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Title: 4-Eyed Whores  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


I know some guys really get off on this sort of thing -- chicks in glasses. To be honest, I can see the appeal; put your average porn star in a pair of bookish lenses and suddenly she seems more approachable, more like the girl (or secretary or school teacher) next door. I''ll buy into the fantasy. I can see how guys would get hard at the thought of banging some classy chick. Of course, these aren''t the classiest of chicks, though they are cute. Blonde, thin thing Andrea, more wanton and seductive brunette Carmen and the geekier Sandra (I guess those are their names, since there''s no way of telling; all that''s certain is that they''re from Europe) are plenty hungry for sex and have the bods to pull off some primo pounding. But watching this multi-angle thing is one of the most maddening experiences around. All that saves it from an out-and-out F are some good anal shots (a nice DP of Carmen got my pussy moist) and a couple of decent cum facials. But that''s not enough to recommend and hey, you have to do all of the work yourself, which I can''t stand. Look, if I''m gonna get hot watching smut, then I WANT someone to do the editing for me. Show me a good time. Make it hot. Make me wet and make me cum. Don''t, however, make me piece together the action by clicking from one angle to the next. I know some guys find this fascinating, but honestly I can''t see why. If you''re getting into something good, you like the shot and you''re stroking away, why do you want the hassle of having to pause your pounding to click over to a new angle to see more. I know it doesn''t take much effort, but it certainly breaks my train of thought. And the angles are just OK. One is a constant close-up, one is from far away, one is medium and one is made to look like a hidden camera, which is my favorite, though it''s theoretically sorta stupid: How could there possibly be a hidden camera in this? Andrea''s one-on-one with a Euro boy is fair; once she takes him up her ass it gets moving and the cum shot is ok. Carmen''s tag team of two brothers isn''t bad at all, especially when she fills up both holes in a rather unusual fashion. And even Sandra''s boffing is worth a short peek, especially the spanking bits. (I''m a sucker for a spanking, especially when the ass is wet. In the tub here, Sandra''s light walloping looks mighty fine.) But the multi-angle thing just got too annoying for me. The sex isn''t bad, but it''s not good enough to watch on one camera; that makes it look like bad amateur stuff. This sort of thing needs an editor. Period. Without it, it''s useless.  

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