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Title: Cum Craving Teens  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Cum Craving Teens

Kid Cocky-

Time- 123 minutes
Company- Elegant Angel
Director- Various
Cast- Kayla Marie, Avy Lee Roth, Stacey Thorn & Jassie, Melissa Lauren


The first scene stars Nautica Thorn. She starts off playing with her wet pussy, and quickly starts sucking on a big dick. Nautica is Hawaiian, Japanese, and Puerto Rican. If interested in learning more about Nautica, I recommend that you check out her interview. Nautica is, for back of a better term, an energetic fucker. Only 19 years of age in this video, she seems to really enjoy herself. The male cocksman seems to have no problem throwing her around and fucking her in a number of carrying positions. She screams with the best of them, and her natural beauty helps carry the scene. She ends with a internal-mouth cumshot, which she spits all over her natural tits.

Next up is Kayla Marie. Kayla is also a teen, and she is dressed up like she is underage. She seductively eats a cookie and sucks a sucker for the camera. The sucker makes it way from pussy to mouth on several occasions... then she tastes her fingers a little. She continues to fellate the sucker, until an unnamed biker comes and feeds her some real cock. All that candy does her mouth well, as she drools buckets while she is face-fucked. It's all vaginal for this girl, and she too takes a money-shot in the mouth. So far both scenes are well shot and the girls are very attractive. She finishes eating her cookie, with cum on her face.

Avy Lee Roth starts by getting licked on the stairs. She's in a schoolgirl outfit, and it is hard to tell if she is into the scene. The dude, a hulking steroid monster, slaps her face a little and spits down her gullet. His arms have more veins than his cock. Avy, usually no stranger to hardcore scenes, keeps it pretty light here. She treats the scene like it is a day off. He cums on her gum as she is blowing bubbles... and that's very cool. She chuckles as the scene ends.

In one of porn's most under-utilized sex groupings, we get to see Jassie and Stacy Thorn get fucked in a 3-some. Stacy seems to be the leader in this scene, as she directs Jassie where to go and what to do... although mostly using nonverbal communication. The popshot is a facial, and the girls make out. It's a nice scene, but it is nothing too special.

Lastly we get the lovely Melissa Lauren. She too is in a schoolgirl outfit, and she sucks a sucker. This French broad is usually a blonde, but for this scene she chooses to perform as a brunette. She has curtains, but no drapes. As the covergirl, she has a "Fuck Off" t-shirt, and she has no problem sucking the hell out of her partner's ramrod. Her pussy gapes more than any girl in the video, and she is the only chick to take it in the asshole. The cumshot is tiny, but she still makes it look good.

Kid Cocky
"I gave Wendy the beef."


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