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Title: Taboo 17  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


What I''ve seen of the "Taboo" series I''ve liked, though I''m more into the earlier volumes than the later stuff. (Have you guys seen the original? About the young stud and his mom, getting it on? Wild, baby, just wild. And I always go for those ''70s stars anyway. They just seem so much sexier than the stars of today -- not that we don''t have a delightful crop these days.) So the story behind "Taboo 17" is simple, if a bit choppy. Tony Tedeschi is laid up in hospital, recuperating from having both of his legs done in. Misty Rain comes to visit, whether to cheer him up or suck him off or just tease him isn''t entirely clear. Lonely boy Tony finds a way to keep her talking for hours as she relates all of her naughty, "taboo" adventures, though most of them aren''t very taboo at all. The first scene may just be the best, with English tart Roxanne Hall (too much make-up, babe, but wow, do you have the bod or what?) taking on super-stud Mark Davis, who I just adore. God, does he make me wet ... those eyes, that mouth, those hands ... oh, and he''s got quite the schlong too, don''cha know. So of course what does my dream hunk do first? Bend over his maid Roxanne to spank her like the bad little slut she is. (Lucky bitch! What I wouldn''t do for a little fondling like that.) Roxanne looks delicious in her maid''s uniform, and Mark is done up in fancy clothes and looking handsome. The scene is perfectly paced too ... taking it slow at first, then with Misty watching from a distance and telling them what to do ... first sucking, then some doggy action and cowgirl riding, then a lovely blast of cum. I''m hooked. But things don''t keep me hooked. The next scene finds stud Julian (who I like almost as much as Mark, and whose dick is just enormous) encased in Saran Wrap with Sydnee Steele. (This is so taboo? Stuff you can find at the local supermarket?) Inari Vachs comes along to tempt them, and soon they''re going at it hot and heavy. It''s not a bad scene per se, though all three of them just seem to be going through the motions. Still, their bodies are super-fine and the setting is pleasing. Couples, dive in. The next scene had me a bit more steamed up, as tall and lanky Misty takes on the voluptuous Caressa Savage, who I don''t always like, to be honest. Sometimes she''s just too harsh looking, but here she''s just right -- the perfect combination of wanton slut and innocent girl. Misty dives into Caressa''s mighty quim for a taste and makes fun with her ass as well, concluding with Caressa displaying her special talent for smoking a cigarette with her cunt. How she does that I''m not sure -- I can''t, so don''t ask, though I''d give it a try with the right guy -- but it''s worth seeing once for sure. The next scene takes us back to the plastic-encased Julian and Sydnee, this time to fuck around with Misty, who certainly brings more heat to this than Inari did. (Sorry, Inari, you''re a fine sex trollop, but Misty''s on fire in spots here.) Still, this just felt like a rerun of what we just saw -- and again, what''s so fucking taboo about all of it? Get caught, already. Do something really nasty! Lick Julian''s asshole, maybe, or strap on a rod and bang him ... that would be really taboo, right? Of course, Julian would probably never go for it, but a girl can dream, right? Still, this scene isn''t all bad, just sort of ho-hum. The final scene is somewhat ruined as well, as Misty and Tony finally get it on (and in color, as the rest of their encounters were in b&w) but we see flashbacks to the rest of the flick. The point is that Tony is supposed to be thinking about these wild flings Misty told him about as he tongues her twat -- and hey, their 69 action made me jealous. It looks so yummy, Misty''s glistening pussy and Tony''s stiff prick. But, you know, after a while, I was just irritated. I''d get into the new action, then be sent back to the Mark/Roxanne scene, which was great but I had already digested it. If I wanted to frig myself to that, I''d go back to it, thank you very much. I like a "Taboo" flick that builds to an overwhelming climax, you know? This one just sort of fizzles out after a bold start. Oh, well. At least I got to watch Mark. And guys, I''m telling you, if you want your babe to watch some smut with you, find a flick with this guy in it. I know you won''t care -- you''re too busy jacking off to the chicks, and with good reason -- but your lady is sure to like him. Now, if you''ll excuse me, I''ve got a vibrator and a fantasy involving Mark''s dreamy eyes to get back to.  

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