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Title: Teen Power 9  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: B


Teen Power! #9
105 Mins.
Kick Ass
DIRECTOR: Mark Kulkis
THEMES: 18 year old girls
STARS: Lily Thai, Trinity Post, Nikki, Erika Kane, Sammie Rhodes

Reviewed by: Arnon (arnonreviews@hotmail.com)


This is a pretty standard 5 girl, 5 scene movie. Each scene starts with the girl reading a letter supposedly from some random person writing them, a la Red Shoe Diaries. I'm not opposed to a little plot, but why even bother when it makes no sense? Anyways, Lily Thai is the first girl up. She's a super hot Asian chick with a tight, slim body that I wouldn't mind fucking. She's talking to one of those super huge guys in an office. By super huge I don't mean fat, just so muscular they look fat, though he does have a bit of a gut. Know what I mean? She climbs up on the guy's desk to get her body licked, including a little toe action and ending with some cunnilingus. Then it's her turn to return the favor and she does an admirable job sucking the guy's fairly large cock. After the guy's all lubed up with her spit he bends her over the desk, puts one foot up, and proceeds to ram her from behind. After he's done she cleans him off with her mouth, and does a good job deep-throating him and using her tits to play with his balls while doing so. He sits in a chair and she gives him some rcg, then she takes his place for some sitting up mish. She takes the load in her mouth and cleans him off with her tongue. A nice scene.

Sammie Rhodes is a fairly hot blonde. I've seen hotter, but she's fun to watch. After her stupid letter she meets up with a dude in some kind of boardroom. Do most business professionals have meetings in bikini tops? Maybe they do. Sammie does, which gives her guy easy access to suck on her tits after the meeting. Her tits are extremely nice too, large and natural. After a bit of toe sucking (the director must have a foot fetish or something) he moves his way up to her snatch and does a shitty job eating her out, using just the tip of his tongue in typical porn fashion. She returns the favor with a mediocre blowjob, then crawls on top of him for some cowgirl action. It's fun watching her big bouncy boobs flop around while she's riding him. They move to doggy style with some poorly lit shots of the action, some brief mish, then a pop shot in her mouth.

After reading her letter, Erika Kane, a black girl, goes to the backyard to fuck Lando Calrissian. At least, he looks just like the guy from Star Wars. He's easily over 40 anyway, and kind of ridiculous looking, but at least she's hot. She starts off with a blowjob on his old dick, then lies down so he can eat her pussy with just the tip of his tongue (boring.) At least he uses a finger. After his lunch he moves on up and sticks it in her with her lying on a chair, then flips her over to fuck her from behind. While hot, Erika's boobs are a tad weird looking. They almost look stretched out in a way. I'd guess she's either had a kid and they shrank afterward, or she had a boob job then had them removed. Either way, kind of weird. They finish up with cowgirl and him blowing his load in her mouth.

Trinity Post. Hmm. I guess the nicest thing to say is, nice body, but the face isn't terribly pleasant to look at. She ends up doing her guy in a weird room that looks like it should be in a castle. It starts with some toe sucking (foot fetish I tell ya!) then pussy eating. She returns the favor and does a decent job, but it's not horribly pleasant watching her do it. They whip through missionary, cowgirl, her on her side, and doggy style. This girl can make some weird noises while fucking too. She moans in this extremely high-pitched shriek. Very weird, but not terribly attractive. Like all the other girls she takes a shot to the face.

Last up is the cover girl Nikki. She's cute, but has one of those large framed bodies like Xena, not that that's necessarily bad. She meets a dude in a car and they end up going to the backyard. Again, why even bother with a shitty little story? Just get to the action if you're not going to try. They trade some extremely boring oral sex, then start with cowgirl, making their way slowly through mish and doggy style. I actually found this to be the most erotic scene, because everything wasn't "slam me as hard as you can." It was a little slower than normal, but I found that combined with the location to be very pleasant. Overall this movie was a decent renter, the kind that you watch to toss a couple off then return it the next day.



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