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Title: The Top 25 Adult Stars Of All Time  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


If I may play consumer advocate for a moment, you need to have this. Everyone should have this. Whether you agree with the selections or not -- and surprisingly I do, though I have personal favorites that didn''t make the cut -- you need to know who these people are and this features some scenes that are essential to an appreciation of porn as something other than stroke material. (Not that there''s anything wrong with that.) Jill Kelly, who gradually loses her clothes in the opening narrations to scenes (and isn''t that a nice feature?), and historian Jim Holliday, whose a bit leery but has fun with his know-how, prelude each scene with some banter that, if it turns you off, you can skip over. They lead off with Jim''s No. 1 -- Marilyn Chambers -- and though I prefer Ginger Lynn (I always go for cute, sorry), I can''t deny that Marilyn is the essence of sultriness. We get two scenes from her, one from "Insatiable" that''s practically a rape (not my bag) and one from her "comeback" eight years later. It''s all good stuff, but when the Ginger selection is her killer DP scene from the original "New Wave Hookers," you might realize why I prefer her. Quite simply, she always seemed to be enjoying what she was doing way more than anyone else and could pout and purr with the greatest of ease -- and never make you think it was fake. (And she could act.) She''s a doll, she''s a whore, she''s a goddess in my book, and all who watch porn should bow before her. And the truth is, I could sit here and recount every last scene in great detail, and I''m sure some of you horny bastards out there want me to. But that spoils it, I guarantee it. Let me just make these notes: -- Seka is incredible and always has been. She''s the Debbie Harry of porn and when she takes a doulbe-dicking from Jamie Gillis and the master schlong of John Holmes (including two messy facials), you understand why she''s the High Queen of Smut. -- Annette Haven may be the most sensual star ever. -- Ron Jeremy should have had a career in mainstream movies. He can be that damn funny. As it is, he fucks the hell out of forgotten hussy Lili Marlene here, and that''s wonderful. -- Wish we could get a more complete scene with Georgina Spelvin. Older babes can make me cream like few others, and she''s one of the hottest. -- John Leslie was the best-looking stud in porn before he went into directing. And hell, even now he''s easy on the eyes. His scene with the tantalizingly natural Rachel Ashley (from "Every Woman Has a Fantasy") is outstanding. -- Leslie Bovee is the Grand Slut of porn. Give her the respect she deserves. -- Big props to Veronica Hart for taking it up the ass when no one else would. (That scene is here too.) -- And Sharon Mitchell, like I''ve said before, can really get me fired up when she skirts that line between male and female. Here she nails industry traitor Jerry Butler in a punky ''do and outfit and it''s fantastic. She has such a slender, sleek bod, too. What else can I say? These are the cream of the crop, and if you can add the video versions of Holliday''s retrospectives on past stars (and when are those gonna come out on DVD, huh?) you''d have it all. One of the guys I watched this with wanted to see Ona Zee, another wanted Taija Rae, and another thinks it''s about time Ashlyn Gere is ranked alongside Christy Canyon. Yup. All of ''em are right. But it''s only 25, you know? Give us the next 25 and the four of us will be cumming for days. Bring it on, Jim.  

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