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Title: 2 Hot to Handle  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


2 Hot to Handle
95 minutes
THEMES: 2 girls and 1 guy
STARS: Tory Lane, Trina Michaels, Harmony Rose, Genesis Skye, Venus, Tyla
Wynn, Missy Monroe, Tiffany Holiday,

Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)


I'm a big fan of multiple female on one male scenes and a DVD devoted to this should fit the bill. The first scene has Venus and Tyla Wynn. They play with each other for a bit then get blindfolded and take turns sucking off the guy. Both show excellent energy, good not hands work, and get at least of the guy down their throats. Tyla hops on first for nice cowgirl as Venus licks his balls and slaps his dick. They switch around so that Venus gets a ride then she moves up to get eaten out as Tyla gets more cowgirl. Tyla gets plowed doggie, Venus gets fucked mish and then some nice tit fucking, Tyla goes RCG, and Venus hops on for a nice RCG. The girls are on top of each other as Venus gets mish and Tyla doggie. The girls are blindfolded again as Venus gets more doggie and Tyla sucking his dick once in a while. The scene ends with the guy pulling out and jerking off on Tyla's face and open mouth. Both girls bring great heat and energy to this scene.

Tory and Trina are the next pair up. Tory is a good looking brunette and Trina a platinum blonde. The girls give a good double blowjob showing lots of no hands work, good depth, and getting about of the guy down their throats. Tory hops on RCG, Trina goes cowgirl with Tory doing some nice ball sucking, and Tory gets doggie while eating out Trina. Trina gets a long anal doggie, some A2M, and then Tory slides under so the girls 69. The scene ends with Tory getting fucked mish and the guy pulling out and jerking off on their tits. Tory is more verbally aggressive, but both girls are loud and bring good heat to the scene.

Harmony and Genesis are two blondes who waste little time give a good double blowjob showing no hands work, decent depth, and both having at least a tongue on the guy as the other girl takes lead. Genesis hops on cowgirl with Harmony riding the guy's face then Harmony takes over while Genesis rides the guy's face cowgirl as well. They go side by side mish and then our guy's favorite with one girl mish and the other doggie. The girls both get fucked doggie and then he pulls out and cums on both their faces and open mouths. But the scene continues with the girls gives some nice post cum head then fucking each other with a dildo. Two faceless parolees come in one at a time and jerk off on the girls as they continue to play with the dildo to an apparent off camera squirt by Genesis.

The last scene has Missy and Tiffany. The main problem with this scene is the white levels are so high that it washes out and distracts the scene. They are both average looking girls and go straight for a good double blowjob with lots of no hands work and spit. Missy hops on first for a cowgirl then Tiffany hops on for a cowgirl and a lifted cowgirl as Missy works on the guy's balls. Missy then goes RCG to a squirt, and then Tiffany hops on for her own RCG. The girls are on top of each other with Missy on bottom getting fucked doggie and Tiffany on top mish and flips over for doggie. The scene ends with Missy being fucked doggie and the guy pulling out jerking off in Tiffany's open mouth. The girls swap cum and it ends up being spit on Tiffany's tits.

Bonus materials include a bonus scene with Alana Evans and Genesis giving a good POV double blowjob. The scene ends with Alana jerking off the guy in her mouth and also on Genesis' face. The girls swap cum with Genesis swallowing.
You also get a 19 minute behind the scenes section.

Overall this DVD has good energy in all five of the scenes with average to above average heat and energy, good eye candy, and some dirty talk as well. If you like multiple girl and one guy sex you'll definitely want to rent this DVD. Other than the fourth scene being washed out this is a solid movie.  


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