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Title: Teen Sensations 11  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Teen Sensations 11
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman
Overall Rating: A
Female Looks: A-
Male Looks: A
Sex: A-
Plot/Acting: N/A
Extras: Behind the scenes, solo scenes, photo gallery, cumshot recap
A/V Quality: B

Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: 120 mins
Studio: DVSX
Director: Alex Ladd
Themes: Young girls
Condoms: Sometimes

Stars: Persia DeCarlo, Jackie Ashe, Kelly, Goldy Coxx, Claire Robbins, Anita Line


Mmmm... teens! What red-blooded male doesn't fantasize about having an 18 year-old at his beck and call to toss it into whenever he wishes? Judging from the box cover we're in for a treat with this flick. Persia and Jackie look absolutely delectable on the cover in their tight, slutty jeans. This is the first DVD in this series that I've viewed, so I can't compare it to other Teen Sensations titles, but it's a highly strokeable film with good AV quality and sexy whores to boot.

Scene 1 introduces us to Persia. I think I've seen her before but I can't place it. Anyway, this gorgeous slut begins the scene by teasing us in front of a sofa, dressed in a thong and a barely-there top. The clothing comes off quickly. The tease ends abruptly and she's now sitting on the sofa, fully clothed, next to a guy. The two flirt a little before they start the foreplay. She is SO hot in her pink striped halter top and those tight jeans you see on the box cover. Mmmm... The blowjob is great with a nice POV perspective and some eye contact. Her jeans are practically falling off her revealing her cute little whale tail as she blows him. Off come the tight jeans and the slut gets pounded doggystyle on the sofa. I don't enjoy her fake moaning but I enjoy seeing her cockteasing little ass get what it deserves. They could have used a few more positions in this scene, but it's hot nevertheless. He blows his load on her chest to end the scene and she thanks him.

Jackie Ashe is the subject of scene 2. She has a natural beauty that I really enjoyed. This scene takes place outdoors. The problem with shooting outdoors is that lighting is difficult and the video quality in this scene is not on par with the previous scene. Jackie teases us in her little thong panties and orange halter top. Then the dick shows up and she's suddenly fully clothed again. The two "lovers" chat about how it's nice to get away from the city and relax in the country and spend time together. Yeah, whatever. On to the foreplay. He fondles her and takes her clothes off, then eats her out. They follow it up with some mad fucking and she's not too outrageous in her simulated moans of ecstasy. The dick wears a condom in this scene. They fuck in cowgirl, missionary, and a couple other standard positions before he dumps his load on her stomach. Her lithe body is a huge turn-on but I don't like her weird tats on her lower stomach.

Claire Robbins is next in the lineup. This girl looks like she is a lesbian. A rather butch lesbian. I do not find her attractive. The body is fine; the face and hairstyle are not. I find it difficult to comment on this scene; they fuck on a sofa in the standard series of positions (blowjob, missionary, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and doggy). In the end he pulls out and nuts on her face. She winces with her eyes closed as he fires his seed and does not seem enthused to be the recipient of his spunk. I feel this scene is the worst on this DVD.

Kelly is the next whore to get fucked. Great ass! This girl's face may not be as stellar as Jackie's or Persia's, but her ass is magnificent! Wait till you see her tease you in her white thong. Seems that this scene was shot in Brazil. She and her stud get it on in a hotel room. He throws her on the bed, splays her legs and they make out for a while. Both Kelly and her dick are tattooed (the dick rather egregiously). When you see her little shorts come off and her lovely ass stuck in the air on the bed you might blow your load prematurely. Her thong looks so hot on her. A quick BJ ensues followed by doggy vag (partly with a nice top-down view shot from a ladder). Not sure if he's just thrusting too hard or if she had too many beans in her chili, but it sounds like she's farting as he fucks her. Kinda gross. I liked it later on how he fucks her extremely hard in the cunt and she screams like crazy. He even puts his hand over her mouth to shut her up and slaps her face a bit. Nice and misogynistic for y'all. I have to presume the neighbors at this hotel were not too pleased by the noise coming from down the hall. He pounds her ass reverse cowgirl and about this time I had to mute the audio because her moans were driving me crazy. We get some more assfucking in the spoons position followed by a cumshot on the chest.

Anita Line is the lucky recipient of not one, but TWO cocks in scene 5. She looks like she has some Hispanic blood in her and maybe a little black too. She has a somewhat thicker build than the other girls but she's not fat. The guys get to work on her from both ends. One eats her while the other receives a BJ. The guy in back then plows her fields -- both of them -- in several positions while they make sure she always has a dick in her face. They proceed to double up on her, one in the cunt and the other in the ass. She screams in Spanish much of the time, confirming my suspicion that she's of Hispanic origin. One dick blows in her mouth and the other pulls out of her twat to blow on her lower abdomen.

Goldie Coxx gets worked over in the final scene. I really like this girl. She has a girl-next-door quality and a natural, sexy body aside from her tat on her lower right abdomen. Here's the premise: she comes home to her parents' house and they're not home. She's locked out. The gardener, a latin-lover type of dude in tight jeans with a muscled chest, comes over and simply has his way with her. This girl is such a fucking slut she doesn't put up an ounce of resistance. She just keeps chewing her bubble gum like nothing's happening. This scene is shot outdoors and the audio sucks. I hear the wind blowing over the microphone. The video quality a bit less than it could be. But the slut is eager to get abused by her dirty gardener. He facefucks her and you hear her gag on his dick. He pounds her doggystyle in some of the rougher sex I've ever seen, all the while telling her what a slut she is. He tells her how he's going to fuck her mother and her sisters. She's into it though. He grunts like a beast as he plows her from behind. Judging by the intensity of his fucking, her guttural grunts are actually rather believable themselves. The doggy lasts for a long time before he moves on to missionary vag. The scene closes with a blowjob followed by cowgirl vag, a last quickie doggie fuck and an intense facial.


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