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Title: Pussyman #1 - The Search  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Is there a more consistently satisfying series around than David Christopher''s "Pussyman" line? Every tape I''ve seen has left me well past horny, and every one typically comes with the sorts of things I love -- beautiful women with hot pussies, cute guys with awesome cocks, great cumshots, lots of doggy, some anal, and some girl-girl that doesn''t bore me. So it''s a delight to start over with the series on DVD, going all the way back to the first installment, when Christopher was still employing the Sam Snatch private investigator, played by Tom Byron, as a man in search of the best pussy in the world. Of course, before we can send Mr. Snatch on his merry way, the lads have to come up with the idea in the first place -- and here, they do, with slinky help from sexy-ass Summer Knights, a super-hot brunette who slithers atop their desk, exposes her clit-clamped pussy and gives the guys a sultry free show in white lace and crotchless panties. There''s some hot finger-banging and a great bit where Summer takes Christopher''s glasses and rubs them into her wet, wet twat, and when she gets up on all fours, look out, she means business. Summer knows Snatch, and calls him up with the job -- hunt down primo pussy, man. He accepts, naturally, and is off to visit Porsche Lynn, who is just fucking incredible in her scene with Steve Drake, tauting and teasing him with fantastic dirty talk and some solo pussy play. Snatch shows up to examine the scene in detail just as Porsche pulls out a black rubbery dildo, which Drake gladly pushes into her furhole, with the other end shoved up her ass! By the time she has switched that to a standard butt plug, she''s begging for Drake''s dong, and he happily feeds to her in a wet blowjob. There is some great doggy action here and some fine missionary slamming with Drake pushing Porsche''s tits into her mouth for a sucking, and it all ends in a sexy splash across her face. (Although why, after all that butt play, she doesn''t take him up the ass I''ll never know.) Snatch''s next stop is my favorite, as he pays a visit to the gorgeous Lili Xene getting dominant with Joey Silvera, who can play a submissive boy better than anyone. Lili, for those who have yet to enjoy her goods, is like the slutty alter-ego of Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, with bigger hips, bigger tits, better legs, a nasty but nice disposition, and a voracious appetite for all things fucking. Here, with Lili in a black leather bodice and amazing black nylons and heels, she is downright super-hot, and it''s no wonder Joey is begging to do whatever he can to her. (Hell, I would too.) She gets all variety of positions down perfect -- bent over with Joey''s tongue exploring her asshole, while she dirty-talks him and dominates him; face-sitting, commanding Joey to eat her pussy, then commanding him to take her from behind; and the best, insisting her pull her hair as he fucks he harder and harder. About halfway through -- and believe me, that''s all this scene needs, just these two going at it -- Byron shows up to watch ... and eventually get serviced by equally sexy Lacy Rose, who goes to work on his tasty tool quick fast in a hurry, while Byron watches Lili take Joey deep into her snatch. Soon Lacy is riding him reverse cowgirl style, so they can both watch the Lili-Joey fun, and just about when Byron pulls out and shoots his load on Lacy''s pussy, Joey erupts in a seismic blast on Lili''s face. A near-perfect fuck. The sole girl-girl scene here (a trademark of later "Pussyman" episodes) has amazonian Bionca and adorable Rebecca Bardoux (another favorite) in a bathtub, getting wet, getting wild and getting fixated on pleasing their asses. There is some fantastic rimming here, as well as a bit of Ben Wa ball play that is so erotic in its anticipation. Once Bionca straps on a big black dildo, you know exactly where it''s going -- that''s right, Rebecca''s tight ass. (This girl loves the anal fun, doesn''t she?) Overall, a better-than-average girl-girl scene. Leanna Foxx, an utter doll with amazing tits, is up next to service Drake and Mark Wallice. Leanna is gorgeous, and my only complaint with this scene is that it doesn''t go far enough. There is some excellent cocksucking and Leanna knows how to take it from behind, but it ends too soon, with Wallice cumming in her mouth as Drake pulls out to shoot on her ass. I''m not against the scene one bit -- just Leanna nude is worth seeing -- but I wish there were a bit more to offer. As it is, the next scene, all teasing and tawdry posing, more than makes up for it. Typically, I don''t go for the tall, lanky vixens, but with Melanie Moore, I make a huge exception. She is absolutely stunning, pure class and with the sexiest face I can imagine. She has invited Sam (Byron) over to discuss some pussy possibilities that she has discovered -- some supposed "new" talent that gets exposed in "Pussyman 2." They tease each other for a long time, while Melanie toys with her twat and spreads her heavenly legs as far as they''ll go. I was downright wet, and the guy I watched this with was hard as a rock (definitely as hard as he was during the Lili scene, which had him stroking). They finally go at it, with Byron slamming Mel hard from behind before cumming on her ass. A fine finale to the proceedings. And what happens next? You just have to keep working your way through the series. It''s worth it. I guarantee it.  

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