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Title: Mature Women With Younger Girls 14  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C-
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C-


Mature Women With Younger Girls #14
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman
Overall Rating: D
Female Looks: D
Male Looks: N/A
Sex: D
Plot/Acting: N/A
Extras: Photo gallery, phone sex ads
A/V Quality: C
Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: 89 mins
Studio: Xtraordinary Pictures
Director: Rob Spallone
Themes: Lesbian, mature
Condoms: N/A
Stars: Angelica, Charlotte Lee, Serena, Victoria, Ginger Spice, Brooklyn Night, Jillian Foxxx, Celestia Star


Don't waste your time on this one. The women are ugly, the camerawork is poor, the lighting is lousy (shot outdoors mostly), and the sound quality sucks (nothing like the sound of the wind rustling against the camera's microphone).

This lez flick doesn't waste a second on plot. The fucking begins almost with the first frame. Scene one features a sketchy, tattooed redhead and an equally sketchy looking blonde sitting on a sofa in their lingerie. Neither of these girls are terribly attractive and the whole older/younger theme is not that evident here because the age difference between these whores can't be that great (maybe ten years or so -- though I could be wrong and it might just be that both whores are just aging poorly). Off come the panties on the blonde and the redhead goes down on her. Next she plays with a massive dildo before receiving the same treatment from the blonde. Later on in the scene they whip out a big double-ended dildo which they "fuck" each other with. But really, there just isn't much to say about this scene. The camerawork is sloppy, the sex lacks spirit, and it is just not much fun to watch.

Scene two is a mild improvement. The older/younger theme is much more evident here as one whore truly looks like she's about 40 and the other might be in her early 20s. This scene takes place outdoors on a porch. The older bitch is reclined on a chaise lounge and the young one strips and goes down on her. The young one is not bad looking. Her tats are kind of ghetto but I'd enjoy a go at her nevertheless. The young one fucks the older one with a strap-on (orally and vaginally in several positions). Seeing the older one take it doggystyle in her cunt with the strap-on was sexy. They mess with a couple more dildos throughout the scene, but throughout the older woman is always on the receiving end. It seems that youth is in charge in this film.

Scene three has two whores, a dark haired one and an unnatural blonde one. The older whore, whose name is not apparent, can be seen on the box front cover in the lower lefthand spot. Her face looks better on film than on the box in which she appears like a dirty old hag. Given the previous two scenes I expected to see the young girl have her way with the older one here. But the roles are reversed at the start of this scene and the older one starts plugging a dildo into the young blonde's hole. Then she makes the blonde eat her out before she reciprocates. This scene features one truly strange position -- the older one wears the strap-on around her leg and the blonde humps the leg. Whatever works, I guess. The scene ends with some double-ended dildo joint fucking action and a quick kiss.

The last scene features a really nasty blonde (she's the young one in this scene) and an older, more attractive dark haired bitch. The young one eats out the older one, then gets eaten out, then licks the older whore's tits, then they pretend to fuck (yes, pretend -- they "hump" but there's no strap-on or dildo). The scene ends with the young one getting her ass licked by the older one. I was glad when it was over.


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