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Title: Seriously Anal  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


The title alone gets me aroused: Anal, anal and more anal. Just the way I like it, and like to see it. Ona Zee, that classy broad, bring us this compilation of anal scenes, not all of which are good -- one or two are close to clunker status -- but which at least have some good ass-dicking to reccommend. Things start off with a Max Hardcore scene, and though I don''t favor everything nasty Max does (put away the speculums already, you fucking freak, and stop treating every woman like she''s 13), I can appreciate his need to slam some ass as hard as he can, even if his positions are more interesting than his pud. Candi Cash is his young victim and she''s of course made to play at being younger than she really is, sucking on a lollipop before Max has her use it on her pussy and his ass. (Hey, I''m all for male ass play, and Candi licks him good, but the sucker? Seems too sticky a proposition, if you ask me.) Candi is cute, but way too skinny for my tastes, and when she''s bent over Max''s lap for a fingering you can see just how skinny she really is. Still, she offers up some decent doggy action and a reverse-cowgirl riding she should be proud of. The cumshot is miniscule, which is odd for Max, but the anal work that precedes it isn''t half-bad. Far better is an outing between cutie-pie (at least here) Kim Kataine and Shawn Ricks, who can''t wait to lick her ass and have the favor returned. Kim, who isn''t always so heavenly to look at, here is damn attractive, her face cute as a button and her hot legs and tight ass worth gazine out for some time. And she''s quite into this scene, especially once that dick is stuffed up her bunghole so she can ride it ride it ride it! After some missionary anal, some deep missionary anal at that, I''d say, Shawn pulls out for a coating of Kim''s tits and lovely face. Crystal Gold, done up in a French maid''s outfit, is up next, found feeding her silky snatch to Tony Montana, who just can''t get enough of it. Crystal is a doll; if only she hadn''t gotten such enormous implants. (You read me enough, you come to know that I''m no fan of fake tits. Some are OK, some are even incredible, but mostly I want the real deal. That''s what I have, after all. I''d like to imagine the same when I watch smut.) Still, Crystal is a fine fuck, and experimental too, smashing fruit cup onto her belly and letting it drip down her pussy for Tony to eat up. (Apparently he likes pineapple best.) The doggy action here is fantastic, as Crystal makes up in legs what she overcompensates for in tits, and the anal work is complemented by some nice vibrator shots in her pussy. Overall, a fine scene. Ona Zee herself is seen briefly setting up the next scene -- what, we couldn''t get an anal scene with Ona, the woman who so loves to take it up the butt in flick after flick? Instead, it''s porn slut supreme Kaitlyn Ashley''s time to turn up the heat, and boy does she ever! Taking on Jon Dough and Jay Ashley with wild abandon, Kaitlyn the Super-Whore (a role that doesn''t always appear in every flick she makes) is in perfect form here, getting semi-tortured by Dough (who pins her arms behind her back) and getting thoroughly probed by Jay, who quickly goes to work on her ass. There''s an expectedly intense double-penetration here, and some tasty facials that this horny babe wouldn''t mind taking part in. When faced with two cocks, Kaitlyn rarely disappoints, and here she''s at the top of her game. Davia Ardell closes out the tape in a slamming of cutie Alex Sanders poolside. The platinum blonde starts out slowly, savoring her blowjob (and why not?) and feeling every inch of the fingering Alex is giving her in long, loving strokes. But soon, she needs more and she needs it fast and hard, and she''s loving every minute of it by the time Alex is slamming his rod into her ass while she''s flat on her back. It''s a fairly hot scene, closing with a cumshot across Davia''s tongue and chin. Is it a great compilation? Not exactly, and if it were, it would need to be longer. But it''s hardly a slouch in the anal-sex-and-nothing-else department. A slight, but certainly enjoyable, bit of fun.  

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