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Title: Private XXX 17: Sex Kittens  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Private XXX Sex Kittens
MOVIE TYPE: Compilation
100 minutes
STARS: Cassandra, Kristina, Katsumi, Maria, Mya, Angelina

Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)

The first scene is from Fit for Sex and has Cassandra and Kristina, a blonde and brunette. The girls come in from the outside and find a guy exercising in the nude. So they do the next natural thing which is to also strip down and start jerking off his cock. Both girls are pretty and have excellent natural bodies. One of the girls starts blowing the guy showing some average skills as the other plays with herself on a bed. Our guy fucks the brunette spoon and mish, then the blonde spoon, RCG, and anal spoon. The scene ends with the guy on his back with both girls jerking him off till he takes over and cums on both their faces. They give some nice post cum oral.

The next scene is from Private's Fetish Machine line and has Katsumi. She is dressed in a vinyl top and is getting fucked mish by a machine. A black parolee comes by and she gives some oral showing no hands work, some impressive deep throat attempts, and high energy. Another parolee comes along so Katsumi switches off sucking one as the other starts fucking her mish. They place her on a different machine, which I think is just meant to tease. It has a fly wheel with brushes attached on the ends so when someone turns the wheel you have a constant brushing effect and this is on Katsumi's pussy and ass area. You'll have to see it for yourselves, because I know my description is weak. They grow tired of that so its back with Katsumi sucking off one as the other slaps her tits and frigs her pussy. She gets led around by a leash and gets her ass spanked then fucked anal doggie. They move to cowgirl, anal cowgirl, and a RCG DP. The scene ends with both guys standing over her and jerking off on her tits and stomach.

The next scene is taken from Shower of Pleasure and has Maria Bellucci. Maria is a pretty brunette with a perky rack and tight body. She is in an open shower as our parolee comes up and starts feeling her up. Maria drops down and shows some average oral skills. She shows some no hands work, average energy, and gets about of the guy down her throat. Maria gets eaten out then fucked spoon, a nice looking RCG, doggie, and cowgirl. The scene ends with Maria jerking the guy off till he cums weakly on her face and open mouth.

The next scene is from X-treme Hair Dressing and has Mya Diamond. Mya is an average looking girl with long brunette hair and a decent rack. She is setup with two parolees and gives a decent double blowjob showing each guy good attention. Showing an impressive feat of strength, one guy lifts Mya up in a mish position on his shoulder so the other can eat her out then lowers her down so he can fuck her in a lifted mish. They move to a more conventional standing doggie and then cut to Mya hanging in a harness. They fuck her doggie and anal doggie. The scene ends with both guys jerking off on her tits.

A Modern Relation is the next scene with Angelina and Mandy. Both are good looking blondes with nice bodies. They start with each other on the bed fully clothed as the guy sits in the corner and watches. The girls take turns finger fucking and eating each other out till they call in the guy. Its really a m/f scene since the other girl sits out and watches as the other two. Our parolee goes through licking her pussy and finger fucking then turns over so she can show off her oral skills. Unfortunately it's an average blowjob with low energy and she only works the top 1/3 of the guy's dick. She hops on for a nice looking cowgirl, RCG, spoon, and nice doggie. The scene ends with the guy jerking off on her face and open mouth.

The next scene is from Sexminator with Victoria Swinger. In this spoof of the Terminator, Victoria finds the Sexminator just as he is transporting from the future. She immediately takes him away and gives an average looking blowjob keeping fairly shallow. They fuck in a standing and lifted mish, cowgirl, doggie, anal doggie, more lifted mish, and anal piledriver. The scene ends with they guy pulling out and jerking off on her ass.

Bonus materials include a 17 minute behind the scenes and a very good POV scene.

Overall this is typical stuff when it comes to Private DVDs. You have excellent production quality and good looking euro girls, but for what ever reason the sex doesn't bring the heat it should. Katsumi and Maria Bellucci will be your best eye candy, but the sex is average at best, with the POV I think being the best scene.




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