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Title: Riveted Rectums 3  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Riveted Rectums 3
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman
Overall Rating: B
Female Looks: B
Male Looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: N/A
Extras: Outtakes, trailers, photo gallery
A/V Quality: A

Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: 140 minutes
Studio: Lethal Hardcore
Director: Stoney Curtis
Themes: Anal
Condoms: None

Stars: Sandra Romain, Sinitia Stone, Selina Silver, Haley Paige, Georgia X


With a tagline of "ripe, round asses get turned into gaping fuck holes," you know you're in for some intense anal action when you pop this disc into your player. Covergirl Sandra Romain's beautiful face on the cover of this box got my expectations up for a really good show. Let's see how this one plays out.

Sandra Romain is the star of scene 1. She greets us in her sexy foreign accent and gives us a nice tease on what appears to be a fire escape on the side of a building. This girl looks phenomenal in her black bra, panties, and nice black hose. The tease continues for a while before she gets out a toy to probe her ass with. She plugs several toys deep into her bowels (a feeling I never wish to experience) and probes her cunt with another long dick-shaped toy. I love the next part -- she comes crawling into the house to suck a guy's dick. The camera gives us a great show of her ass as she sucks the guy's dick, then we see her deep throat him a few times. A little throat-fucking ensues. Shortly thereafter he begins to pound away on her cunt, and she immediately goes all-out into fake-moan-mode. Ugggh!! Spare me! A little moaning isn't bad but this is incessant. Her ass is incredible! Watching her ride the guy cowgirl is fabulous. She does both cowgirl vaginal and cowgirl anal. Both are a sight to behold. Later on she takes it up the ass reverse cowgirl on the sofa. They try various other positions including some standard-fare upside down action in front of the sofa before he blows his load on her face. She doesn't swallow. Good scene.

Sinitia Stone is next. This is a blonde haired eastern European chick with some tats on her back. She doesn't tell us what country she's from but by her accent I am guessing eastern Europe. She's not as pretty as Sandra Romain in scene 1. This scene takes place indoors in front of a sofa. It begins with a tease, some choice phrases (e.g., "I like a big dick in my ass"), followed by masturbation and then fornication. The fornication begins with a blowjob and some old-fashioned throat fucking. They move on to missionary vag, during which I noticed her pierced cunt. This scene features excessive moaning as in scene 1. They essentially repeat everything we saw in scene 1 in virtually the same order. She does have a nice ass, and watching her getting plowed doggystyle in the backdoor is sexy. The scene ends with a facial, sans swallow.

Selina Silver steps up to bat in scene 3. Dressed in a red latex corset, elbow-length black latex gloves, and knee-high red latex boots, she looks like a real whore. She has a nice face, but I don't dig her outfit that much. She does some creative cocksucking, simultaneously sucking a dick and a dildo. Expect some gagging sounds with the cocksucking here. It's a little nasty, actually. The two begin their fucking on a bed. After trying several standard positions she tells us she wants that cock in her ass and the guy obliges her request. Selina takes it reverse cowgirl up her shitter as she tells us "fuck me like your dirty little girl." Her little impromptu voice-overs are a plus compared to the steady moaning in the prior two scenes. That's not to say that there isn't some BS moaning going on here, but it's more credible than elsewhere on this film. "Fuck me in the ass like a dog" she instructs us, as the guy begins to knock on her backdoor doggystyle. I must compliment her on how well she takes the guy's load. She holds her tongue out and doesn't flinch as he blows it down her throat and she swallows it all before saying "thank you."

Haley Page, or rather her ass, is the subject of scene 4. "Hi, I'm Haley, and these are my boobies" are her first words for us. She is a pretty 23 year old with a unique face and a delightful body. We get the usual strip, masturbation, then cocksucking routine. The cock gags her repeatedly and she seems to be getting a real workout from all the activity. The view of her getting fucked cowgirl is okay, but the high-resolution close up reveals a little extra cellulite on those ass cheeks. Stairmaster, baby. This girl is a moaner, be forewarned. Her little one-liners that she spews out (e.g., "fuck my tight ass") lack sincerity and aren't terribly sexy. Selina Silver's comments were forced, of course, but they were expressed in a mild, girly way that makes them more erotic. "Fuckin' come all over my fuckin' face" she yells as he blows his load on her mouth -- she promptly spits out the spooge and lets it dribble down her body.

Georgia X, age 19, rounds out this flick. She's average looking. Her tits are natural, her blonde hair is not. She does not seem at all believable in her role as an anal slut (she pronounces her lines with a hint of hesitance that smells of fear). But as she's getting paid, she sees the job through and allows the guy to defile all her holes in a most ignominious fashion. Most of his cumshot misses her face. If you try to watch this DVD straight through, the chance that you'll make it to this scene is slim (you'll likely blow a load on scene 1). But if you make it this far, you may agree with me that it wasn't worth holding in expectation of Georgia X's performance.

If I were evaluating this film solely on the basis of scene 1, it'd get an A in every category. The other scenes, while decent, aren't at the same level. Overall I'd recommend this one to most strokers who like to see cute foreign girls getting poked from behind. Just keep in mind that not all the meat is grade A here.


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