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Title: Cumming of Age  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Cumming of Age


92 Mins.

New Sensations/Hot Boxxx

DIRECTOR: Axel Braun

THEMES: young girls, sex on couches



STARS: Amber Peach, Penny Flame, Precious Girl, Jenni Lee, Lexxi Ripca, Mr. Pete, Scott Nails, Ben English

Reviewed by: Mars

Go to any adult video store and you'll see shelf after shelf of titles. Each with unique footage of people doing lewd things to each other. It is hard to conceive of just how much product the porn industry pumps out. The speed at which these flicks are produced, shot, packaged, and shipped is astounding. Which is why I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the task of critiquing these cookie-cutter, formulaic all-sex vids. For the love of god, they're everywhere! One of them is Cumming of Age. Formulaic to a T, they don't make much attempt to create any gimmick to differentiate it from other all-sex stuff. So they rely on the performances to make the disc stand out.
And they succeed. It's not packed with fantastic scenes but none of them suck and several of them are stand outs thanks to vivacious girls and some crackling action.
There is one theme to the film, young natural girls with trim and tight bodies. And it starts with Amber Peach, who's got some girl-next-door cred with a cute fresh face and nice natural tits. She rubs her puffy puss a bit before the guy jumps in with his own fingers to stuff them deep. The hummer is fast and wet but nothing to write home about ("Dear mom, today I met this girl with a wet and hungry mouth..."). They fuck a bit and the camera does a mediocre job of covering the action though there's a good view of the sides position with Amber's leg held up. The reverse cowgirl is rollicking and gives way to better blow-job work, good licks and swallows. Then Amber spreads for the doggy style anal as she fingers herself (which should be mandatory in all solo anal action). Good view of her all bent up as the reaming continues. Amber is all in for the action and gives a good show.
But Penny Flame is who I want to talk about. Or talk to. Or just stare at for a while. Man oh man, the girl has a beautifully taut body that does it for me. Great breasts, fantastic legs that were built for stiletto heels and lead to a terrific ass and waist. Add to that the sweet face and her hair done up in ringlet curls. It's a retro style that makes her look classy no matter how much cock she rides. And boy does she ride. After a very effective teasing, he eats her out before she returns the favor. It takes a little time to get her impaled on his massive tool for a cowgirl time, but the reverse cowgirl is more fun. The bouncing breast view is great and Penny makes some good noises. They swap around and (according to the behind the scenes) she has several orgasms. And I believe her. Good views,
Precious Girl (who's first name is an adjective for those porn-hungry grammarians out there) is a skinny Asian lady with small tits and long hair. There's no time wasted with pleasantries as she immediately starts sucking cock. And it's a good blow job as she stares at the camera. Better still is when she's stripped, stands in front of her cock-jock as he sits in a chair, and then bends at the waist (legs spread) to reach his rod with her mouth. The camera is behind her so we get a between-the-legs view of the hummer. Surprisingly this is a great shot. I did not suspect I would be so taken with the view, but it works really well. They also film good angles for the reverse cowgirl ride which adds to the heat. Overall it's a lot of rapid fire fucking as they rabbit away in various positions. Precious has some chops for cock-sucking and we get some more looks at that, but in the long run this is a rather standard scene.
Interesting as Precious Girl's blow-job was, Jenni Lee takes the prize for best hummer on the disc. She's a slender brunette with a cute face and nice ass for a skinny girl. Plus they have her dressed in a scandalously short plaid skirt and black thigh highs (what can I say? They know what works). But she could be in a burlap sack and you'd still notice how well she sucks cock. Deep, slow, full use of her hands...damn, that girl works a shaft like a Newcastle coal miner (never mind, obscure reference). But wait, there's more. Jenni is also a top notch sex performer. She is all in when it comes to the sexing up. The show is great as she rides his dick and asks for rougher treatment. One position to the next, Jenni is on top of her game and giving us our money's worth. Between her and Penny this disc has some fine performers. And let's not forget those guys doing all that work on the girls, right? Round of applause.
Lexxi Ripca is young, pale, dark haired, and very pretty. Good body, nice face. She is rather young, though, and without the brash confidence that Penny and Jenni exhibit. So, she's nervous and seems a bit out of her element for some of the scene. She and the guy (Mr. Pete) don't quite click. It's obvious at first as they stumble through the first oral scene, but moderates later on as he slows the tempo and she relaxes a touch. Plus the camera, which has been doing right by us so far, forgets to show us the girl. The reverse cowgirl is fine, you can't miss her (even though she should push her hair back and show that face), but for the doggy and most of the mish her body is obscured and I for one kept craning my neck as though that might help me see around the guy.
Overall: In the wide sea of all-sex videos some make more of a splash than others. Cumming of Age isn't going to make a top ten list, but it's a solid flick with some good performances that caught my attention.
Extras include a scene index, behind the scenes interviews with the girls (interesting), bonus scene from another movie with some rough sex, photo gallery, fetish menu, four trailers, and a web ad. Great package of extras. It also comes with a music disc from the Hiwatts.


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