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Title: Service Animals 20  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Service Animals 20
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman
Overall Rating: A
Female Looks: A
Male Looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: N/A
Extras: Extra footage, cumshot recap, cast list, photo gallery
A/V Quality: A

Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: 354 mins
Studio: Evil Angel
Director: Joey Silvera
Themes: Rough sex, face fucking
Condoms: None

Stars: Renee Richards, Trinity Post, Riley Ryder, Leah Luv, Bianca Pureheart, Gianna Jolynn, Nikki Adams, Gia Jordan, Sunny Lane, Karina Kay, Tory Lane, Morgana, Gina Jolie, Trent Tesoro, Chris Charming, John West, Buster Good, Ace, Rick Masters, Joey Silvera, Trent


This is my first exposure to the Service Animals series. It's a two-disc film that spans nearly six hours of sex. You're basically getting two films in one here because each disc has so much content and the scenes are long. Silvera's truly gunning for pole position in the rough sex genre judging by this film. If you like it rough and nasty this one's for you. Tory Lane is the hottest cunt in this film. You'll likely get your money's worth from this production.

Renee Richards, subject of scene one, is dressed as a naughty slut cop. She has a black latex bra and a latex policewoman's hat on as well as crotchless black latex pants and a black latex thong. She makes the dick lie down on a bed and spanks his ass, asking "am I going to shag your ass today?" She has a great sexy British accent. She reminds me of a wicked Liz Hurley. She spits in the guy's face, sits on his face and makes him lick pussy and ass, and thoroughly uses him as she sees fit. Thankfully he gets his turn to subjugate her and rams it into her twat before long. If I had the chance to fuck a whore like this she'd get the pounding of a lifetime. Throughout the fucking she continually demands it rougher and harder. The scene ends with a facial pop that leaves a drop of spooge on the camera lens. This girl certainly plays the role of the dirty whore quite well and gives us good value for our money.

Trinity Post and Riley Ryder are next. I haven't seen either of these cunts before. We begin with Trinity Post walking up a stairway clad in fishnets from her tits to her toes. Her full-body fishnet costume is HOT. Some text scrolls across the screen -- "Trinity is a rich bitch real estate agent who wants to be put in her place." OK, whatever, just fuck her. The dick chokes her a bit using her sexy dog collar choker and slaps her titties around. Then, on their closed-circuit security camera they observe Riley Ryder approaching the front door of the house. They make Riley change into a totally hot slut outfit -- a white fishnet top and white fishnet stockings. Trinity goes down on her and devours her cunt before they swap positions. Then Riley says "I think this bitch needs a little dick in her" and Mr. Dick obliges with 8 inches down her throat, face-fuck style. Nothing like seeing a stupid whore gagging on a cock to make us porn fans relax after a hard day at the office. The face-fucking gets particularly rough has they plug the cunt's nose while face-fucking her to restrict her breathing even more. After the BJ action ends he rips open Trinity's fishnets and begins to fuck her cunt doggystyle. The action gets really dirty when he starts to pound Riley missionary position while Trinity licks his ass. There's some good anal in this scene, Trinity takes it up her shitter in reverse cowgirl and Riley takes it cowgirl. Trinity gets her protein fed directly to her mouth, which she then snowballs with Riley.

Leah Luv is next. She still has braces!!! Dressed like a total slut, Lea is clad in a bright yellow corset with a black "ballerina" skirt and black fishnets. She also has a monstrous butt plug shoved into the depths of her bowels. Oh, and I forgot the spiked choker she's wearing. There's some meaningless conversation at the start of this scene. The girl seems like a total ditz. She gets taken by two dicks. Both dudes are muscular types. They double-team her like the dirty whore she is. I particularly enjoyed how they would choke her as they face-fucked her. If you're familiar with any of the porn at facialabuse.com, this is sort of in the same vein. The bitch likes it rough and they pound her doggystyle on one end while the fucker on the other end shoves his fingers down her throat to try to make her barf. Her gagging sounds are truly extreme and you can tell she's hurting. She takes it up the ass and seems to enjoy it. The scene ends with two loads to the face. Her eye shadow is running, as tends to be the case in these hard face-fucking extravaganzas.

Bianca Pureheart and Gianna Jolynn are next. A black dude gets to enjoy these whores. He greets Bianca first with "get your fine white ass over here." Bianca Pureheart is delectable in her red and black latex fetish outfit. She's also wearing a similar ballerina skirt to that worn by Leah Luv in the previous scene (it's probably the same skirt). She sits in his lap and he feels her up before making her suck his dick. This girl is truly beautiful and just a delight to watch. There's a knock on the door and in walks Gianna Jolynn and two more dudes. A gang bang ensues. Gianna's good looking also. She's particularly sweet in her fishnet stockings and sexy corset. But the main focus remains on Bianca at this point, as she is getting a merciless face-fucking by the black dude. Ultimately Gianna gets a good face-fucking as well (not to mention getting her cunt plugged with dick too). The black dude blows on Bianca's face, but the other two guys aren't finished yet. They pound away doggystyle on both girls amidst extremely loud and unbelievable cries of ecstasy (have the mute button handy or your neighbors are going to call the police on you). Gianna appears to have some uncontrolled rage issues as she gets particularly aroused by slapping Bianca's face during the sex. If you are into DP, Bianca receives it in the ass and the twat simultaneously. The crowning moment is a double facial on Gianna. Good show.

Little whore Gia Jordan is Silvera's next victim. She's walking down an alley dressed as a schoolgirl. She's wearing a little white top, green skirt, and a backpack. There's some bullshit plot here about her trying to buy drugs from a dealer in the alley. I'm not sure what the hell transpires here but perhaps she's offering her body as payment for drugs. It was rather brazen of them to film this in broad daylight out on the street. She, dressed as a sexy schoolgirl, goes down on him and he puts an S&M mask on her. Leading her by a chain attached to the mask, he brings her in to an automotive garage where the workmen decide to unload some on-the-job stress onto her pretty young body. They totally abuse her, choking her, fucking her, hitting her tits, and making her cry out "what's happening to me?" (she can't see out of her mask). Eventually they remove the mask so they can force her to deep throat them some more. She gets triple penetrated and judging by the gagging noises is getting worked over quite well. Some of the sex is so intense here that I can't really put it into words.

Next up we have Nikki Adams and Joey Silvera himself. Bastard Joey saved one of the sexiest girls for himself. I guess it's good to be the director. Nikki is dressed in knee-high black latex boots, a sexy studded black choker, and a nice black latex miniskirt. She has beautiful eyes and looks great as she goes down on Silvera. She does this freaky thing where she ties up his balls with a piece of rope. It looks horrendously painful and no bitch would ever be allowed to do such a thing to me no matter how fucking beautiful she is. She keeps his balls tied up for the duration of the scene until he pops directly into her mouth. Hot little bitch, pretty short scene.

Sunny Lane and Karina Kay are next. Sunny Lane walks up to the front door of the house dressed in gorgeous black fishnets and an extremely short skirt plus a little bra-top. Karina's already home and the two of them proceed to get felt up by the dick and he shoves it into Karina's beautiful mouth. Karina, with her glasses, looks like the prim and proper type who would be more at home studying in the library than with a dick in her mouth. But methinks those glasses are just for effect and we're really dealing with a piece of shit whore. Both girls are really lovely. Karina forces Sunny's head down on the dude's cock as she herself gets eaten out. Just wait until you see Karina position that cock into her twat for some reverse cowgirl. She looks fantastic. By the time she's getting it doggystyle she's removed her conservative glasses. Both girls get worked over and he pops on their faces.

There's a quick interlude scene next with Gia Jordan where she blows a dude outdoors by a swimming pool. It's only about a five-minute scene and there's not much to say about it except he fucks her face and blows a load. The next scene is more deserving of commentary.

Tory Lane is next. Oh my!!! This girl is sensational. She's dressed in a gorgeous form-fitting pair of jeans and a slutty halter top. Her rack looks fine under that top. They head indoors and she begins to disrobe for the fucking. She kneels in front of a chair and sucks a dude's cock while showing a lot of "plumber's crack" in her ass. This girl is probably the best looking in this film. I'd enjoy her more if I hadn't already blown my load in scene two. When she stands up and takes off her shirt and jeans and puts on the most beautiful thong and bra, I felt a second wave of inspiration coming on. Then she puts on a phenomenally slutty white tube-top/skirt combo. I once banged a girl wearing something very similar (only it was a black dress) so this scene really piqued my interest. Lately I've seen a lot of cigarettes in porn, and Tory continues that trend by lighting up and blowing smoke into the dude's face. The sex with this girl is fantastic. She blows him, takes it vaginally in several positions, and finally receives his seed directly in her young mouth.

Those of you who fantasize about abusing a bride on her wedding night will get a kick out of the next scene with Morgana. She's dressed as a bride, albeit it's not exactly the kind of outfit you're likely to see a bride wear at a traditional wedding. Her fetishist's bridal outfit is delightful. Morgana's a gorgeous blonde with a nice rack. Her outfit is sort of a white tube-top/skirt combo with frilly lace to look all bridal. Top it off with frilly white lacy gloves and fishnet stockings. Gina Jordan comes into the room dressed equally slutty in a black latex mini, black fishnets, and black bra. The fucking begins with some face-fucking of Gina while Morgana assists from behind (forcing the whore to deep throat). Both girls get their turns at cock, taking it in many positions including doggy up the twat and ass. A mighty facial ends the scene, each girl receiving a share of the love.


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