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Title: Fill Me In 2  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: C+


Fill Me in #2


Mins. 125


DIRECTOR: Ron Hightower

THEMES: Internal Cumshots



STARS: Saana, Princyany, Gabriella Asstryd, Hillary Scott, Michelle Lay and Lorrayne. These 6 cum dumpsters like their cracks filled in with that hot and tasty good stuff... yummmm!
Reviewed by: Kid Cocky

Scene On: Saana. Saana is an interesting looking blonde. You could tell that if she wasn't so young that she would be a little hefty. She also has tiny little tits. She probably wouldn't be so good looking if she didn't have platinum blonde hair. Fortunately for us she is blonde, not too overweight, and has young perky tits, so I wouldn't mind fucking her. She spends a good five minutes playing her cooter before she is introduced to the cock. Saana has a weird prison tattoo on her belly. Maybe she spent a little time in prison before being face fucked in this movie. Speaking of face fucking, Saana spends a good five minutes with a cock down her throat. I am sure those were the best five minutes of her week. It's interesting, but Saana leaves a strip of clothes covering her belly for the entire scene. I guess that even she knows that she is has an ugly tattoo. The cumshot, like all in this movie, is an internal vaginal creampie.
Scene Two: Mariane. Marianne is a good looking black girl. She has long curly hair, and no short curly hairs. She has big hoop ear rings and a naval ring. The dude is an average sized white guy. He pounds her pretty good, leaving no hole un-entered. He also seems to have no problem fucking her ass and then poking her pussy. For those of you who have never gone back and forth from ass to pussy... it is an incredible feeling. Much like the feeling from going from one girl to a different girl's pussy.
Scene Three: Lorayne. Lorayne has an amazing tan ass. She has great dark hair, and she is an energetic Hispanic fuck. The only problem is that she looks like she may have once been a man. I swear she has the biggest clit that I have ever seen. It looks like it has foreskin and a head. She also has massive man hands and big arms. I don't know, maybe she is a hermaphrodite. She definitely has a pussy. She has tits... but I just can't get into her after seeing her giant man-clit.
Scene Four: Hillary. In clothes Hillary is just plain fucking hot. She is the kind of girl I would give my left nut to fuck. The camera goes to black and white to see her strip. Why did they go to black and white? I want to see Hillary in color. She is gorgeous. The problem is that she has saggy tits. I don't care though. She is still fucking hot. She sucks a mean dick too. She also has bad hemorrhoids. Oh well, that just means that she takes it in the ass. She doesn't in this scene though. She does take the money shot in the pussy... which is all good.
Scene Five: Princyany. This chick is a cute girl. She is Hispanic, and she has a tight body. She spends a good amount of her time getting her ass fucked. I have to comment that this girl has beautiful skin and great hair. If you like Mexican chicks, this girl is for you. She is really hot. She spends most of the scene doing anal, and her facial expressions show that she isn't enjoying it. She even swats at this beau a few times. You name an anal position, and she takes it. She takes the cumshot in the ass.

Scene Six: Michelle. Michelle is a cute brunette. She has long strait hair and she is tall and thin. She spends a good amount of time showing us her pussy, before he is introduced to a cock. She gives the guy a full body massage, with lotion and everything, then she slowly works to his cock. I don't know why, but that shit works in real life. If you can convince a girl to let you give her a bidy massage, or her give you a massage, then I can guarantee that she will be on your cock before the end of the night. There is just something about rubbing a girl's back that turns their pussy on to moist. Anyway, Michelle has a decent amount of heat in this all vaginal scene.   


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