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Title: Justine 2: Nothing To Hide  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


"A landmark erotic film for our generation," says Jeremy Stone at Adam Film World, and I''ll be damned if I can''t agree with him. This is quite simply one of the best porn flicks ever, so good it almost transcends the title "porn flick." If it weren''t for some anal dildo play and some wild stuff involving Tianna getting spanked, you could almost call it art. Myself, this is the kind of film I crave -- smart story, believable characters with real emotions, but also some intensely hot sex involving some very natural studs and studettes. Director Paul Thomas has way outdone himself here, bringing to fore all of his skills and experience in the industry to make a fuck flick like few others. Let Nic Cramer and Michael Ninn explore the futuristic and the dark side -- that''s their forte. Thomas is the master of the everyday, always able to capture some essence of reality that eludes his colleagues. And, oh yeah, he knows how to get his actors and actresses to fuck like mad. Enough hoity-toity talk, right? This film is five years old now anyway, but so what? It''s better than most anything this decade, guaranteed, and it''s certainly the sort of flick chicks will watch with their men. That''s how I watched it, and believe me, the couples vibe was thick in the air. (Of course, that wasn''t the only thing thick in the air, but, well, that''s a story for another time.) The plot with "Justine" involves, um, Justine -- shocking, huh? -- played perfectly by the gorgeous Roxanne Blaze, all real tits and golden locks and amazing flat stomach and killer thighs. She inadvertently falls in love with Nick East and his "father" Mike Horner. Nick is her steady, who she lives with and tries to fuck beyond all belief but who resists her at too many turns. Their opening romp says it all -- Nick loves her and wants to build a life with her, but Roxanne just isn''t ready to give up her fuck-lovin'' ways. (Can you blame her?) Nick and Roxanne''s opening fuck is decent, but it''s saved by Roxanne''s wild anal dildo play and masturbatory skills. Oh, and the way she rides him sideways is amazing. The cumshot is just fair, a quick pop into her mouth, but Roxy''s moves are worth watching. That scene is intercut with an introduction to Horner and his gal-pal, Tianna. (Remember her from the "Party Doll a Go Go" flicks? If you don''t, go rent them. They''re wild.) Tianna is a slightly older, short-haired blond vixen with an incredible body (what I wouldn''t do to have her legs and ass) and with a purring quality when she''s getting something shoved up her twat. And wow, does she take all variety of things, especially dildos and Horner''s cock. Their scene is damn steamy, involving some lovely spanking and some grinding doggy action. But Horner isn''t satisfied -- which is almost hard to believe, until you see Roxanne in a tight pair of jeans and a tank top. Roxanne works at a sex shop, first trying to sell Horner a cock ring on his first visit ("you don''t need a cock ring, you just need a good fuck"), then helping him select some toys -- handcuffs, vibrators, fake pussies. Eventually he comes on to her and wins her over, in scenes that are so teasing and tantalizing it was all I could do not to push my lover''s face into my bush while I watched. Eventually Horner gets her to a restaurant to meet, and they go at it hogwild -- first with some "Sliver"-like teasing and finger-tasting, then with an erotic doggy fuck that quickly moves to a missionary slam. Roxanne surely cums during this scene, as well as a few others, though Horner slightly cheats us by cumming inside her. Still, the heat is fantastic. And so begins a torrid affair between the two, and the ensuing scenes are some of Thomas'' best work, a clever montage of wild sexcapades and full-on romps. (As well as an intercut scene of Tianna trying to date again, with who else? Paul Thomas.) There''s a wild group scene that starts with Roxanne taking on saucy babe Dyanna Lauren and sensual Lacy Rose before being joined by Horner, Brad Armstrong and cutie-pie Alex Sanders. (That one ends in some ass-banging and some tasty cum spurting.) And there''s a great scene with Tianna and Horner, as they try to reconcile, that has the blonde hardbody doing all manner of crazy things to her man -- licking his asshole, shoving a dildo hard up her ass, deep throating. It''s a killer scene. Naturally, the truth must come out -- and I won''t spoil the wicked ending. Just know that this is top-notch sex set a perfectly executed script that truly had me believing that these are people I could know. Not porn stars. Not untouchables. But the folks next door, just more lusty, that''s all. It''s a great, great film. Not to be missed.  

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