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Title: Dr. She-Male  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Well, I tried. No one can say I didn''t try. And I''m sure I''ll try again someday. I just hope it''s better than this. I sat down with this he-she thing a few weeks ago with a male friend of mine who said going into it that he thought it might turn him on. We figured we''d start with open minds about chicks-with-dicks -- and we''re not talking transvestites here; that''s might have been a totally different story. Rather, "Dr. She-Male" is exactly what it''s title implies: a story set in a hospital wherein all the doctors and nurses are horny transsexuals and all the patients and orderlies are guys just dying for a taste of dick, so long as a pair of fake tits are attached. Now, I know some guys just really get into this shit, and I''m not trying to be insensitive to them. There''s not a damn thing wrong with wanting both sexes, so naturally wanting them in the same package makes sense. But it just doesn''t physically work. Most transsexuals I''ve ever seen on tape -- the three here, Olivia Love, Allenina and Lillienne Li most definitely included -- look like freaks of nature. They don''t seem feminine enough in certain ways, or masculine enough in other ways. On the one hand they can never hide their Adam''s apples, so they still look like men; on the other, the estrogen shots they''ve been getting have all but wilted their dicks, so they don''t have much to offer but scrawny, shriveled cocks in that department. And their tits are fake, obviously. Too fake. Still, I tried. I sat through all of it, starting with Allenina''s fun with Paul Morgan who thinks he needs surgery on his abdomen. All he really needs is some cock in his mouth and a nice warm asshole to rest his tongue in, and Allenina offers both gladly. The sex is mechanical (and that''s saying a lot for porn) and the physical strain of transsexuals makes their dicks constantly soft and limp, which was a turn off for both me and my male companion. Granted, some of the positions are interesting, and the idea that they can both fuck each other is cool. But nothing really comes of it -- literally. The cumshot is puny, onto the dicked-doc''s dick, if that makes sense, and perhaps to establish these he-she''s as ladies more than men, they never cum, which is annoying. Isn''t part of the appeal of transsexuals that you can fuck them but they can also fuck you and cum on you? Best of both worlds, right? Not here, anyway. Scene two has nurse Lillienne, who obviously was once an ugly Asian boy now transformed into a spooky, ugly Asian girl, taking on an oderly in the back of an ambulance. Lillienne is just horrid; he/she may be able to suck cock, but his/her pocked face is too disgusting to look at. Not even a mouthful of cum, as this one ends, can improve things. The final scene involves blonde he-she Olivia Love, who is marginally more attractive than the others but still too manly and freaky for either of our tastes. She gets inspected while sleeping, then awakens to find not one but two guys horny for her throbbing tool. The tag-teaming is OK, and the cocksucking is almost bearable, while the three-way positions are interesting to say the least. And bravo to the nurse he-she for taking two loads of cum on his-her face. But it just struck us as odd. I didn''t find anyone attractive, let alone sexy, and though my male friend was slightly turned on at the prospect of sex with a transsexual, he certainly wanted something better to look at. Bascially, he (like most men, I''m guessing) wants a total babe who is soft and feminine to have a massive cock to slam them with. Ain''t gonna happen, my friend. The best I could do to help him out was strap on a dildo and nail his pretty ass. It worked, sure, and he loved every minute of it, but it just wasn''t his dream come true. Oh well.  

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