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Title: Chica Boom 32  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: C+
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: C+


Chica Boom 32


Mins. 108

DIRECTOR: Andre Madness

THEMES: Latinas



STARS: Estella Leon & Steven St. Croix, Monique Madison & Van Damage, Dulce & Trent Salari, Sophia Castello & Buster Good, Joy Star & Brian Surewood

Reviewed by: Kid Cocky

REVIEW- This movie is part of the acclaimed series, Chica Boom. Chica Boom won the award for best ethnic series for three years in a row. They seem to mix hot blooded Latina ladies with some of the better known male cocks in Hollywood. Let's just say that I have high expectations for this movie. I just hope it lives up to my expectations.
The first scene starts off with Steven St. Croix as a police interrogator. He yells at Estella for a little while, then she goes off on him in Spanish for a good minute or two. I don't know that she is saying, but she is just tearing into him. All of a sudden she switches to English and asks him, "what do you want me to do, suck your cock?"
She rips off his pants and attacks his cock. Steven's never been known as being one of the largest members in Hollywood, but he sure seems to enjoy what he does. I honestly think he enjoys the acting part of the business. I can't remember the last time I saw him in a movie where he didn't try to act our a little scenario before he had sex with the girl. That's kind of interesting considering most porn now-a-days is the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am sort of event.
Steve's sporting a tattoo on his shoulder. Estella is tattoo free. Which is a nice thing to see, considering that there are so many chicks who have covered themselves in tattoos and peircings. She's a bit of a dirty talker. She seems quite aggressive with words like, "Spit on it mother-fucker."
Estella takes some good face fucking and she tries to finger fuck herself a little. Steven's obviously let himself go a little, but his cock still stays hard for the scene. Estella is a natural looking small titted Hispanic chick. She's not too tone, and she hasn't had any plastic surgery. Her hair is naturally brown. Her dirty Spanish screams do tend to add to the scene. They seem somewhat natural. The majority of the scene is spent devoted to filling her pussy, but there is some face fucking. The end of the scene cums with a pop-shot on her tits.
Monique Madison and Van Damage are next up. Monique is also a natural looking Hispanic chick. She takes on some white man meat. Her pussy really gets wet for the scene. Her ass, although not tone, really sways as she gets fucked. It's a pretty boring scene overall. Monique takes the pop shot on her face. Nothing special or spectacular occurs.
Dulce and Trent start off wrestling. They make the agreement that if he wins, he can fuck any hole he wants. She speaks Spanish, and she says that she can beat his "white boy." For those of you who are keeping track, dolce is part Spanish and part Egyptian. After pinning each other a few times, she says in Spanish for him to take his clothes off. I guess that's only fair because she is naked the whole time. Instead of getting naked, he licks her feat and her pussy. In that order. At minute 46 of the DVD he takes out his dick. It is about time. Two minutes of head and she is getting fucked in the hairy bush. I gotta admit that her Spanish moans are a turn on.
Dulce, although attractive, she isn't anything special. She has tiny tits, a little pot belly, and a hairy bush. If you want to see natural 20-something babes get fucked by white guys... then you should get this... but so far, I am not overly impressed. The wrestling mat that they fuck on makes annoying fart noises. That isn't much of a turn on. He easily slides into her back door, but the lighting is bad and you can't see it well through the bush. I do like her comments though. "Show me what you got, gringo!"
One A2M later and she has a white mustache. The scene quickly fades after she swallows.
The next scene is boring so I am going to skip it. This takes us to the Brian Surewood scene. Brian may be ugly, but he does really know how to make a scene look good. He really loves to lick pussy, and he fucks ass with as much exuberance as anyone I know. He just makes it look like there is real chemistry in the scene. No wonder Surewood gets cast in so many assfuck movies. He does a little pussy fucking near then end, and then he unloads on the lady's face. It's another god day's work for Surewood.   


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