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Title: Incumming 3  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Incumming #3


138 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Johnn Strong

THEMES: Cream pie, Guy-Girl-Guy, D.P., ATM



STARS: Alex Devine, Asia, Heather Hunt, Jasmine, Lenny Power, Sarah, Brian Surewood, Scott nails, Jay, Steve Holmes, Michael Stefano, John Strong, Brian Pumper

Reviewed by: Mars

I want to be nice to Incumming #3. It does what it does well. I found, somewhere in the middle, that it tended to repetitive mediocrity. On reviewing it, though, I realized that was mainly because I was watching it straight through. Taken in pieces, the scenes hold together well, each with enthusiasm, a good looking girl, and interesting action. Sure, it's similar action from one scene to the next, but who (besides a reviewer) watches porn in anything more than ten minute chunks?
Like the title suggests there are internal money shots. Let me just say right up front that I'm against this in porn. Not that I find cream pie disgusting but I DO find it horrifying when the actress then squeezes the jizz out of her hole and plays with it. I'll just trust that the guy came inside you, lady, no need to prove it.
Anyway, that's a losing battle, let's talk sex. The extremely cute Alex Devine starts us off. She's a slender blonde with short hair, nice medium tits, and a sweetly goofy smile (watch the behind the scenes). She rubs herself and talks a bit of dirt before a couple of monstrous cocks show up for a tag sucking. Alex can use that fine mouth and she takes direction well. Good stuff. And speaking of stuffing, the cock-jocks cram themselves at either end for the standard ménage a trios "position fuck with blow job" action. Which is done to death and leaves me a little cold. However, Alex soon asks for an ass-fucking and gets it, which soon turns into a D.P. Now we're talking. The standing D.P. is good and Alex proves she can take a big stick in the butt. Bravo.
Heather Hunt waters plants in her lingerie (like people do) and plays with herself for the camera. She's a tawny brunette with another slender body and a slightly flat ass. Good face and breasts, though, and she gives a good show. Not a great dirty talker but she sucks cock all right and the fucking goes well. She and her boy stay in positions overlong but the camera gives us some good medium shots throughout (hallelujah). There's some in the air cowgirl amongst the other positions. No anal from miss Hunt but not a bad performance.
Jasmine is a dark tan girl (Indian?) with straight black hair and a good face. She's exotic and takes on two guys. Nicely sucked, Jasmine! The rods go down deep and she gets her hand working as well. The do the ubiquitous "position and blow job" thing for a while (the cowgirl shows off a nice ass) with the guys swapping now and then. Routine. Jasmine's nice to look at but it's not an inspired scene.
Asia is...Asian, with a nice face and good petite body. It's her turn to pleasure a brace of meaty pricks and her mouth does them justice. Onto the routine position play action with some good views. What sets Asia apart from the other girls is her willingness and ability to have both of those rods stuffed into her pussy at once. Yup, it's D.V. time and Asia takes it like a champ. She does it for a long time. However, that's the only remarkable part of this scene. Good talk, though.
Long and leggy Sarah, a brunette with nice gams and medium sized tits. She shows off nicely on a couch, rubbing sensuously, until two guys show up for some cunnilingus and blow jobs. Sarah sucks well, deep and attentive instead of just pistoning away. Very nicely done and very sexy. She clicks with her boy-toys and the scene heats up. They work up to anal and then D.P. which works well. Sarah keeps it hot and the segment is one of the better ones.
The oddly named Lenny Power has the best body of all the chicks on this disc. Taut and very well proportioned. Great legs, excellent hips and ass, with fine tits. Quite a package. Not only that, but she gives a great hummer and puts on a very sexy show as she gets fucked. It starts with one cock-jock and then becomes two. She gets a lot of chances to show off how well she moans as they put her through the paces, with lots of D.P. and anal action. It lasts a looooong time, which is actually a bit of a detriment, but Lenny is worth watching. Good stuff.
Overall: As I said before, Incumming #3 isn't one to watch all at once. Not that you will, but the repetition is pretty prominent if you do. But with several very good scenes and performers it does the job.
Extras include Audio setup, chapter search, photo gallery, an extra scene with Winter, a behind the scenes featurette, cumshot recap, and URLs.


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