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Title: Rear P.O.V.  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Rear P.O.V.
All Sex
122 Minutes
DIRECTOR: Chris Charming
THEMES: Oral, Anal, Facials, and Swallowing
STARS: Melissa Lauren, Lotti, Lucy Lee, Gloria Summer, Sharon DeVale, and
Renee Pornero

Reviewed by: Loomis

Look, I do not know anything about making a porno. I know that I can enjoy watching them, either alone or with a girl that is open-minded. The fact that I have reviewed 60+ nudie films on this site really means very little at all.
From those experiences, I can say that if I were to make one myself, it would probably end up a lot like this one. This movie has all of the stuff that I really like, and it is very lighthearted. Look, this is ultimately footage of people fucking for money, but that does not necessarily mean that fun should be removed from the equation.

Every scene starts out with a blowjob (most of which end up with an oral cumshot) and subsequent swallowing of the load sent that way. Then each and every chick takes it in vag and anal and the vast majority do both P2M and A2M or both. There are a couple of scenes that do not really live up to the others, but those are just not as important as the best of what is there.

The first scene is Melissa Lauren in a warehouse giving Chris Charming a BJ in a warehouse that distributes porn. (How the hell did they ever manage to secure that location?) While her tongue looks oddly black (maybe due to some of those weird cough drops they have over there, or Jaegermeister), she gives absolutely fabulous head. She encourages Chris (the star of each and every scene) with a great blowjob and he unloads all over her tits. She seems disappointed that he popped so quickly and agrees to meet him at her apartment to continue the action, but not before cleaning him and her tits off of his manjuice. She plays with herself a bit before they get down to the serious boning, and she takes Charming's thick dong with ease in both of her lovely holes. I think that Melissa and Angel Dark are running neck and neck for hottest Euro porn star at this point, by the way. She swallows the final pop, though much of it ends up on her beautiful face. This is not a bad thing.

Next up is Lotti, a Euro with great boobs and a fuckable face. Her hair is in pigtails and is long, but she does not stop to think about being cold when she takes off her jacket and sucks a load from him that ends up all over her face. He uses his dong to move some of the sizeable mess into her mouth, and she swallows like a good girl should. They move to a nondescript apartment where Lotti is working herself with two dildoes. The one that goes into her butt is larger than Charming's cock, and that is saying something. She gives more great head and takes his dick in both holes with great enthusiasm. He finally pops into her mouth and she swallows what does not end up on her forehead.

The third scene is Lucy Lee. The only bad thing about her scene, is the fact that she takes the second load on her spread open asshole. If you have never seen any Lucy Lee footage, I cannot recommend I strongly enough. She is an Asian chick who looks exactly like an Asian chick should look. And she fucks like a banshee. I cannot do her scene justice with words, but it is the number one reason to buy the DVD.

Gloria Summer is the third girl on the disc, and there is one really appropriate thing to say about her. Her hair looks exactly like that of "Sideshow Bob" from The Simpsons. No lie, folks. Her arms are very muscular and her socks are dirty. Neither of those issues keeps her from sucking Charming off in a public place (in front of a water tower) that appears to be pretty cold. She is smoking a cigarette during the first part of the BJ, and I know some of you folks like that type of thing. She does the same toy tricks as Lotti, but uses her own fingers on her ass for a time. The thing I didn't care for with this scene was an overabundance (or even one instance, for that matter) of ass-to-pussy fucking. I hate that shit, to be honest. She does a nice job of acting like it doesn't bother her and ends the scene with more swallowing of the Charming lad's load.

Next up is Sharon DeVale. She looks sort of old, and she spits her BJ load on her tits and walks away. I am not a fan of that, as I am sure she had to get that coat dry cleaned after she closed it on her cummy tits. This is another scene with more P2A/A2P than I would care to mention, and it just didn't do much for me.

Last is Renee Pornero. She does no pre-fucking BJ, and that hurts her efforts when she does get it going with the decent ass-fucking and final A2M swallow.



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