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Title: Spanish Fly Pussy Search 16  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


Spanish Fly Pussy #16
120 Minutes
Evasive Angels
THEMES: Hispanic Chicks, Black Dicks, Oral, Anal, and Facials
STARS: Vivianna and Lorena, Victoria Sweet, Jamilla, Taiesha and Duda, Silvia, Manesha

Reviewed by: Loomis

I always thought of TT Boy as somewhat of a weak sister when it came to the other dominant males of his era in porn (generally the early to late 90's). He did not have the star power or cocksmith powers of Peter North nor those of the Icon Tom Byron. Later in his career he moved toward a lot more of a hard sex guy that indulged in quite a bit of choking, spitting and slapping-whether the women were into that type of thing or not. I have seen enough of his videos and read enough interviews that lead me to believe that this was not "all for show." I don't believe in abusing any woman for any reason, and especially not for the simple reason that some other creep that gets off on that shit can wank to it. I am apparently a real Puritan when it comes to that deal. I am Loomis the Prude. I don't care.

TTBoy.com is the first listing in the case, and he is all over the previews, so I am assuming that he is largely behind this film. That seems about right, as the DVD itself is largely mediocre. I should also mention that I think that is somewhat reprehensible that he is utilizing the name "Evasive Angles." Does that sound a bit too much like Elegant Angel or Evil Angel to anyone else out there? Makes me think of those phone scams that were just one number off and charged $100/minute when you misdialed trying to reach a general long-distance provider.

The film itself is OK, not much better than that. The first scene has one girl with a great ass, and one girl with a phenomenal rack paired up on a long dick. It's odd that the girl with the great rack (natural, mind you) has a tiny butt, and the other broad with the great ass has a tiny rack. Go figure. The chick with the great tits seems somewhat nervous, and the other is just not very interesting. I would also like to start a protest that is behind the idea that the reason that you have two women in a bed is to pull your cock from one's pussy and put it into the mouth of the other chick. And in the meantime, they should be licking each other on their naughty bits. This scene has some of the most blatant fake pussy-licking I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of glamour porn.

The second scene would be the only reason at all to buy this disc, and in fact is the last scene that I will describe in any detail. Redhead beauty Victoria Sweet stars in this scene, and I mean "stars." She is a remarkably good-looking woman with great natural hooters and a great attitude about sex. She says that she in nineteen, and I believe her. (The behind the scenes stuff with her is more erotic than the entire rest of the movie). She is amazingly sexy, whether she is sucking, fucking, doing P2M, more P2M or taking an open mouth facial. This chick is really cock-hungry, and appears to love what she does. She alone is what saves this disc from a D rating.

The next three scenes are just pabulum. There is nothing interesting about them, or the sex contained therein. One note may be that Brian Pumper needs to really start to rethink his entire Super Pimp Dude Bling Chump personae. In his scene he is wearing a big platinum chain and exceptionally gaudy rings on every finger of both hands (including the thumbs, folks). Right, maybe he has been mistaken for Lloyd Banks in the past, but I am pretty damn sure that he is not a G-Unit member. Knock that shit off, Monty.

Ultimately, this movie is average at best. No one (with the exception of Ms. Sweet) appears to be having much fun, and I believe that is because no one is actually having any fun. This stuff is not supposed to be a documentary about the boring nature of lame fucking, and it is a real disappointment when it comes across in that fashion.   


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