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Title: Girly Thoughts 3  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Girly Thoughts #3

MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

126 Mins.



THEMES: Journal writing, young women, story



STARS: Courtney Cox, Vanessa Michaels, Megan Jones, Brianna Beach, Keeani Lei, Amber Peach, Alex Sanders, James Deen, Lee Stone, Nick Manning, Chris Cannon, Kyle Stone

Reviewed by: Mars

I've mentioned this before but it bears repeating: plot in porn is a difficult thing. I like it, but there's a balance between too much and too little. The best use, in my opinion, is the vignette format. Some set up at the beginning of a scene that gives a situation and some characterization. Girly Thoughts #3 sticks to this format and it works well. The overarching theme is girls (of indeterminate age, but all young) writing in their journals about sexual experiences/fantasies which we get to see. The result is a bunch of little set ups that work well to give some context to the sex, which makes it hotter. Not that every scene is a barn burner, plot can't make up for mediocre action, but we get some good stuff.
Courtney Cox (not that one) is a skinny blonde with small tits and a journal. She writes about how she and Vanessa Michaels played with each other and then got it on with her mom's boyfriend. See? That's all there really is to the plot but it's already full of sexy taboo. And they back it up with some decent three-way action. The girls give a great tag-team blow job, working shaft and balls as he directs them quietly but intently, which just makes it naughtier. Vanessa has great tits and an eager mouth, she gets the first pony ride while Courtney sits on his face. The girls make out as they ride, and when Vanessa turns to reverse cowgirl Courtney gets down to lick from shaft to clit and back. Very nice move. They swap out a couple times, getting pussy pumped for a time with good interaction between all three. The girls don't get left out if their not on the cock. In fact they keep very attentive to each other. And the camera lets us see them from medium and long angles. Good choices.
Megan Jones and a guy play tag and end up on a couch so they can talk about her daydreams. Which involve, you guessed it, sex. Flash immediately to reverse cowgirl. Megan's a cute brunette, nice breasts, tan, good legs, wide waist. She rides a long time and we get good views but it's not the greatest show on earth. Which pretty much sums up the scene. They move through a few positions and it's all right but not terribly inspiring. There are some good leg bends and the camera does right by us though I won't remember it after a day or so.
Ah, now we get to Brianna Beach. She's my pick for hottest girl on the disc, even though she's not the most classic looker. See her on the street you may think her plain, but in action she's the sexiest woman they've got. And it's a great plot set up, with her as a day-care teacher staying late to get some grown up time with one of the dads. The flirting banter is good and they give decent performances. Brianna gives good head and we get to see her cute body stripped down. As they get into the action it's clear Brianna is giving a good show, hair flying as she rubs her whole body and clit, mouth open, gasps and moans coming fast, it's hot stuff. She looks blissed out as they fuck. Her mobile mouth makes it so sexy as she smiles, ooohhs, grins, pouts, and clenches while she rides. The camera does well and both performers' physicality makes it a great scene.
Keeani Lei wakes from a dream and immediately humps her pillow to relieve the tension. She writes in her dream diary and we see what's been going on in her mind. She BJs wetly with good hands, some gags and drool. The set is decorated with girly things, an example of implying youth without stating it. She gets mouth fucked on her back, head hanging over the edge. Keeani's a cute one, nice bald pussy, small chest and young body. And she gets pounded fiercely doggy style. It gets to anal action and stays there for a couple positions, with her softly dirty talking and then howling like a gibbon at the end. Not bad.
Memphis Monroe writes as she awaits her cop boyfriend. He shows up and frisks her to start things off. She's a good looking blonde with large natural tits and a good set of legs. Her reward is a tongue lashing with fingers. Well done. She reciprocates with a fine blow job, head bobbing as she goes. The mish shows off those good legs but that and the doggy get a bit eh...The reverse cowgirl is ok and the titfucking ends it with a pop shot. Not a bad pairing of talent but it could've been a bit more exciting.
The most taboo set up comes next with Amber Peach, a pouty blonde with a round young face and very nice tits, gives her therapist a letter to read. He reads it as she crawls over to release his cock and drink it down. The scene plays heavily on the older (reluctant) man/younger (slutty) girl archtype and does it well. She's baby fat cute and sucks dick well before giving us a good view of the mish action. Amber's a yeller with nice legs and she gets it in the ass pretty quick and it stays there for the rest of the scene. Which is actually a weakness of the segment. I don't know if I can say this about a porn flick, but the anal action here just seems gratuitous. Like the director said "we need more anal! Mash it all into the last girl!" Amber's cute and I'd like to see her in other stuff. This scene isn't a waste but it could've been more.
Overall: The disc did two things very well. First, set up. The vignette plots were perfectly inserted and just the right length. Second, camera. The angles were great, giving us good long and medium views so we could ogle the girls in all their glory. The strength of the flick was more in the elements surrounding the sex rather than the sex itself which was (Brianna excepted) rather standard. But the plot and camera keep it afloat.
Extras include scene select, behind the scenes (short and fun), photo gallery, solo scenes (for each and every girl), cum shot reel, URLs, and four trailers.


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