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Title: Maxed Out  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Maxed Out
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman
Overall Rating: C
Female Looks: C
Male Looks: B
Sex: C
Plot/Acting: N/A
Extras: Bonus scene, cumshot recap, trailers
A/V Quality: C

Movie Type: Fetish
Length: 85 mins
Studio: Damaged Pictures
Director: Unknown
Themes: Kinky sex
Condoms: None

Stars: Misha, Josie, Carla, Monika, Miriam, Andrea


This flick is all about kinky hardcore. I confess I don't recognize the girls in this disc, though this makes sense since they are supposedly all newcomers. I assume that the names of the girls given on the box follow in sequential order the names of the girls in the scenes. It has some ominous, cheesy background music playing throughout that gets a bit annoying. The girls were somewhat below-average looking and the lighting and camerawork were pretty atrocious throughout.

Misha kicks off the action. The setting of this scene is an abandoned warehouse. She's dressed in kinky latex boots, skirt, and top. A shiny black car pulls into the warehouse and a beefy guy steps out to observe her playing with herself before she goes down on him. Lighting is a bit dim in this scene -- it took me a while to ascertain that Misha is dark-skinned and not a white girl as I originally thought. I wasn't too taken by her looks. She's slim but the face is not high-quality. He fucks her silly in a variety of positions before blowing his load in her face.

Scene 2 continues the plot-free kink. It begins with Josie on her knees sucking a dick. Josie is a nice black-haired euro-looking girl. She has nice eyes (once she takes her sunglasses off) and her kinky slut image is enhanced by the bullseye that is drawn on her ass with a marker. The lighting is particularly poor in this scene. It seems to be shot in some kind of storeroom at a warehouse. The camera is not on a tripod; it's being held by hand and the jerky camera action is highly annoying. She blows him, takes it in the pussy and ass, ending with a nice shot across the bow on her face. I like the girl but I can't give high marks to this scene due to the technical problems.

Carla's next. This bleached blonde looks a little older than most porn girls. I'd peg her around 30. She has a really cheap look to her. She begins with BJ accompanied by tacky porn music. It's very hot watching him stuff his cock in her twat doggystyle as she's bent over the sofa. We get a nice view and I particularly like how her panties are still around her thighs during the doggy action. Eventually he plows her doggy anal and missionary anal, ending with a cumshot in her mouth.

Next we have our cover girl. She's giving the dick a nice blowjob on her hands and knees. She reminds me of Olivia Del Rio (the face in particular). Though I'd prefer Olivia over this girl. The dick fucks her cunt for a while before they resume the BJ and she does a massive deepthroat on him. There's something incredibly sexy about going balls deep into a woman's mouth. The anal is next, beginning with doggy, then missionary and reverse cowgirl. In come the dick's buddies and they start to gang bang her. I counted at least 7 guys. Basically they jerk off on her face. This cunt takes some big loads but it's not really what I'd consider bukakke.

The kink continues with Miriam. She's a short-haired euro-girl with a somewhat goth look too her. Although she isn't wearing black in this scene, her face, hairstyle, and pierced nipple suggest to me she'd be more comfortable in an all-black ensemble with a studded choker. The premise of this scene is that she's up on top of some tall building and looking through some binoculars at the city (I really can't determine what city they're in -- it's probably some major European capital). The dick stands behind her and pulls up her skirt and flirts with her. This scene gets extremely kinky as they proceed to engage in illicit sex in broad daylight. She gives him a quick blow in a park behind a hedge, after which she sits on a bench and he fucks her missionary. They move on and get into an elevator, where she blows him some more, then at the top of the building he bends her over and fucks her doggy. I couldn't follow the locations very easily here. It does seem like they're really engaging in risky public sex in popular tourist attractions. But they keep switching locations so frequently that I'm not sure where we are after a while. If you like the thrill of sex in public, this is for you. The scene ends with an average facial.

I don't always comment on the bonus scenes included on DVDs since they're technically an extra and not part of the film itself. But the bonus scene on this disc is better than any of the regular scenes on it. It's a cute euro cross-breed looking girl in white bra and panties and hose getting double-teamed by two muscular studs. The cinematography is so much better than in the rest of this film.


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