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Title: Puritan #9  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Puritan videos, like the magazine itself, can be hit or miss, if you ask me. Maybe you get one or two intense scenes, but then you get a bunch of shit to wade through to get to them. DVD makes that much easier, of course -- don''t like the chick you''re watching, hey, just click to the next chapter. But that doesn''t change the fact that most of the videos are half-good. Still, when they''re good, they''re awfully good -- and fucking charged-up as a horny convict on holiday. There are five scenes in this edition (and why start with No. 9 anyway, guys?), two of which are smoking, one of which is decent, and two of which should be better than they are. The bad news first: Kimi Gee is a truly give-it-all-you-got sort of Asian hussy who never holds back anything in her fucks, and usually will do the strangest things imaginable. Here, she starts off chasing after pool shark Don Fernando by having him rub the 3 ball on her cunt, trying to push it in. It won''t fit, of course -- and Christ, if it did, I think we''d be watching an inadvertent episode of "ER" instead. Rather, the scene soon shifts to a messy blowjob (messy in a bad sense, not in a good sense) and a doggy pounding of Kimi, who is propped up on the pool table. The anal work, once it arrives, isn''t bad, but there''s one fairly gross aspect of it that had me lunging for the fast-forward button -- after Don yanks out his yardstick and shoots his load on her pussy, we watch as Kimi works her sphincter muscles, pushing them practically outside of her ass. Very raw, very red, very rude. No thanks. Ruins the mood. The other dud of a scene (this one directed by Max Hardcore) is the closer, involving chunky but loveable Jezebel and, once again, Don Fernando. Jezebel is a dark-haired Mexican slut, a la Sonia Braga (though, right, Sonia is Brazilian, but you get the point). She''s sultry in an earthy way, and does a good job of fingering herself in preparation for Don''s dong -- and indeed, her ass-pounding is nothing to scoff at and she takes a juicy load in her mouth. But the whole scene plays out too slow and belabored, and much of the sex just fails to ignite. More appealing is a girl-girl between blonde cutie Lila and super-hot (because she''s natural) brunette Molly Draker, both French tarts who unfortunately haven''t shaved their underarms. The fact that they have hairy bushes can be a turn-on, and for me, it was nice to see something other than the designer twat that''s so common amongst porn stars. The flimsy set-up is that this is a piano lesson gone crazy, with Molly the teacher going down on Lila the student from behind as she''s bent over the instrument. Molly and Lila both eat pussy like champs, and when a big black strap-on is yanked out, you just know they''re both going to explore the full possibilities of it. It''s a fun scene that even ends in a fake cum shot across Molly''s cute face. Not bad for girl-girl stuff. The two hot scenes, however, belong to pouty Victoria Hill and the titular temptress Tiffany Mynx. Victoria''s teaming with Don Fernando is loaded with long shots of her on her knees, with her tiny skirt hiked up over her ass as she sucks him for all he''s worth. Victoria is a slutty Latina crossed with Christy Canyon bustiness, and she looks divine in this shocking-pink outfit. There''s lots of sexy talk here, plus a pounding of Vic''s pussy that is quite strong, especially once she has her full legs bobbing and weaving in the air with each stroke. (Best of all is the involuntary shaking of her legs as Don pushes the head of his cock into her ass.) The cumshot should be better -- its placement, on her pussy and ass, is fine; it''s just not copious enough -- but overall the scene is a winner. But the real reason to see this -- in fact, maybe the only reason -- is the double-dicking that Tiffany takes from Steve Hatcher and Jonathan Morgan. It''s volcanic, with the luscious Tiff enticing her boytoys to have their way with her -- in any way they please! Naturally, blowjob queen that she is, Tiff drops to her knees and works their cocks good in a dual sucking that had me wishing I could take one of those pricks off her hands and into mine. There is some super-hot ass-licking as well, and once Tiff has taken Steve into her ass, she sucks Jon with vaccuum-like power. (And a note about Tiff''s beauty: Has there been such a natural hottie in the past five years? I doubt it. Maybe Jessica Darlin, right? They both have that same sexiness combined with smart classiness. Love it!) The anal moves come fast and furious at this point, with Tiff in doggy positions and cowgirl positions, before she takes a dual blast to her face, with her just starving for more cum. It''s a great scene -- simply superb. And it''s well worth picking up, I''d say. The rest of it is a matter of taste. This double-fuck of Tiff is erotic no matter who you are.  

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