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Title: Pussyman #2 - The Prize  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


So did you watch "Pussyman 1" and wonder, "What the hell is Tiffany Mynx doing in the opening credits when she''s not in the flick?" I thought the same thing, but then, it dawned on me that Episodes 1 and 2 and probably been shot at the same time, and Tiff just happened to get shuffled into the second installment. As it is, this one picks up right where the first one left off -- and kudos to director David Christopher and company for giving us a recap of the first episode, complete with cumshots and closeups (though not nearly enough of Lili Xene for my tastes). Where "Pussyman 1" left off is with private investigator Sam Snatch (Tom Byron) meeting up with talent madam Melanie Moore (god, she''s beautiful) about finding some more pussy candidates. (You''ll recall, the goal of this fictionial series is to find the best pussy in the world.) Melanie clains she has all the best pussies, and in an opening stairway scene, something that will become a trademark of later "Pussyman" installments, it''s hard to argue with her, as we see Tiff, Bionca, Lynn Lemay and the sultry (and not so grating this time) Madison playing with their pussies solo -- clamping their clits and fingering their boxes. This time, Snatch''s adventures take him through Melanie''s mansion, a great conceit that has him stumbling into situations in every room -- just one big House of Sex! His first encounter is in the backyard, however, where Tiffany, looking stunning in black nylons and thong panties, is about to get busy with cute and furry Steve Drake. The undressing alone in this scene is intensely hot, and Tiff has a body to kill for, all curves and porcelain skin and sexy but smart smiles. (If we''re keeping score, right now in the series it''s a three-way tie for first, with Tiff, Melanie Moore and Lili Xene from the first one leading the pack.) Once she''s totally nude (and Drake is too with his thick cock waiting to be attacked), they go at it 69 style, with Byron egging them on, including spanking Tiff''s cute ass (mmmmm). Strangely, there''s no fuck involved here, just the oral fun, with Drake cumming on Tiff''s chin. It''s hot, damn hot, but I wouldn''t have minded seeing Tiff take that cock deep inside her. Meanwhile, back in the house, Madison, Bionca and Natasha are ready to entertain themselves, dick or no dick. Madison starts by peeling off her clothes to reveal that tight body she has, getting annoying quick but staying cute. Soon all three are chomping on muff and slapping each other with a big black dildo, when Byron steps in to join the fray. He lines them up on all fours for inspection, and though Bionca''s got the legs and Natasha''s got the face, Madison beats them overall, despite her irritating demeanor. From there it''s a full-on melee of flesh, with each of the girls feasting on pussy when not being stuffed full of dick. It''s a good scene -- quite good, actually, and you''ve gotta love Byron''s willingness to have anything done to him, esepecially letting these girls play with his asshole, one of my favorite things to do. Blondie Brandy is up next, found fingering herself on the stairs. Snatch passes by her, though, leaving her to old-man Randy West to fuck. He eats her vigorously and then she returns the favor with a loving, drippy blowjob that ends in a plentiful facial, but overall the scene seems just thrown in. It''s really the first moment in the series that doesn''t work completely. Suddenly, the focus shifts to a stark black room (where in the mansion is it? who knows?) where hot mama Lynn Lemay is preparing to take a double-dicking from Mark Wallice and Steve Drake. You could complain about the sudden editing, but then Christopher isn''t going for professional excellence in his camera work or his storytelling; he just wants to offer great sex -- and God love him for that! Lynn, looking bookishly boffable in glasses and white nylons and a great big suckable pussy. The whole scene is bathed in bright light, which emphasizes Lynn''s paleness, and I found that sexy (others may not). Lynn''s tits may be a bit too big (fake big, not naturally Christy Canyon big) but that''s OK because her fuck skills are impressive, and the spanking her tits take from those two stiff cocks was enough to get me moistening my panties. The fucking is good, the cumshots -- a double-dose to her face and tits -- is better. A fine scene. Summer Knights, the impetus from the first "Pussyman" to start this hunt in the first place, turns up contemplating why she isn''t in consideration, then decides to finger herself in excitement about the possibility of being on the "Pussyman" list. Naturally, she''s discovered by statuesque Melanie, who quickly goes to work eating her as Byron and others watch. It''s inevitable that a two-headed dildo emerge and then get submerged in both of their tasty quims, but the whole scene was unexpectedly hot, as a girl-girl scene must be for me to reccommend it. Maybe it''s because it has Melanie Moore, and just checking out her legs is luscious enough. But it got me excited, that''s all I can say. Overall, this one isn''t quite as teasing or as well-paced as the first, and there are some jarring errors (no Tiff fuck, the Brandy oral scene). But believe me, it''s a far cry from some of the other dreck out there. And if you think this series is about to run out of gas, you''re nuts. The next volumes only get hotter and hotter (and nastier).  

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