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Title: Secrets & Lies  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


This film should at least be a B+, maybe even an A-, were it not for the fact that key scenes have obviously been cut out. Not that it ruins the film; unlike, say, "Masseuse 3," where the trimming essentially neuters the storytelling, this one still works without the missing scenes. It''s just that, well, the sex is so damn good throughout that you wish there was more of it. The story is Tia Bella''s. She plays a ultra-hottie with a sordid past, back from her days at Western University. Back then, she was dirt poor and needed to help not only herself but her decrepit landlord, too. What else is a girl to do, then, but sell her ass from town to town? That''s what Tia turns to, doing what we''re told is five guys in the opening scene, though we only see her with one. It''s a tasty scene, however, with sultry and exotic Tia spreading legs high and wide for her stud to sample her wares both with his tongue and with his excellent dong. Tia''s quite the cowgirl as well, if you get my meaning (and I''m sure you do), and finishes this pounding with a splash of cum across her large tits. Cut to a girls'' locker room (at a university ... huh?) where four cheerleaders, including brunette stunner Sydnee Steele and redhead babe Ruby (who looks like a younger Emma Thompson with huge boobs here). They undress in a manner that''s sure to have every guy in sight pulling his prick, while they talk about what a slut Tia is. Naturally, Tia shows up to set the record straight, nearly leading to a catfight. But later, when Sydnee has returned to apologize, she winds up getting it on with the dark-eyed Tia, in a girl-girl scene that''s far above average (the 69 is especially good) but not nearly as good as the next bit of lesbo action. We jump ahead several years, and now Tia is married to a rich stud who runs the company that many of Tia''s old tricks now work for. Most of those tricks have married most of the sluts from the cheerleader scene (hey, there are only so many bodies to go around) and are shocked to find Tia back in town and banging their boss. James Bonn, in particular, fears the worst, and while panicking is served a domination role-play with a blonde mistress who flogs him and then shags the holy hell out of him, climaxing in a lovely bit of cum spew. Meanwhile, Sydnee and her girlfriends Ruby and Malita are lounging by the pool, recounting the good ol'' days and just who exactly Tia was. Sydnee recalls that time in the locker room and proceeds to recount every detail to the others in what becomes an amazingly hot three-way lesbo fest. Syd is pure carnality as she delivers a blow by blow, touch by lick account of everything that happened, first making moves on Malita and her bouncy jugs, then letting the gorgeous Ruby in on the action. I know, I know, every guy out there is going to drool over Syd and Malita -- they''ve got the porn star bods, after all. But Ruby is my kinda chick. Real, with full thighs, big tits, a natural face and a wanton attitude toward eating as much pussy as can be put in front of her face. It''s a fantastic scene -- and if you know me, and know how bored I can get by girl-girl stuff, you know that that''s saying a helluva lot. At this point the story gets a bit jumbled, as a meeting between Tia and her hubby and Syd and James is supposed to take place, but the panic is still gripping James'' dreams. Eventually the four meet and the truth comes out, but not before Syd has had enough of James nervousness and asks for a divorce (see, it just doesn''t make any sense?). Anyway, the flick does close out with a great scene between Tia and her hubby, who nails her six ways to Sunday, while we see flashbacks of all the other johns Tia had in the past. And THAT''s what makes me angry -- some of those fucks look pretty damn good. Hot positions, nice cocks, great cumshots. It really sucks that this got trimmed down so much and that had to go. Still, it''s hardly awful, and for that three-way girl-girl thing alone, this should be seen.  

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