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Title: Windsong  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


I''m the sort of girl who appreciates the artistry of Zalman King and his "Red Shoe Diaries" as much as I get into, say, Alex Sanders'' "Bodyslammin" gonzo stuff. I like effects, I like style, I like my smut to occasionally be a little other-worldly. So at first there seemed to be much to offer in "Windsong," basically just a series of fuck vignettes with cool sets, fun costumes and some fine looking babes. Even the girl-girl scene, involving blonde bombshells Kay London and Joelani and a tasty, thick dildo, looked appealing in the photo gallery. What a letdown, then, to find most of this sex rote and often dull. Titanic titted Zoe starts it off with a lazy boffing of Earl Slate, who only gets worked up when he invades Zoe''s ass in a sexy doggy maneuver. I liked the cum shot (messy and all over her pussy) but the earlier action was so lukewarm I wanted to fast-forward to it. The second scene -- or chapter, as director Simon Poe calls them -- is better, with tiger bitch Kendra Jade taking on beefy studs Tom Chapman and John Strong. She certainly knows how to work her body in two directions at once, and when she positions herself for a double-penetration, she pulls it off like a champ. And the cumshot, a big load to her face and tits, is notable; it made me thirsty for a taste. But then the flick just sort of falls apart. Super-hot, super-curvy Delilah Page makes a good slave in a torture-chamber scene with Sierra Knight and Evan Stone, but I was distracted by the ineptitude of the set-up. What mistress, for instance, ties HERSELF up and then orders her servants to feed on her. Hello? Doesn''t work like that guys, though the nipple clamps (on Evan, go figure) and other bric-a-brac is enticing. I liked watching Delilah work her magic on Evan''s stiff prick, and even Sierra can take it hard up the ass. But it just failed to ignite me as much as I thought it would. Ditto the girl-girl, which is also in a longer, uncut and altogether boring version on a separate angle, and the final banging involving odd-looking Houston and old-as-the-hills-and-looking-it Herschel Savage, who still knows how to work his rod on some slut''s twat but who just doesn''t appeal to me anymore. The cum shot is fine, a splash to her pussy, but Houston just seems pretty vacant throughout the scene; only some special effects and some loving shots of her ass make up for it. In all, a fairly dreary collection of scenes that should have scorched my TV screen. Even the one scene that got me interested, Kendra''s, was a bit silly, come to think of it, what with all that tiger makeup streaking down her body. (Just not my thing, guys; sorry.) Oh well, here''s hoping Simon Poe, a director who certainly has talent, fine-tunes his approach -- he''s got the slinky, slo-mo, soft stuff; now he just needs to mix it with some action that''s worth watching. Oh, and some stars worth looking at too.  

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