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Title: Ass Wide Open 4  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Ass Wide Open 4
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman

Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: 140 min
Studio: Digital Sin
Director: Jean Yves-Lecastel
Themes: Anal
Condoms: None
Stars: Yvona, Yvette Balcauo, Sabina, Sue, Nikki Sun, Myra


I really had high hopes for this one -- Yvona's cover shot is gorgeous! Being an assman myself, this type of flick is right up my alley. Unfortunately, this film just isn't one I'd want to come back to and watch again. I'm familiar with many of Lecastel's works over the years and I respect his ability to get hot euro-babes to spread their legs for the camera, and I've enjoyed much of his work, but this one just didn't do it for me.

Scene 1 - Yvona and Yvette Balcauo. This is a threesome scene featuring a dick and the two girls. Both are clad in panties and bras at the beginning of the scene. It is set in a bar, with the girls feeling themselves up at the beginning. The thing that struck me when I first watched this scene is that Yvona's face just isn't as beautiful as it looked on the box cover. The girls then turn around and play with their asses for the camera. In comes the dick, who bends the girls over and eats them out. Next up, a very nice double blowjob. I think that Yvette should've been the cover girl of this disc as she seems to have a better face than Yvona (especially with her mouth plugged with dick). The fucking begins with some missionary on Yvona. After a little fucking with each girl, he orders them to mount barstools, applies lube to their asses, and proceeds to bang them in the shitter. This time Yvette gets it first interspersed with ATM on Yvona. We swap roles and Yvona takes it in her shitter with ATMs on Yvette. The remainder of this scene is plain old ass drilling with an internal cumshot in Yvette's ass. The cum dribbles out her hole into the waiting mouth of Yvona. This scene isn't bad, it's average. Unfortunately, it is the best scene on the disc.

Scene 2 - Sabina. Sabina's a reasonably sexy girl in a light-colored matching pair of bra and panties, reclined on a bed for our viewing pleasure. She begins the scene by rubbing her hands over her body. She puts her fingers in her cunt and ass, then in comes the dick to get blown and to go down on her. He skips right over her cunt and goes straight to her ass when it comes time for the fucking. The position in which he fucks her is interesting -- she on her back, legs splayed, he on his side pounding her rectum. The reverse anal cowgirl that follows isn't bad -- we get some good close-ups of the action. Later on we get some rough anal missionary that looks downright painful. She accepts ATM and performs cowgirl anal as well. The scene ends with a messy facial sans swallow.

Scene 3 - Sue. Sue is just not very attractive. Her face looks very trailer trashy -- that worn-out "I belong on Jerry Springer" look. The unnaturally blonde Sue begins the scene sitting on a chair in a pink bra and panties. "Hello, I'm Sue" greets us, followed by some self-pleasuring. After she strips and plays with herself for a while, our friendly dick steps into the room and asks for a blowjob to start his day. It's a bit comical; he's clad in his bathrobe and drinks a glass of orange juice as she blows him. I understand this male fantasy -- the subservient woman who goes down on her man on demand. With her bent over a chair, he spits into her asshole and eats her out before shoving his dick into her bowels. Next we have reverse cowgirl anal (she keeps her heels on, which I like), followed by missionary anal. The scene culminates in a very weak cumshot to the face, of which most is swallowed.

Scene 4 - Nikki Sun. This blonde has a better face than Sue. I also liked her lingerie -- nice black top, black panties, and black heels. She's lounging on a couch and in her thick accent greets us with "hello, I'm Nikki Sun." As usual she plays with herself for a bit before the dick comes in to be sucked and fucked. The blowjob here is nice, she puts some spirit into it and the angles are good. When she first mounts him it is cowgirl vaginal (not straight to the A as in other scenes). After pounding her for a while the dick graduates to doggy anal and this is a rather erotic portion of the film if you can endure her moans. Anal remains the thrust of the rest of this scene in keeping with the film's title, as she's drilled in several other positions. In comes dick number two for some double-team action as she stretches her asshole wide. The two guys provide her a nice joint fucking in both holes before blowing in her mouth. She vehemently refuses to swallow as they push it back into her mouth several times only to see it spat out each time.

Scene 5 - Myra. Myra's a slim, tattooed girl with a nose piercing and some nice legs. Her face is not bad either. The striptease is so-so here, and I skipped ahead to the blowjob. The blowjob is pretty good as she takes her man's cock gently at first but gets face-fucked later. Her helps her out of her pink thong panties and eats her ass before plunging to the hilt in her ass doggystyle. A quick ATM interlude follows prior to cowgirl anal. They continue to try various positions -- all anal -- as they fuck on a couch. The scene ends with some doggy anal, in which the dick pulls out and blows on her asshole. The cum dribbles out onto his hand, and he then pours it off his hand into her mouth for her to swallow. It's kind of a twisted end, but considering we are talking about the uber-perverted Jean-Yves Castel, it's no surprise.


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