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Title: Photoplay  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Everyone I know likes Stephanie Swift -- and why not? She''s such a natural babe, like the girl next door, only sluttier and willing to eat pussy. And she''s here in "Photoplay" doing the dick do-si-do with buff boy Colt Steele. But how much you''ll get out of this flick depends mostly on how much you like Eurobabes like Vicca and Nikita. Myself, I wouldn''t have though I would like them all that much. Oh, I''ve seen them in other things and been mildly amused, but to catch them here in all their glory, I was a bit surprised. Vicca especially arouses me; I envy her for her long legs, and I can just imagine what they feel like wrapped around you. But that''s getting away from the story. The story, as it were, involves biological/entymological photographer Ken (Tyce Bune) who has taken to shooting porn to make money on the side. (Hey, who can blame him? Big cash there, you know?) Anyway, the press is onto his little double-dipping and it''s making his life hell. Wifey Stephanie just can''t seem to get any privacy with him, and when she starts to give him what looks like an amazing blowjob, it''s interrupted by news crews filming them from outside their window. Frustrated, Tyce simply heads to work for another shoot, where naturally Vicca, his subject, is going to come on to him. Why I''m not exactly sure, as Tyce is cute but no big whoop. Vicca can do a lot better. Not that she does with Steve Hatcher, dolled up in cowboy gear to fuck her for the shoot, but at least Steve gives his all. Vicca quickly unleashes the slut inside her and goes to work on his knob, but soon Steve needs to taste that quim and see her legs wide in the air. There is some great footage here, especially of Vicca taking it doggy style in the ass as well as some missionary work that is pretty engaging. Hatcher does his best too, finishing with a splash of cream to her tits. After some tussling in which Vicca comes on to Tyce again -- you just know it''s going to pay off sooner or later, right? -- we get another photo shoot/fuck scene, this time with blondie Nikita and slick stud John Decker. I can''t decide who I like more, Vicca or Nikita. Vicca''s got the red hair and the hot bod, but then Nikita''s more natural, with a decently hairy pussy and freckles and moles. A real woman, even if she is a supermodel. In the fuck department, Nikita doesn''t prove Vicca''s equal here (though she does later). Still, the scene is decent, set among some greenery for effect and with Decker giving a full load to Nikita''s ass. Naturally, Steph has had just about enough of all this and decides to take matters into her own hand by posing as a porn-shoot tramp herself. When she shows up, however, she meets Colt Steele, who is just way too muscular for my tastes. Having a nice bod is fine, but this is out of hand. Still, Steph makes the scene, her lithe and tan body curling about Colt''s rock-hard mountain of flesh, giving him a sloppy blowjob before leading him to bed for him to pound her from behind until she''s flat on her stomach. An interesting scene saved by Steph''s superb moaning. Tyce catches her after the face, of course, and decides to drown his sorrows in shooting a girl-girl scene at a bar, in which Vicca faces off with slutty Angelica Sin and Nikita gets a mouthful of pussy from Rayveness. As girl-girl goes, this isn''t bad, though it does drag on a bit too long. Still, there''s plenty of wetness, plenty of latex and rubber and plenty of horniness to go around. Meanwhile, Tyce, all jacked up from watching the lez fest, needs relief of his own, first in talking to Vicca, then in fucking the hell out of her. Here is where Vicca comes to life, bending over the bar for Tyce to slam her from behind, with those legs spread out in all their glory, or riding him atop the bar, or -- better yet -- taking him up her ass while she barely manages to sit on a barstool. It''s a killer scene that could only be improved if Tyce had more of a cumshot for us. Oh well. The rest is predictable, but hardly crappy. Tyce and Steph make up, of course, and go at it farily steamily, though Steph clearly gave her all to the scene with Colt, not this one. Then, as if to show how lovers can conquer everything if they just fuck together, we see that Steph has partnered up with Tyce for one last shoot. And what a shoot it is: This is the first scene that had me fingering my clit, with Nikita getting wildly tag-teamed by Hatcher and hottie Billy Glide. It''s a super hot scene with Nikita in a black get-up, perfectly complementing her milky white skin. Lots of anal play here, as well as some great cocksucking, ending in a double load to Nikita''s picture-perfect face. So sure, "Photoplay" has its weaknesses, but they''re few. It''s really a B-grade film that''s getting the extra plus for its DVD featuers. Well worth checking out.  

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