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Title: Jessica's Jet Set  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Jessica's JetSet
MOVIE TYPE: Feature; Variety
Mins. 118 Minutes
COMPANY: Hustler
DIRECTOR: Richard Hamilton
THEMES: Anal, DP, Lesbian,


STARS: Jessica James, Sandra Romain, Samantha Ryan, Hillary Scott, Talon, Tommy Gunn, Sascha, Barry, Scott and Jean Val Jean
Reviewed by: Kid Cocky
Hustler finally put together a good movie. For years I had criticized them for not using their resources appropriately. Hustler has all the money in the world. They have the ability to make the greatest porn around, but they have continually fallen short of putting together a good hardcore porn movie.
With the video equipment, connections, modeling contacts, and money, it is sad that hustler can't put out a better product that Joe Internet with his $300 camera. Well this time Hustler tried to out do the average Joe porn producer with quality. Quality is something that your average Joe just can't top.
Although it is titled JetSet, the entire DVD is probably filmed at one location. The location was an expensive studio. The lighting and sound are terrific. The make up and hair are outstanding. It is obvious that Hustler can't be more extreme than these fly by night gonzo companies. It is also obvious that Hustler can't be more risqué than these small internet companies that frequently break the law with their public sex and other niche productions. However, Hustler can deliver when it comes to high quality well rounded adult entertainment.
This video has a little bit of everything. There is a teen, some good anal, lesbian action, and even a threesome. Although there aren't a ton of scenes, Hustler tried to hit every market they could.
Jessica and Samantha even do a lesbian scene. That's kind of surprising because most adult movies now-a-days don't have lesbian scenes because the average viewer finds them a little boring. These two girls are gorgeous, so they keep it pretty interesting.
Sandra Romain stars in a pretty hardcore DP. With all the makeup and things, she looks gorgeous in the scene. I've seen Sandra in an assortment of nasty extreme scenes, so it is nice to see her looking her best.
Hustler also puts in an array of good behind the scenes and bonus material. Again, this is something that Hustler has the money to do. With their potential budget, each movie should be filled with extensive behind the scenes material.
Hustler does a good job with this movie. They are starting to look like the company of old.
Kid Cocky


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