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Title: Ultimate Asses 4  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Ultimate Asses #4


128 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: Michael Stefano

THEMES: D.P., big asses



STARS: Teagan, Noemi, Liliane Tiger, Rayn, Chiquita Lopez, John Strong, Michael Stefano, Steve Holmes, Toni Ribas, Erik Everhard

Reviewed by: Mars

It's usually a safe bet that Michael Stefano is going to direct in a forthright and intense manner. Not to wear out an old pun but he really throws himself into his work. Between jumping into the action and collecting a cast of lovely women, Stefano brings an intensity that would be hard to fake for the length of time he sustains it. This serves him well and I hope he doesn't start just phoning it in. Ultimate Asses #4 is no different. Good performers, good action, and it delivers everything the back-of-the-box photos promise.
And with the first scene we get just about as good as can be offered with the very young and enthusiastic Teagan. Holy crap, this 19 year old has a filthy mouth, a bumping ass and sexy pumping through her tight body. The little-girl voice nearly threw me, dipped my expectations, but as soon as the dicking really starts she transforms into a pounding, moaning dervish who could strip paint with the heat coming from those big, doe-eyes. She makes excellent sex faces and noises through the initial run of positions and we get good views from the camera. It gets to the anal and she's all-in, spreading the cheeks and bouncing on that rod. Legs and ass, face and toned body, Teagen is a nice package and Stefano opens her wide.
Noemi is a raven haired Euro-beauty with a wonderfully big ass and legs that go from the ground to about her shoulders. After the ubiquitous solo bump and grind she jumps in bed with three cock-jocks for BJs and ass worship. There's almost immediate D.P. action with some o.k. views. Gotta admire her staying power as the trio of dicks swap out of her holes. This may be fun for them but it just doesn't mean much to the viewer. Since we don't see their faces it's just one long, continuous D.P. It's the same when she stays planted on her knees for a round-robin of doggy-style butt stuffing. The camera doesn't do anything different, we just see the backs of some male knees as they shuffle back and forth to dip into her. Still, Noemi's takes it well before taking the pop shots on her shiny ass. Energetic scene, but not enough variety of angles or positions.
Liliane Tiger is a quiet storm. Not the finest ass on the disc but it's fine nonetheless and well suited to her kicking body. Plus, she's got decent tattoos and nicely pierced pussy lips (hey, I like 'em). After some face sitting and a good look at her fine tits, Liliane hums on her boy's rod and shows she knows how to use her hands and work the balls. Multi-level attack hummer, my kind of girl. They get to some finger banging and sides fucking and Stefano is aggressive, with tit slaps and fast strokes. It works well, and we get a great look at her nice legs. Best of all, he folds her practically in half to get his cock in her ass while she squeezes three fingers in her cunt at the same time. Hot. The second guy shows up and the inevitable D.P. comes into play. And Liliane is blissed out. I don't care if she's acting or not, it looks good. There's some ATM throughout and more anal to top it all off. She's a good performer and makes this scene worth watching.
Rayn is a black girl with a lot of ass-muscle control. After some cheek gymnastics she gets on her knees and lets Stefano play. Rayn starts really slow, unconvincing and seemingly disinterested. Her moans and talk are auto-pilot crap but you can't deny she can suck a mean cock. It gets to the fucking and suddenly Rayn digs deep and remembers her acting classes (or maybe she just likes the sex). The moans and action get good and stay that way while the cock-jock paws her. The second rod man shows up and there's a bit of reverse cowgirl anal (she gasps prettily) before getting to the D.P. , Ryan's first. Guys swap around, which is repetitive again, and there's some decent dirty talk. They get some good views in the cowgirl anal. Rayn really picks it up, her performance completely flip-flops for the better and makes the scene much, much more interesting. The standing D.P. isn't bad either.
Chiquita Lopez struts around in an impracticably short skirt. She's a very cute Latina with a nice ass and good legs. She anchors the disc but is perhaps the least ultimate of the asses. Not to say that she's not good at what she does, but her butt is on the low end of this movie's spectrum. But she moans and talks dirty in Spanish, which is worth my time. Plus Chiquita takes a cock in the mouth deep and gets two guys pounding her D.P. after some wide spread leg anal. Really, it's all about the sexy Spanish talk. Am I repeating myself? She rides on guy cowgirl while the other swaps from her mouth to her ass and back again several times. Pretty hot. More D.P. with decent views ends with a load in her mouth and a swallow.
Overall: A couple of hiccups but for the most part Ultimate Asses #4 is a good time. Nice performers, really good asses, and some all right camera work.
Extras include chapter search, cumshot recap, photo shoot footage, photo gallery, behind the scenes, three previews, director's bio, websites, and bonus footage of all the girls.



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