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Title: Buttman's Bit Tit Adventure  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


At this point, if you know anything about porn -- and if you don''t, here is as good a place to start as any -- then you know what this is. Or at least you know who John Stagliano is, the Gonzo Smut Master himself. Or if nothing else you know what a film called "Buttman''s Big Tit Adventure" is going to be like. Not much story. Not much dilly-dallying about. Just John, his trusty vidcam, and lots of big beautiful babes with gargantuan tits and ample asses. Sound good to you? Then you''ll love it. Not two ways about it. If, however, you want your chicks to look more like Kate Moss, you''re in the wrong department. This is about full-figured (but hardly fat) chicks with real tits you won''t believe, all of them in tight outfits, smart dresses, barely existent thong bikinis and with lots of dick in their face and up their twat and in between their mams. It takes place in Seattle, where John has headed up to work on a few titles and where he first stumbles upon 19-year-old hottie Dee Dee Reeves, whose tight business suit totally gives away what an enormous set of jugs she has. They tour the city for a while and eventually get back to a pad where Dee Dee shows us what she''s made of. It''s really only a tease, though, for later action. And it''s my only complaint with John''s stuff: He''s a master, admittedly, but does he have to take so goddamn long setting up his action? I mean, 140 minutes that essentially is only an hour of sex. Teasing is great, John, but after a while we lost interest. Next up, John takes TT Boy out to meet Woody and Fawn, a brunette babe with tits bigger than most soccer balls. She''s instantly aroused at the thought of taking on both studs -- hey, who wouldn''t be? -- and leads them over to a secluded spot in her backyard for some primo boffing in which she inhales each cock while taking one deep in her pussy. Lots of plentiful titfuck shots and swaying mamsacks for fetishists, plus Fawn takes two full loads (well, as full as TT ever gets, that is) to her chin and tits. A very fine start. There''s a walk on from the wonderful Heather Hart, one of my favorites, next, but she doesn''t have time to perform, so it''s off to see Dee Dee again, who has hooked up with the slender Tianna and Tom Byron for some three-way fun. Dee Dee wastes no time getting Tom hard and revved up, using her boobs as punching bags for his thick cock and alternating between sucking his throbbing knob and sampling some of Tianna''s tasty gash. Tianna is no slouch herself, sucking Tom even better than Dee Dee and riding him hard and fast while Dee shoves a few fingers up her tight ass. (Mmmmm.) It ends with Tom getting a full working over by Tianna on his cock and Dee on his balls. Nice work, ladies. Heather, all sexy long legs and bouncy boobs and sultry brown hair, is back for the next scene, first giving the Buttman himself a bit of a blowjob and titfuck, then taking on Brazillian stud Phillippe, who I''d personally love to have sliding between my jugs as well. Heather is a total pro, simply one of the best, and she strips seductively, eats cock voraciously and fucks wildly in this scene that ends with her taking a healthy load to her tits and tongue. The final scene involves Dee Dee yet again, but this time with the legendary Tracy Adams, an older babe who knows how to turn on the charm, and Woody and Buttman. They go at it in a variety of positions, the best of which involve all four close together, as opposed to working separately. Tracy, her sexy face giving away all that we need to know, can''t get enough in this scene, and Dee Dee (who really should have become something major, when you think about it) gives her all to both cocks. A fine finish to a gonzo tape that has held up remarkably well over the years. Hardly seems to have aged.  

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