, talking dirty all the way. Good God, what a slut, and she''s only barely equaled by Malitia (who makes up for her fuckability by munching plenty of muff) and Temptress (who seems virtually unleashed sexually here). And the finish is a keeper, somewhat on the two blondes but largely all over Temptress'' sexy face. There''s a closing strip tease featuring a few of the stars, and it''s slightly amusing, but the sex is so volcanic and, well, down and dirty, that it''s a fairly useless coda. Still, if Alex wants it there, if he thinks it''s amusing, let him have it. You make a skinflick this exciting and you can do whatever the fuck you want, I say.  

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