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Title: Gothsend 2  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Gothsend II


100 Mins.



THEMES: Goth-style costumes, anal



STARS: Deja Daire, Victoria Sin, Vandalia, Katrina Kraven, Avy Lee Roth, Shayna Knight, Rachel Rotten, Sascha, Kris Slater, Master Liam, Damian, Rob Rotten

Reviewed by: Mars

In an effort to distinguish their porn flick from all the rest, directors will employ many different techniques. A bit of plot, some theme, a catchy title, etc. With Gothsend II the filmmaker utilized a theme gambit. Mr. Capo went for gothic costumes and make-up with a bit of simple set design to catch a specific atmosphere. All of it - the clothes, make-up, sets, music - works. They manage to catch the attention and set the movie off a bit from the standard all-sex fare that's on the shelves. Unfortunately, to be a successful porn flick you can't lose sight of the core ingredient. Sex. The trappings aren't going to mean shit if the sex isn't interesting. Gothsend II has mediocre fucking and that short-circuits any other considerations. It's not garbage, but if the effort spent on the costumes and other incidentals took away from the sex then why bother?
To start we get a small dose of solo toy action with Deja Daire. She's a slender girl with small breasts and long dark hair. The set is neat, a dark room with a single overhead spot. The play of shadows and light is interesting (though the camera doesn't take full advantage of it). Her cock-jock comes in for a blow-job. Actually, anytime the penis goes into her mouth it's more of a gag-job than anything else. Every stroke seems to end in a retch. They swap between the sucking and reverse cowgirl for awhile. It soon becomes anal and then doggy style anal. The action just seems to slot into the positions and stay there as they mechanically pump away. Not too exciting even with the stylish lighting.
Victoria is another slender, raven haired, small chested woman with a good butt. There's more life in this scene but the same standard-issue sex holds sway. She's a good cock-sucker, wet and fast, and after a bit of standing doggy the get into reverse cowgirl. There's a good overhead shot of the action but the position lasts for a long, long time. It gets to anal and she stuffs fingers into herself which isn't bad. They work through doggy anal and into a piledriver for a brief time before popping into her gaping hole. Victoria fingers it out and eats it, just so you know.
There's a nice bit of suspension rope work, a girl is hung by ropes from the ceiling in a fashionable way while the action takes place below her. Vandalia is the center of attention, though, and she's a goth hottie. Good solid body with tats along one side and good breasts. It gets to the reverse cowgirl ride right away (notice a trend?) which turns into a 69. We don't see his abilities but she sucks dick rather well, deep and enthusiastic, before climbing back on. Vandalia is sweaty and into it, which helps the scene. The doggy style is pretty good, decent views and he's really pounding into her. The mish action might have been better if we could have seen more of it. They cut to a new room for more reverse cowgirl in better light so we get a good look at Vandalia's body. But that's about it. A brief scene with potential that wasn't quite realized.
The best scene comes next. It's a pair of girls, Katrina and Avy, both with the prerequisite black hair. Their bodies are similar as well, medium tits and with fetish-ish outfits on. They do a bit of rough groping and some rope light wrapping that's pretty sexy. Avy roughly chomps on Katrina's pussy, with slaps and fast tonguing thrown in. Good stuff, heavy grunting sex that lasts throughout the segment. They work well together, keeping the energy high. They slap and pull and moan as they paw at each other's naked flesh. The dildos appear and Avy gets the first round of fucking before Katrina slides her ass onto the other end of a double dong and they work it back and forth into each other. Cool but the camera is too close for most of it. They do a bit of solo work with toys to end it off. Not bad. This scene broke the pattern that the other bits fall into though it may just be a function of it being a lesbian romp.
Shayna Knight is a cute gothy girl with a pixie face framed in pigtails. She's in a big cage and spends some time alone with her fingers before the guy shows up for a hummer. This is a disappointing scene because Shayna is a dedicated performer who gets into the action wholesale. But the repetition nature of the action once again hobbles the overall enjoyment. They switch between standing doggy style and blow job. Now the BJs are a treat because Shayna just swallows his rod with every bob of her head. Talented girl, very hot sucking. They do the doggy three or four times with BJ breaks before he fingers and eats her. Hearing her cry out "Yes! Please, please, please..." is hot as hell. Shayna very nearly makes me forget they're just doing the same two or three things over and over again. And she's no less enthusiastic riding reverse cowgirl. She sucks him to a money shot to end things. I'd have liked to see more of Shayna's talents.
To end the flick we get Rachel Rotten in a go-go cage. She's got a great bod, great ass, Bettie Page look, and terrific legs. Her boy (tatted up with Mohawk and "poison" tattooed along the length of his cock) makes use of her in the cage. He plays with her, has her suck him, and fucks her between the bars. Good idea. After making her beg, he lets Rachel out of the cage for reverse cowgirl and blow-jobs. It's a round of back and forth like the other scenes but we get a few good views of that kicking body and a nice bald pussy. There's a bit more fucking before it ends.
Overall: I think I said it all at the top. The movie does not make the most of the fucking. It has good costumes and atmosphere but the director needed to take a few more chances with positions and camera angles.
Extras include a chapter search, a lighthearted and funny behind the scenes full of outtakes, cum shots, photot gallery, solo scenes, web access, and four trailers.


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