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Title: Manstars 5: Janos Volt  
Reviewer: Danny Boy  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: n/a
A/V Quality: n/a


Private Manstars 5: Janos Volt
72 Mins.
THEMES: Massages
STARS: Janos Volt


Get to know your Private gay stars intimately. OK that sounds good to me. Give Janos my number.

Scene 1: Janos & 2 boys in the sauna

Steamy action with Janos sucking on two very yummy young guys. He is quite a bit more handsome and buff than either of them, but all three guys have nice cocks and Janos is in the center of a really dick sandwich. They fuck his tight butt and cum on his body after he gets himself off.

Scene 2: Janos & Black Kasala

Kasala isn't black at all, but he is a good kisser. The boys share an intimate moment of locked lips before exchanging blowjobs. Our hunky jock has quite the mouth on him and bends his handsome boy toy over for deep riding. Kasala is kind enough to pull his cock and balls aside to let Janos bang him in the butt. The pretty boy takes it like a model bottom and gets hosed down for his efforts. They even kiss when they are finished.

Scene 3: Janos & 2 boys by the pool

Two guys are by the pool as Janos swims. One of them has some awesome abs and he goes down on the rougher looking stud. All three of them are busy with a little BJ triangle with another guy watching the action. The tattooed boy blows both Janos and the buff boy paying special attention to their balls. I don't know how the guy watching can help but jump right in there and get a taste of all that tasty dick, but somehow he stays away while the guys do exploring anally. The buff dude takes it well, but is soft and small even when he is pumping a beautiful cock. In fact all of the anal action leaves the bottoms limp and that is a bit of a turn off. They get hard enough to shoot on each other, but I would still rather see these guys a bit more pumped up.

Scene 4: Janos & Deny

These two hot boys start out with a massage, but Deny is much more interested in sucking than rubbing. Sucking makes Deny hard so Janos opens his mouth and they engage in 69. Janos wants his massage to include his prostate so he bends over to let Deny drill him deep. Studly man that he is, Janos works his ass all the way to the base. Janos does a lot of jerking off as Deny fucks then creams his dreamy body.

Scene 5: Janos & three guys
Unfortunately this final scene and all of the bonus material doesn't work on my disc. I tried to find a rental copy at the video store, but they didn't have it. Other reviews describe the final scene so I can only assume I just got a bad disc.

European guys Janos are hot and I have yet to see a Manstar movie that I didn't like. The sex is good, the guys are hot, but is it too much to ask to see some guys who love it in the ass enough to stay as rock hard as they are getting nailed?  


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