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Title: D.O.A.   
Reviewer: Ska  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C-
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


MOVIE TYPE: Plot themed
2 Hours 18 minutes
Extreme Associates
DIRECTOR: Lizzy Borden
THEMES: Celebrities, Suicides
CONDOMS: None Noted
Date of Release: 10/05
Date of Production: 9/15/05
STARS: Paris Gables, Timber, Alias, Chris Justice, and Trent Tesoro


The name D.O.A. is an appropriate name for this DVD as it fits. I was really looking forward to a disc that features 6 scenes with the very lovely Heather Gables. For some reason she now goes by the name of Paris Gables, but that is beside the point. This disc is a complete waste of time, Paris Gables not withstanding. In addition, the front cover of the disc shows Paris' pretty face covered with cum. The photo is complete doctored, as there are no scenes on the disc showing Paris with that much cum on her face.

Scene 1: The feature starts out with Paris driving in a warehouse complex. She stops to pick up a hitchhiker. When the hitchhiker asks what she is doing, she replies that she is "driving around picking up boys," and some more really lame porn dialogue. Paris' top is pulled down to reveal her spectacular little tits and she plays with them a little. She then starts to give the guy a blowjob. In a departure from her normal face fucking blowjob style, Paris mainly concentrates on the head of the guy's cock, both with her mouth and her hand. She is gives the camera plenty of eye contact as she alternates between the cock head and the guy's balls. Paris then delivers an extended hand job/double foot job on the guy's cock. Finally the guy comes on her feet and she brings one up to her mouth and licks her toes clean. She then puts on a pair of shoes and walks around outside of the vehicle for a bit. This whole scene is shot P.O.V. style.

After bidding the hitchhiker farewell, Paris gets back into her vehicle and drives into a garage. She shuts the garage door, gets out, grabs a garden hose and sticks it into the exhaust pipe. She runs the other end into the driver side, rolls up the window, breathes heavily for a few minutes and then dies of self inflicted carbon monoxide poisoning. The scene finally ends with Lizzy Borden complaining that there was something missing from the suicide. We are also forced to watch Rob Black does a stupid dance for a brief moment. Why? I don't know, other than he was one of the camera operators. Total scene running time: 25 minutes.

Scene 2: This scene starts off with Paris looking like the more mainstream Paris and a gay looking dude who claims to be the Lizard King. Gay Dude ties off and shoots up while Paris snorts some lines off of a mirror. Gay Dude rips Paris' stockings, exposing her ass and then snorts a line off of said ass. A clear glass butt plug is placed into her ass and the dude shines a flashlight into the plug. The plug is removed and it finds its way into Paris' mouth. Next we have a ponytail butt plug in her ass, while Paris chokes and slaps herself in the face. With that, we quickly move into a combo blowjob /throat fucking scene complete with gagging, face slapping, spitting, and plenty of drool. Lots of eye contact with the camera. The plug comes out of her ass and she sucks it clean. Paris then climbs onto the dude's cock in reverse cowgirl. This position is great as it shows off Paris' tanned body, small tits and pussy. We also get some tit slapping and choking in this scene. Cut to spoon anal with several breaks for some ATM. Next we have some self-induced ass slapping with Paris in doggy, while the dude pushes Paris' head to the floor with his foot. We then move into cowgirl anal with several ATM breaks. A quick cut and we are in pile driver anal. While getting fucked in the ass, Paris has lit candles sticking out of her mouth and pussy. A butt plug then finds it way from her ass to mouth for a quick clean off. The dude then delivers a very weak batch of baby batter to her face and mouth. Paris does a little oral clean up. We then cut to the dude putting a leather belt around Paris' throat. The belt is tightened as Paris cries "harder, harder, harder!" She then dies and once again Lizzy comes into view complaining about something missing from the death scene. Total scene running time: 29 minutes.

Scene 3: This scene is a solo masturbation scene that starts out with Paris in ponytails and two red dots on her face like a clown. Staring into the camera, Paris asks, "if we want to watch her fuck herself?" Duh! The camera pulls back a little showing Paris' tight body. She grabs a fly swatter and starts beating herself with it. She sticks a butt plug in her ass for a bit and then gives the camera a little ATM. She flips over into doggy style and starts to rub her pussy a little with the plug still in her ass. She flips over again to face the camera. Once again we are treated to an awesome view of her tight body. With the plug still in her ass, she starts fucking her pussy with another dildo with breaks throw in for some PTM clean off. We cut to Paris hanging upside down off of the sofa, and her sticking a foot long anal bead style dildo down her throat. She starts fucking her throat and gagging with the beads, taking time our for her to allow some spit and drool to run all over her face, nose and eyes. The camera starts to move away and she tells the cameraman to "bring the camera back." The camera pans in and we see Paris forcing the beads further down her throat. Still hanging upside down, Paris gags up a slew of greenish brown bile that runs down her face. We cut to Paris in pile driver dildoing herself with some PTM clean off. Still in pile driver, she then DPs herself with a butt plug. Some ATM clean off of the plug and then there is a cut to a shot of Paris sitting on the sofa with her fingers in her pussy and the others rubbing her clit. She squirts for the camera onto some plastic. We then cut to Paris with a white rope noose around her neck and her standing on a ladder. She falls forward in a lynching motion and we see her twisting in the wind for at least thirty seconds. A separate shot shows her feet dangling in the air and then we cut back to just an upper body of her hanging. Again we then have Lizzy complaining to the camera and that something is still missing. Total scene running time: 15 minutes.

Scene 4: Paris looks at the camera and declares, "I'm here to suck some cock!" 5 gay looking dudes enter the room and Paris is quickly on her knees bobbing from cock to cock. This scene is a blow bang that consists of Paris gagging/throat fucking cocks one at a time, spitting on the cocks, and drooling on her tits. At one point, 2 of the guys slap their cocks on each of her cheeks for a brief moment, but that is a close as we get to any double cock sucking in this scene. Around the circle Paris goes sucking cocks. She manages to keep her free hand busy, providing a hand to a stray cock. One dude is constantly in the background jerking off. We cut to Paris' head hanging over the edge of the couch, and we are treated to some upside down throat fucking with Paris making constant eye contact with the camera. At this point, we really start to get a lot of man ass shots, thus keeping with the gay theme. Next we have a make up smeared Paris on her knees and the guys jerking off for the big finale. The first shot is a weak pop to the face, the second pop shoots all over her face; the third pop is primarily onto Paris' tongue. Finally she has something to work with and mugs for the camera a bit, she then swallows. The fourth shot is another weak one that lands on her face and tongue. Paris gargles the small amount of penis pudding that landed in her mouth and then swallows. The fifth pop is a small load that lands in her mouth giving her the chance to mug some more for the camera before swallowing and exclaiming that it, "tastes good!" No suicide at the end of this scene. Total scene running time: 15 minutes.

Scene 5: This scene starts out with Paris staring into a mirror say, "Marilyn, when are you going to fucking learn?" She takes some pills, says, "John is never going to come" and chases the pills with a drink. Another gay looking guy comes into the room, but we can presume that he is the president. His pants are quickly pulled down, Marilyn starts kissing his cock through his tighty whities and says, "I want it in my mouth!" She starts giving him head, with the usual throat fucking/gagging noises and motions. We also get lots of eye contact with the camera as Marilyn alternates blowing him and jerking him off. We move into pussy eating by the President, and then we quickly cut to a close-up of Marilyn's pussy on the President's cock in reverse cowgirl. This view is shot from below, so we tend to get several tight ball shots. Marilyn climbs off long enough for some PTM clean up, ball licking and spitting before more RCG. Marilyn then says, " Come on Mr. President, stick it in my asshole!" Words I'm sure the real Marilyn never whispered to the President. Anyway, we then see them Marilyn's brown eye getting plundered in a sideways position. The usual choking and ass slipping is present before they move into doggy anal. Marilyn slaps her pussy a bit while getting ass fucked. We then move into a pussy pile driver, shift to a cowgirl with lots of close ups on Marilyn's brown eye. The shot was a little tight on the President's balls, but giving the quality of males in this feature, I'm really not surprised. Finally, we are gearing up for the pop shot as Marilyn is lying down and the President is stroking his cock right next to her left cheek. The President sends a volley of cum across Marilyn's lips and cheeks. Marilyn looks at the camera, licks her lips and does a little post head clean up. We then have a lame dialogue exchange between the two on how there is pressing gov't work that needs to be completed, etc. By this time Marilyn is distraught and begs the President to stay. He pushes her to the floor and leaves. Marilyn then looks at the camera, grabs a script bottle and swallows a mouthful of pills. We then cut to a shot of Marilyn lying on the floor, lifeless, eyes open and foaming at the mouth. Lezzy then enters the room and once again complains about something missing from the death scene. As the scene ends, Paris kneels and licks up all of the foam and pills that are puddling on the floor. She mugs for the camera a little as the shot fades. Total scene running time: 25 minutes.

Scene 6: This scene opens with Paris and another chick that I assume is Timber doing a 2 on 1 blowjob to another gay looking guy. We can assume the guy to be a prisoner as he is blindfolded and has an inmate number scrawled across his bare chest. Most of the blowjob is shot is such a way that the girl's hair is completely obscuring the view. At on point, the girls actually hold the other's hair so we can actually see some mouth/cock contact. But for the most part, the view is always blocked by hair. Timber continues to give the guy head while Paris plays with her tits. This is the only real girl/girl play in the whole scene. Timber then climbs on in RCG, while Paris chokes and slaps her a little. When also get Paris doing a little PTOGM. For some reason, Paris then just vanishes from the scene. Personally, I can see why and don't blame her in the least. Timber is fluff girl caliber talent. She is not attractive at all, flabby, stretch marks on her tits; her pussy is covered with stubble and zits. This girl should not be in front of the camera. Back to the action as Timber rides the guy in CG. We then alternate back and forth between missionary and PTM clean off. Finally, Timber takes a weak pop shot to the face with some landing in her mouth. Timber smiles for the camera exposing her missing teeth. We then cut to Paris in the bathroom screaming about the girl sleeping with her boyfriend. She runs the bathwater, climbs in, grabs a disposable razor and starts pressing it against her wrists. Blood then appears all over Paris' wrists and in the water. Paris then starts crying and smearing her blood on the shower walls. She lays back into the water and slips under the water. Once again she is dead. Total scene running time: 27 minutes.

Overall opinion.

Avoid this disc at all costs. Do not even use a free rental to check this out. The best thing about this feature is that we have Paris/Heather Gables in 6 scenes. Some of the camera work really shows off her nice tight body, but a lot of the shots are really lacking. Quality of male talent is also lacking, as are the pop shots. Other than Paris/Heather, there are no redeeming qualities here.

BTS: 9 minutes 10 seconds
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