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Title: Only The A Hole  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


"Only the Ahole"? ... Ah ... what a lovely place to be. One of my favorite spots, in fact. So when I read on the box cover that "every girl in this DVD takes it in the ass" -- and I see cutie-pie shots of super-sluts like Blair and Elle Devine -- I''m quite intrigued. Damn, I''m almost wet at the thought. How cool, then, to find this five-scene anal stroker flick to be every bit as bluntly exciting as the name implies. (No simple amateur shit here, thank you very much. We''re talking hot tarts in hotter situtations.) I''ve no idea who directed it, but I''d like to extend a hearty thanks to whoever it was at Digital Playground all the same. This one did wonders for my libido, baby. It starts with Blair, a delicious little sandy-brown-haired thing with tasty titties tucked inside a tank-top. She''s just lounging on her bed, the way us young ladies do so often, contemplating the back-cover of an anal porn and wondering what it might feel like to be full to rim with brimming big dick. OK, so most ladies don''t sit around contemplating such things, but hey, I do! The scenario''s silly but it''s good enough for me; this is just about the screwing anyway. Soon Steve Taylor has entered the room and he''s mystified at Blair''s behavior. (Yeah, right. Like he isn''t just thanking his lucky stars that she wants to take his log up her love tunnel.) Anyway, she soon has him hard and ready, after some primo sucking and some tantalizing teasing that has her on all fours with his fingers up her poop-chute. The pair go at it quite heartily, with some outstanding reverse-cowgirl action and some spooning that really shows off Blair''s legs. I don''t know much about this girl, but she''s quite nice in my book. And the finish here is just the way I (and I know most of you guys) like it, with Steve splashing a load across her face, nose and eyes. Mmmmmm. Next up is buxom blondie Stormy -- believe me, each scene just gets better and better -- and she''s quite eager to taste Alec Metro''s schlong. (And who can blame her?) Half-dressed in a black hooker get-up, Stormy is delightful with the sort of sweet-natured face that can make you melt -- me included. I was only slightly intrigued when she was getting her pussy eaten and while she was sucking Alec''s big one, but by the time she was getting slammed, both in her twat and in the you-know-where, I was hooked. Stormy takes it in every position imaginable -- RCA, doggie style (and wow, what an ass), leaning over the edge of the bed, good ol'' missionary. Finally, Alec unloads a bit of boy batter across her cheeks and tits. Very nice, indeed. Liza Harper, all black hair and freckled skin, may not be to everyone''s taste (she is to mine, though). But I gotta give it up to her -- the girl knows how to fuck! She shows up in a French maid''s outfit (I know, cliche, but she looks hot anyway) and gives stud Rod Fontana a bit of show ... so much so that eventually he can''t take it anymore and must bend her over his lap and wallop her ass. Now, if any of you guys are regular readers, you know that I''m a girl who loves a good spanking ... and THIS is a good spanking. Sensual but firm and just a little nasty and dominant. Liza takes it all and then finishes off the punishment (what a nice punishment!) by engulfing Rod''s dick. The rest you can figure out for yourself, but suffice to say that Liza has incredible control of her sphincter muscle, she can take more dick than you can imagine up there, and appetite for all kinds of sex is hard to match. My favorite scene is next, with luscious Elle Devine stepping into frame. I don''t know, maybe it''s because I see a bit of myself in her -- the same looks, the same hunger for fucking, the same determination to do anything and everything, the same thirst for something new. Elle, all reddish brown hair, full ass and big bouncy boobs, is first seen getting herself off poolside while black stud David Steel peeps on from a distance. Soon he''s caught, but Elle doesn''t mind (love that slut!). She just hauls him off to the bedroom, props herself up on all fours and lets him go to work, first tonguing her twat, then fingering her asshole. What follows is, quite frankly, an awesome fuck, with Elle delivering a top-notch blowjob, then taking as much of David''s manmeat up both her holes as she can, finally finishing with the ol'' Max Hardcore position -- Elle on her back, rolled over into a half-sommersault, legs up around her head and David pile-driving into her ass. He finishes by pulling out and shooting all across her hot bod and face. A steamy one, says me. The last scene doesn''t quite match the intensity of that one, but it''s hardly bad either. In it, beach blond Candy Hill seduces one of my faves, Alex Sanders, while he waits for his shoot in a porno. Candy gets him to spend his load happily, first by getting down on her knees in front of him and sucking the life out of his dandy dick, then by letting him invade her six ways to Sunday. Best position: reverse cowgirl anal, with Candy''s legs straight up in the air and grinding that cock into her bunghole. It''s pretty amazing stuff, and the facial finish is worth a look. All in all, a hot couple of hours spent watching sexy asses get stretched -- always a good thing in my book. Now, if only I could find the right cock to fill mine ...  

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