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Title: Barely 18 22  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: C+
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: C+


Barely 18, #22 (My Diary)

Mins. 120
COMPANY: Sin City Entertainment

DIRECTOR: Chris Knight




STARS: Tiffany Rayne, Alicia, Charlotte, Ashley, Vanilla, and Nikki
Reviewed by: Kid Cocky
This movie does something right from the beginning. It shows each performer and lists off their names. This has gotten to be the standard in porn, and there is good reason for it. People want to know who is getting fucked. For all you porn directors out there reading this review, please continue starting each movie with at least letting us know who is in it. We don't want to have to guess the names of each starlet.
In the first scene, Hispanic Nikki Nievez stars in a one on one scene where she takes some hard white cock in all of her holes. She's an interesting looking girl. He's probably a mix of a couple ethnicities. Naturally a brunette, she has her hair frosted blonde. After a good bit of kissing and caressing, she goes down on her male counterpart. He has some nasty razor burn where he shaved his pubes. I guess that's why men shouldn't shave their balls. Anyway, he does a good job of fucking young Nikki's face. He also thumbs her asshole and stretches it in for its impending pounding. She too has a bunch of bumps on her ass. It looks like she needs to buy a new razor. Her ass is the primary focus of this scene. It does get completely reamed.
Each scene is narrated by Tiffany Rayne. She reads from her diary as if each scene is a fantasy of hers.
Brunette Alicia Alighatti sucks, fucks and takes a nice nasty cumshot on her face in the second scene. She's a good looking girl. She's not great looking, and I doubt that she is a teen. In fact, if you are buying this movie for the sole purpose of seeing young looking women, then this movie isn't much better than any other DVD. Most porn DVDs now-a-days star girls who look between 18 and 22 years old, and these girls fit into that range. Back to the scene though, Alicia is very energetic. Her beau is an over muscled punk. He has a big Johnson, and is in great athletic shape. Overall they put together a B+ all-vaginal sex session.
Vanilla Skye and Ashley Summers star in a great little threesome. Vanilla Skye has the best name that I have heard in a while. Ashley is a little overweight, but that makes her fun to watch. Her big titties and ass sway during this scene. Actually, Vanilla is a little overweight as well. She's good looking now, but you can tell that in ten years she's going to have some serious mom-hips. The girls work over their thin male counterpart. I am not sure if they are going to fuck him or eat him. The ladies are very energetic though. In fact, despite my criticism of their weight, I would happily bust a nut on their pleasantly plump natural titties.

In the fourth scene, bleach blonde Charlotte Stokley takes one a nice medium-sized member. All in all it is an ok scene. She seems happy to be fucked. She has a cute face, but again I am not sure if she is a real teen.
And in the finale Tiffany Rayne gets poked by a big white cock. Tiffany is by far the best looking babe in this movie. Her fantasies finally come true as she gets a big cock in her cute pink snatch. The guy is amazingly energetic.   


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