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Title: TNT Babes  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: A


TNT Babes

Mins. 99

DIRECTOR: Unlisted

THEMES: Strait Sex



STARS: Devaun, Judy Starr, Madison, Venus, Tripp Cane, Erik, Andrew Rivera, Kris Slater.

Reviewed by: Kid Cocky


I have to tell you that this DVD certainly lacks the polish that you see with DVDs from big companies. First off, the title screens are relatively boring and unsexy. There are no previews or extra content. For the most part, this movie is edited like a home movie. There is no introduction, credits, or anything else. You just press play and are immediately taken to a naked girl sitting on a bed. There is no glam, no flash, and no flare.

Devaun is in the first scene. This is also her first scene, so I expect her to be a little green. New girls are often times a little insecure about themselves, and they don't put on as good of a game as the more veteran porn stars. The first two minutes are solo. No toys. Devaun just plays with her cute pussy. The next 11 minutes are devoted to slow oral sex. If you like to see a good long slow blowjob, then you may enjoy this. I personally got a little bored from this. The next 12 minutes are devoted to 2 or 3 positions of vaginal sex. The cumshot is on the back. By all means this is mediocre porn.

I should also note that both my DVD player and my computer had some issues navigating this DVD. I am guessing that it was made with amateurish software.

Judy Starr is up next. She is also a beautiful girl. She takes a full 20 minutes of vaginal pounding. Other than a minute of oral at the beginning, she doesn't do much than get fucked in the pussy. She takes the cumshot on her chin. The entire scene is nothing too exciting. I have definitely seen worse. It isn't abusive, mean, or starring ugly people. It is just boring.

The scene with Venus is a little more interesting. The guys pretend to pick her up at the beach. This gorgeous brunette looks awesome at the beach. She even flashes the camera a little while at a public beach. It is little stuff like this that adds personality to a scene. She has nice titties, and she sucks a mean dick. The personal attention she receives from the crew seems to show through in the scene. I think this goes to show that a little more heat and creativity really pays off. There is a little anal, and the cumshot splatters her large nipples. This scene was a lot better than the previous two.

The last scene is with a good looking girl as well, but again it is very boring. I don't know what to say folks, but somebody needs to add some energy to this film. No wonder there was no director listed. The end comes with no credits.

This movie doesn't deliver a lot of bang for the buyer's buck. There are only 4 scenes, and there isn't much heat between the performers.


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